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Is it too much to ask for the things to work out this time?

I'm only asking for what is mine

I wanted everything, I got it and now I'm gonna

Throw it away, I'll throw it away (yeah)

Rofl this guy is seriously digging his own grave on this board as he speaks. You are sounding dumber and dumber with every post you make. Keep it going champ, make yourself the most hated man over night. You are grasping at straws to troll and making up false assumptions to create drama. Grow up kid-o.

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refrain of lemmings sounds a little bit like hearts all gone

aren't you the tard that just said this sounded only like +44.  I do agree though, this sounds reminiscent of Lemmings, and thats a very awesome thing, its great to see the likes of Dude Ranch getting a little revisit here.

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Oh i'm sorry...you don't even know a song called lemmings, shawna...dont you?

tom is a very very bad boy...he said "shit" on stage uuuuuuuh ... thats a very bad word shawna. isnt it?

Go back to the original retard post you made. Screaming that it was a re used +44 song and that Blink were sellouts/dead. Then you come back kissing ass saying it sounds like Lemmings which is a good thing. Maybe if your stupid ass didn't dig your own grave to start people wouldn't call you a retard.

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Man, I feel like a demo version of this song would kill.

I like it, but Mark's delivery is a little off or something. He sounds like he's yelping in some of the verses. Travis drumming might be a little too eleborate for my liking. Nice song.

Yeah that's how I feel about it too. 

Guitar is pretty run of the mill, but it fits the song well.

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