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    notice that she's NOT dancing to Stay Together For The Kids. Divorced.
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    absolute cringebag. Imagine posting a video like that the fucking crank.
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    She’s fucking bat shit. No wonder Tom has lost the plot. It’s the kids I feel sorry for. Dad is chasing ufos and mum is a drunken mess. While mum is hammered in one room the kids are ironing their school uniform and doing their packed lunches. Fucking state of it
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    I'd argue this is more calculated and 'fake' than the 'filters' she is complaining about on social media. She is trying to portray herself in a way that shows her as carefree while commenting that she is carefree which if anything shows she is anything but. She is basically portraying an image/narrative of herself while complaining about others doing the same - it's essentially the same thing. Not sure if that made sense but whatever haha.
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    Anyone else still unsure if they are seperated yet.
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    It went well with the 10 year old insult of calling you g-a-y. I like to be consistent.
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    Much less creepy than tracking down a forum member's girlfriend and then texting them to interfere with their relationship & personal life! Heck that makes even Feeling_this obsession seem tame.
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    I'm more unsure about who left who..... wtf was that? "dance like no ones watching.." but make sure everyone does by posting it on your instagram. gtfo!
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    This, professional sport FFS - going easy on a team, behave. We pulled down Maccasfields pants 8-0 earlier this season and I fucking loved it, wanted 10.
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    And those same fans will be just as hurt if they lose 1-0 at home to Gillingham on Saturday. Should we call up the Gillingham manager and let him know to go easy as the fans are still recovering from a loss to one of the best teams in the world? Behave yourself. These young fans got to witness their team in the semi final of a major cup competition against the current champions. The score line is irrelevant. They’ll look back on it with fond memories.
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    The video totally contradicts what she wrote. She hates social media, she likes to dance like no one is watching. Yet she made a video of herself dancing to post on social media so a bunch of people would watch. She is a loony. I am also starting to think Tom left her.
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    @Scott. I caved and listened to it. Instantly love it. These boys can do no wrong! @...Dan... You’re g-a-y. Pwned.
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    Holy shit, that is hot, dead serious. I am really into her more and more.
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    I saw that last night and almost spit out my drink laughing - right up there with the Napoleon Dynamite dance scene.
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    Maybe ... but it's still better than following the social media accounts of rockstar's family members to speculate relationship status!
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    Says the guy who spends majority of his time spamming the shit out of these boards.
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    Top evidence that she's single. From gothic man-woman to "fun and flirty milf who loves life and is frequently seen wearing bikinis" in just a few months.
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    Think about this: Oliver was the one who spent years railing against Tom. AND THEN he spent years bragging about how he was right about Tom all along. And now... he doesn't blame Tom at all. You can't make this stuff up lol
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    Just something fresh to throw on the xmas playlist
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    I like it for this time of year, obviously not going to be blaring Rudolph all spring, but for a quick fun holiday project I dig it.
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    Yup, so can I close this?
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    I guess I'll blame the receivers for not catching tipped balls next time.
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    1. 43 isn't a gimmie by any means 2. It WAS going to go in no question if it wasn't tipped. The tip literally made the difference and the defense won that.