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Honestly, Wishing Well is a 'skip' track for me on the album


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I get down to Up All Night and skip it because it's overplayed on the radio here so I hear it like 10 times a day as it is.  But that's to be expected.  Everything else is awesome... until I get to Wishing Well.  I don't get all the love it's gotten.  Maybe because of one reviewer who said it sounds like Enema of the State everyone loves it? 

Defend yourselves Well Wishers.

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whats wrong with wisihing well? it's their best on this record. the ending with changing tempo is awesome. the intro riff sounds like a retro movie playing. lalala part is fucking catchy and really dancy, the chorus is simple but strong. how the fuck you can possible skip this song? you need to listen it loud. this song makes me smile everytime i hear it.

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I guess I have to smile mostly because I have to think of how Tom's happy like a little child while playing this riff.

And when he sings La da da da da it only adds to the image of childish, maybe even a little defiant Tom. I don't know how to express it. But I get the feeling this song is pretty much everything Tom Delonge is. I really like it!

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