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Controversial Blink Opinion

Mr Blonde

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On 2/14/2022 at 3:15 PM, Speedo said:

I have a few that I've said elsewhere that got me some Trolliver crabs, so why not get some here.

1. I enjoy Neighborhoods far more than I enjoy Untitled.

2. I like Scott's drumming more than Travis' (not saying Scott is the better drummer)

3. Skiba is a great songwriter but a poor fit for Blink

4. Co-writers for a band like Blink is lame, I understood using them on California as it takes time for a band to find chemistry with new members but using them on Nine (as much as I enjoy some of the songs) felt like a copout.

5. Take Off Your Pants & Jacket is the best Blink album

6. I like Tom more than Mark, it's not even close.

7. Adam's Song sucks, it's a skip every time and always has been.

8. Bad things happen when Travis is given control over music ... Fallen Interlude, Yelawolf, Lil' Wayne ...

9. Box Car Racer didn't age well. 

10. "Mom & Dad, they quite don't understand it" is the worse line ever written by Tom.

Agree so much. Loved it when it came out, seems lame now. 

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11 hours ago, FAPLORD said:

Taking Back Sunday is the worst band blink ever toured with and it's not even close 

Worse than Lil Wayne?

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