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    with their latest album, they’ll become a straight up pop band instead of a pop punk band—similar to the other bands in their genre (FOB etc)—and people will be mad and never move on. blink won’t care and will be happy because first and foremost they’ve always wanted to make popular music. the album will do decently but not amazing for a band of their size and stature because music made by bands (as opposed to singers or rappers) is not on the upswing this decade. tom won’t rejoin, and if he does, whatever project they’ll plan to do will have a billion delays and then essentially put the band on hiatus.
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    I disagree with a lot of it to be honest. From people I know, people hate blink because they're not a "real" rock band and assume they're a boy band with guitars. People hate them cause of the All the Small Things song and don't seem to understand blink were taking the piss out of generic boy bands with the video, especially older middle aged men obsessed with rock music. Then there's punk people who can't stand that blink went to a major record label and went mainstream, which is also in the video. Probably the only one I agree with. As for the nananas, I've never heard anyone complain about that outside of blink fans regarding the California album. They rarely used nananas before. Enema has 2 songs with nanas and TOYPAJ only has 1 if I remember correctly. So 3 songs in their entire catalogue with nanas. People also don't hate blink cause of Tom leaving either. In the general public blink are known as blink, not by the names of the band members. Most people won't even know who the fuck Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge are. There's people who probably think Skiba is Tom. As for the joke songs like Fuck a Dog, in fact when it comes to people I know (even the ones that HATE blink) they like the joke songs. The only other aspect about blink that I probably agree with on the video is the live show. Blink have always been pretty bad live but sounding great with the odd show now and then. But this guy was saying they have no presence and stand around a lot. Nah, blink oozed stage presence with Tom in the band. Even when he was stood still. Reading + Leeds 2014, they sounded fucking awful but that stage presence was top level IMO. Travis & Mark are pretty energetic too. Mark has always bounced to the opposite side of the stage but he's almost 50 now, so he's not gonna be as energetic as before, but he 100% has fun on the stage. As does Travis. Hell, even Tom loved being there. Even when Tom left again, Travis said himself that the only thing Tom ever seemed interested in was touring and performing. Might've been for the money but Tom clearly had fun on the stage.
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    Doesn’t it say a lot there hasn’t been a new poster here since before California came out. No one cares about this band anymore.
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    That song is one of the main reasons I became a Jimmy Eat World fan. It's really hard for me to pick a favorite track off this album, but that might be it.
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    Bloody hell, I'd give you and Davey Jones the tombstone piledriver.
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    Unpopular opinion... Neighborhoods is aging better than I expected.
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    I'm not buying shit from blink anymore. Didn't give a penny to DLX (well a couple YouTube listens to each song maybe) and will never go see them live again unless it's at a festival. I think years from now, only if Tom were to ever come back fulltime, everything from this era but Bored to Death and maybe KotW would be forgotten like it never happened. I can see it now. Mark would occasionally say stuff like, "Me and Travis are super proud of everything we accomplished with Matt and will never say never to working with him or John or any of the numerous cowriters in the future. But with Tom back, he brings a simple songwriting structure that is uniquely blink." We don't have a Bon Scott situation where Brian Johnson did an admirable job with the band. We literally have a name or brand being milked so some of Mark's new friends can get a nice payday and Travis can go get another Cadillac and Mark can go to Disney World with his college-aged son. Sorry, I'm in a cranky mood. Bad week.
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    How many times can they refer Simple Creatures as 'Trashy' ?
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    This looks interesting ! https://www.mccarter.org/season/2018-2019/pdps/mark-hoppus/
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    And when the "don't try and stop me because I'm falling fast" background vocals come in... oh maaan
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    What if they sound completely gay?
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    I don't see how you can objectively dislike Feeling This, Here's Your Letter, Violence, Stockholm Syndrome, Easy Target, Asthenia as a blink fan. Such perfect songs.
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    Not really an unpopular opinion on this board
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    No way is it a better album but some of the songs are better. I like Natives and Kaleidoscope better than Down and Lost Without You.
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    Except that's not what it is. I still like other pop punk bands. Alkaline Trio released a great album just last year. it isn't much of a stretch from their releases from 15 years ago. and I still like it. This isn't "growing out of blink" this is "blink putting out a worse product".
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    Haha no way. An album like the untitled my ass 😂
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    they'll take up a 5 year residency in Las Vegas (maybe the MGM Grand) playing a greatest hits set 5 nights a week (+ 1 matinee show), switching in different Tom replacements every few months.
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