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    I read a really interesting fan theory the other day. About Palpatine having learned to cheat death from Plagueis. The essence of the theory was that to cheat death, upon dying you must have a host to continue in...To infect. Could explain the name PLAGUEis. Could explain why Palpatine was so eager to have Luke strike him down. Could explain why Snoke was so eager to have Kylo strike him down. Which would mean Kylo may currently be "hosted" by Palpatine or even Plagueis. Just a fan theory, some obvious holes with it too, but I thought it was an interesting idea
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    Mark: "Various Authors: A Mark Hoppus Autoiography" Tom: "101 Ways to Bleed A Fanbase Dry"
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    It’s setup for the rest of the season. What else is it supposed to do?
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    I’ve been looking as well, no luck. Hopefully they show up on YouTube or Spotify soon.
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    But can they do it without Tom? Even an uninterested and uninvested Tom was a force. He is the one mainly responsible for their distinct overall sound and feel, which made many bands want to copy blink.
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    You guys are soft as shit, blink should be doing their own albums. No one else. They're the ones who got copied on for their style not vise versa.
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    you guys ever think about how weird it is, the paths this band has taken? hitting an artistic peak with untitled > breaking up acrimoniously > reuniting under tragic circumstances > creatively stifled and lost "comeback album" > years and years of nothingness > tom's kicked out again, matt skiba joins > regressive, formulaic throwback with california > working with pharrell?? just thinking about the last one today blows my mind. i don't know what they've got comin', but it feels less and less like my band with time
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    it'll be interesting to watch him and Dany have beef when she learns that he's the true heir to the throne and refuses to back down from her conquest!
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    They are on the verge of releasing a new album with Skiba, said he hasn't talked to Tom in 4+ years, and you guys think they are going to invite Tom to tour and/or kick Skiba out because of Instagram comments...LOL. Again, more delusional than Tom IMHO!!!
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    He just misses Tom, even the abused sometimes miss their abusers.
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    idk he came off the back of the California touring of 'look how relevant blink is again guys woo!' and had depression and locked himself in a studio with the dude for ATL. It wouldn't shock me if he's a little bit 'done' with blink now. I mean if touring California left him depressed, the fuck does he go from there?
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    At this point I think he'd give up on blink all together instead of letting that happen.
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    1. Why meet at a Ski resort, why not just text/call/email, or most likely email Tom's manager and pray for a reply? 2. I agree it's a big event, but it is being wasted on a Festival. If Tom was going to be involved, it would be a standalone highly promoted show(s) IMO. There's just no chance IMHO. I do think Mark is over it, and probably even feels a tad bad for Tom at this point deep down. BUT still wants him far away from Blink land....
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    I had definitely heard that before. I think someone mentioned it here years ago... maybe Oliver? Edit: of course it was Oliver and he made a thread.
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    The correct answer is always: "Whatever someone is willing to pay." But $75ish low end, $150ish high end. Your $100-$125 evaluation would certainly be fair IMO.
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    Yeah I still think they have a massive shot at taking the series. I can't see Kanter playing that well again every game. Thunder really need to get that 3-ball dropping though!
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    Loved the first episode. It really was just a big setup for whatever is to come next, but I liked the setup. All the reunions were fun to see. Somebody give Sam a big hug pls.
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    Mark's should be called "the second best songwriter in blink 182"
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    Anything! I like all kinds of heavy metal. Judas Priest are great! Nu metal is trash. I’ve tried it. Did not enjoy, haha.
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    These guys remind me of Decrepit Birth but slower
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    Pg was obviously not healthy couldn't make open shots. Considering how we made a record of the worst 3pt shooting in the play offs for teams taking 30 or more shots and how close this game was I still have my hopes up.
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    Are we so positive this wasn't photoshopped?
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    I think my only association left with blink is this website and maybe 3 or 4 times a year I'll listen to Untitled at work. Still my favorite band, but it's now by default. I just don't see myself ever falling so in love with a band ever again like I did with blink for 15 years. Like I'll always have loved blink longer than any other bands I discover and they got me into punk (as Mark once joked, they're the Fischer-Price of punk bands). I've long accepted this band is no longer for me and it's quite liberating these days to be at peace with the situation and the "real" blink's catalogue, pre-Skiba, will never go away if you're ever feeling nostalgic. The only part that really bothers me is my kid's first blink show will be with Skiba instead of Tom and that really pisses me off, otherwise Mark and Travis can keep milking the band dry, I simply don't care anymore and the damage to their legacy is already done so let them make their money and be happy and I'll continue to not listen to their new music and we'll all win.
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    I think L3 was awesome. Loved her. I’m neutral on Rose. Kind of a pointless character, but she doesn’t trigger me like she does the oddball online idiots
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    The producers realized Travis is the only one with real talent.
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    "Every generation has a legend" is the first thing that appeared on screen in The Phantom Menace trailer. nice. I love this. The two main things I wanted to see in 9 were Lando in the Falcon (confirmed!) and Anakin returning in some form. I hope it that happens they don't put it in any trailers or promotional materials, or cast announcements, etc... I'd love for that to be a complete surprise. Lando reuniting with L3 could be such a sweet moment.
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    Vader died and his body was burned. But I think the obvious angle here is to explore the force afterlife they have been teasing since the beginning. "nobodys ever really gone" "i will be with you, always" "strike me down and i will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine" If Vader is the chosen one and is thought to bring balance, and this is the final chapter of the saga, it really would point that direction when you think about the new title and hear Palpatine laugh.
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    you're right; a universe filled with aliens, laser swords and light speed travel should be more grounded in reality and physics.
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    I'm excited. I think this can be wonderful. If anakin shows up i'm gonna dump a pint of cum over the people in the front row.
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    Some days he's hard to recognize. Still miss the guy.
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    Tim Pagnotta and Tom are honestly unrecognizable to their early selfs.
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    Well, I'd rather have Oli back than this tbh.
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    There really isn't much point in the either to be honest.
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    make it a video interview over skype or facetime. otherwise i dont believe it. the dude would just post here directly.
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    Excited to watch the White Walkers resurrect all the dead Starks and have Ned Stark fight his children!
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    Whoa he's actually 1/4 but I had no idea! "Tom’s maternal grandmother was Manuela B. “Nellie” Atayde (the daughter of Rodolfo/Rudolpho Atayde and Concepcion/Conception Porras). Manuela was born in California, to Mexican parents." http://ethnicelebs.com/tom-delonge
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    this is 100% just ghent pretending to be leo.
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