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    But did you eat lasagna with marks mom?
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    Man +44 videos take me back. I love that band and that era so much. Still heartbroken that I never got to see them live. I missed a couple shows in my state but I assumed there would be another chance to see them later...
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    I still remember those AOL sessions with The Game he did with 1 hand too. I also love how he used to smoke a cig (which he said had weed in it) at the beginning of “No It Isn’t” during the slow part, then would toss it and go OFF. I am +44 life for life, no doubt.
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    Yeah I always try to play the songs the way Tom plays them when I play blink songs on guitar, even if playing them differently would be easier in some cases and sound just as good. Lots of downstrokes/plucks mostly. It's just fun to try to do it like the person who wrote it.
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    You can even see in the video, he has the drum part down so well, that he is 100% focused on the stick twirl. Thats so tough. Meanwhile Matt can't even learn a couple fucking lyrics.
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    I am trying to learn the drum part for Darkside and play it like Travis does in the video. I have pretty much given up. In theory its very simply. Bass/snare Bass snare with a little tom tom action thrown in. But Travis makes it complex by playing the entire thing with his left hand which is generally very weak especially with Hi Hat work. It really forces you to work the left arm and train it. The Tom tom part is slightly different on the second fill than the other fills. Travis substitutes a Tom for a bass hit. I got all the above. The problem is the stick twirl while doing all that. They are like polar opposites. Imagine patting your head and rubbing your stomach times 1000. I don't think I will get it unless I want to devote 8 hours a day for a month to practice. Even Travis, as amazing as he is, struggles to keep the stick going as it starts to slow when the camera comes around the kit. Travis does not play the song live in this way. This is the type of genius and analysis that the non musicians simply can't appreciate. Because the music itself, in my eyes, is only half of it. Actually understanding it, opens to the mind on a whole different level.
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    agree 100% to the above. mark utilizing his lower register is his best — reminds me of the +44–neighborhoods era. there’s plenty of songs then where he does that (weatherman, little death, natives, kaleidoscope, etc)
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    the claps are the best! In other news, i got the neighborhoods vinyl i ordered and listened today to that bad boy. Fucking hell, that album ages like a fine wine. Love everything about it, including the struggle they had back then which is audible in the song arrangement. But it's an exact display of what blink was at that time and i fucking love it!
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    scott briefly left the band that year to move to reno, nevada with his family. they briefly had tryouts. the only person that’s previously been known to have drummed with blink was a guy named mike krull, who is thanked in the cheshire cat liner notes. scott rejoined the band, IIRC, in early ‘95, flying in for shows. later that summer, he moved in with mark at mark’s moms house and that’s when the band began to take off.
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    I learn new words to use every time you Brits (and Aussies) post, you guys are underappreciated.
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    Behave yourselves, it was great. Jesse deserved to have an ending like that and it wrapped up his story perfectly. Not sure what people were expecting tbh.
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    So excited for the battle of old dudes to prove who was really in the scene when it was a happening.
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    My favorite Saves The Day song ❤️ The chorus is insane, love it so much especially the "Did you know my sweet ?" part
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    Off-white, kinda greyish. It's back in the box, I'll have to dig it out again to be sure. It's thicker than regular paper. Thanks for the postimage site. I'm going to take photos of all this stuff with my wifes camera. I'm selling my 1961 Slingerland set and the 1977 set I played on Niagra Falls. I've got JCCC posters and stuff that probably aren't worth anything. I don't know.
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    Those are from my phone, I tried to minimize the reflection from the metallic red on tape.
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    @ChuckDee that's the insert alright. there are two versions; one with a blurry performance shot by kerry key, and the other is the goofy band shot with the fence. what color paper is your lyrics sheet?
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    found other event to add for this date (as well as the letter promoting Apple Shampoo) 4/7/1997 : Apple Shampoo is released as a CD single in Australia via Thru Rapido.
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    you're mike mcauliffe? i still have 'Til Niagara Falls... love that record. i saw JCCC at SOMA a few times. i don't really understand the hostility from all these posts. i relied on pat secor for my info, and i try to steer collectors clear of fakes. that's it. if we have detailed information from you that clears up the record on the red variant tape, mike then that's terrific. could you does us a favor and post a lot more photos, at better quality?
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    Deducted points for not actually using a picture of JR and Jerry Lawler
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    All The Small Things also aged well. It was only hated on because it was so popular. It's actually pretty chill.
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    Can't speak for anyone else, but that is absolutely not what I expected. The way I imagined the Jesse's story playing out after the show ended was more or less like what happened in the movie, so I didn't fee like I learned anything (other than the specifics) from the movie. I rewatched Breaking Bad earlier this year, so I'm still pretty familiar with the tone and quality of the show and, as I said earlier, the movie was on par with a weaker BB episode, which is still pretty good, but not worth making years after the show ended imo.
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    Yank you very much.
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    Yeah, i love that part. Mark's voice when he hits the lower notes are always great to listen to. He doesn't do it nearly as much as he should since Skiba joined blink. That's when his voice stands out so much IMO. There's no one but Mark that sings like that, kinda like there's no one but Tom that sings the way he does.
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    The sign of a great show is it finishing and you’re still craving more. Too many shows carry on for way too long well past their peak.
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    I'd give it 8/10, I thought it was true to the show but because of that it felt more like a really long episode than an actual movie.
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    Yeah, using drum triggers. Its pretty cool. Also amazing how much more confidence Mark exudes back in those days. What happened?
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    I'll never forget when Travis played with two feet and one hand with +44.
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    You’re welcome 😎👍🏻
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    They're actually like a compilation of really good artists from our time (Tom, Ilan, guy from TBS) it's really working, for our demographic at least
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    Cool track by track analysis by Alex, interesting that "Need Me" was the 2nd SC song ever written. Basically right after the huge Cali/Cali DLX tour when Mark was depressed after going back to "normal life" so suddenly: https://www.rocksound.tv/features/read/track-by-track-simple-creatures-everything-opposite-ep-with-alex-gaskarth
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    NVM has grown on me loads. I get Naked + Famous vibes from it. That's always a good thing to me.
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    Dunno what kind of mushrooms you guys are consuming, but Tom sounds like absolute garbage even with the aid of some pitch correction.
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    hey, if pitch-correcting tom makes him sound like THIS, then by all means. good vid
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    i know his range doesn't really vary, and he keeps returning to familiar melodies. but damn part of the appeal of jimmy eat world has to be the passion with which jim sings.
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    shutter island is my favorite Scorsese picture.
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    I remember really liking the singles from that album. I definitely need to give it another spin too, I barely remember it. edit: just listened to it again. I forgot how much I loved The End Is Beautiful!
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    He's furious that he missed out on all those blink groupies.
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    Ransom has slowly turned to ashes It takes 10th place. Here are the remaining songs off Nine: The First Time Heaven Darkside Generational Divide Run Away Black Rain Pin The Grenade No Heart To Speak Of Hungover You Hungover You kick it down
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    This album thoroughly fucking sucks. My god. Mark, be ashamed of yourself.
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