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The Tom Delonge Thread

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I'm waiting to get mine in hand to fully examine the quality, but I think they look rad! Was surprised at the outcry, not sure what people were expecting. It's a cool little desk thingy, it's not supposed to be playable lol. The only major goof appears to be the color, it clearly looks more "daphne blue" than "surf green". (Tbh this was mixed up by TTS even in the promo photos for this.)  I feel bad for people trashing the company, I appreciate that they are hand made. 

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I think its more that the detail work on it is just really bad, even compared to other Axe Heaven pieces. 

I don't want to shit on the company or beat a dead horse over and over, but some examples I've seen are none of the pieces have an R at the end of Fender on the logo on the headstock. There is a backplate on the guitar instead of ferrules, and the backplate appears to be installed crooked on some. Tuners are bent or out of shape, the bridge isn't even with the pickguard leaving a big gap, the Invader doesn't look like an Invader and is usually crooked and its opening cut too wide on the pickguard. And the painting details overall either seem to be crooked or a bit sloppy. It just overall seems rushed and not well designed. 

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2 minutes ago, Champ182 said:

I have no idea what you guys are referring to, what did I miss?

TTS had a preorder back in June for a mini (1/4 scale) Delonge strat. $75 for it, signed by Tom. Orders started getting delivered this week and most, but not all, people seem to be pretty disappointed by its construction. 

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