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Guilty Pleasure Songs

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The chorus is so catchy, the bastards  :oops:

Niku was fucking an air hostess a few weeks back, dedicated to you pal.

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Britney Spears club mixes got to be the worst thing ever!

I don't like the idea of guilty pleasures, this is music people can listen to what they want, if they have guilty pleasures they should go out and do something illegal or think some fucked up thoughts or something were they can feel real guilt.

Anyways, semantics aside, there's a few songs that I like, but I don't enjoy the band and whatever.

I once made a record to give people for christmas called Karaoke kid which was me doing songs that I hated, but also thought were good songs.


Britney Spears-Sometimes

Bangles-Eternal flame*

A1-every time

Robbie Williams-Eternity*

Westlife-My love

Backstreet boys-Quit playing games with my heart

Christina Aguilera-Beautiful

Jennifer Lopez-Waiting for tonight

Westlife-Queen of my heart

Britney Spears-Born to make you happy

Backstreet boys-Show me the meaning of being lonely

Enrqiue Iglesias-Hero

Elvis Presley-Love me tender*

Blue-If you come back

Take that-Back for good*

*Songs that are great originally

Songs by bands/artists I don't really like much, but that have some good songs: Robbie Williams-Let love be your energy(and etirnity of course), Shania Twain-Still the one, Michael Jackson-The way you make me feel(I love Jackson 5 obviously), Gwen Stephani(solo)-Cool, Led Zeppelin-Immigrant song(I know this one is really bad and I almost feel guilty), Avril Lavigne-I'm with you(and a few others are ok) Rihanna-found love in some places song and a few others that are more suitable for this thread as I don't really enjoy listening to them I just think they're good songs and Lady gaga-Bad romance

And stuff like GG Allin and Gary Glitter.

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Fuck that shit, I don't feel guilty about the music I like. I'm not gonna let other peoples opinions on music deter me from listening to something. That shit is for elitist bellends and I personally couldn't give two fucks what they think of my music taste.

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Fed up of fannies telling me the bands I like are shit. There's this one lad at work who always makes fun of Blink, like I'm suddenly gonna be like "yeh you're right, they are shit. I dunno why I ever listened to them." Nah, not gonna happen. So be proud of the music you like, have conviction and don't be a prick. Everyone has different tastes and that's what makes music so fun. Instead of spending time listening to stuff you don't like so you can make fun of it, listen to the stuff you do like and be proud.

With that said...this a fucking chooooon!

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