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Predictions: What will happen with Blink 182 over the next 5 years?


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- mark is still on the mend, so nothing really new will be released this year. 
- new music (maybe just an EP) and a summer tour in 2023.
- maybe tom plays a handful of shows for a small run of west coast dates, or just a couple california shows (LA/SD)

what i'd like to see happen:
- mark gets the ok from scott and tom to release a bunch of the old blink demos he's discovered. maybe some deluxe versions of a couple of their older albums. 
- i'd like to see a proper nine tour happen in 2023 before they completely move on to the next era of the band.
- maybe a new one-off EP with tom, but he doesn't join the band full time again. 
- tom and travis do a BCR show and release that new song they've hinted at for an anniversary release of the album. 

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So I am listening to an interview with Mark's bass tech, he talks about gear, his past, music experiences etc. and they just asked him about his future plans when this big tour is over, he said that he has no idea but only based on what he sees "the members of the band are getting along great, everyone is having fun, maybe there's a chance things will slow down for a bit, but why would they stop making music and going on tour? I hope this goes on forever"

Of course it's just his perspective, but I thought it was a nice thing to hear. 

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On 3/7/2022 at 5:34 PM, Kay said:

Shocked I didn't make one initially, I was here.

In the next five years I see one of two futures.

1. Tom is back, Matt bows out, they maybe make one more album or two short EPs, tour a little. They dial blink down a lot to evenly spread their time between their other projects. 

2. Blink stops completely. After dealing with his cancer, Mark doesn't feel up to restarting the blink machine and decides maybe it's time to early retire that life. He may start producing more, or just focus on his family and his hobbies. Travis continues down his "turn every pop act into a watered down manufactured pop punk cash cow" trajectory and makes billions, Tom continues being a space loon but is still friends with the guys, Matt goes back to Alk3 full time. 

Either way, my prediction is we don't get much or any new blink and the guys admit their old AF and can't go back to huge tours and churning out regular music. 

Damn I was way off 😂😂😂 thank fuck for that!

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Things look like they're going to go on forever until retirement decission is made. But I freak out everytime I remember that supposed-to-be-an-insider whistleblower who was one of the first persons to confirm exactly what it's been happening since the first Tom-is-back rumours (I think that information appeared on Twitter or Reddit, I don't know and I can't find it anymore). And this is what freaks me out -as long as everything said has been exactly as it was said-. He confirmed that Tom was back, that the band was writing and recording a new album. Also confirmed they were gonna do a world tour prior to its release and then a promo tour of the record. But here comes my fear: he also said this was going to be their final album.

I hope that's not true.

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