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The Tom Delonge Thread

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8 hours ago, bojangles said:

so.... has anyone figured out what the sent out to those people or you all just bitching still?

They got sent a tape recorder with tom saying some cryptic co-ordinates with the riff of the new song at the end...

Basically saying the new song is next week for members first, then some dates for secret shows i think 🤔

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20 minutes ago, Dylan_ said:

I think I’ve said it before but that clip would sound amazing with some Mark harmonies. 

I think Tom definitely writes his melodies, harmonies and songs with Mark's voice in mind haha, even if it's AVA songs where he knows Mark will never feature. Overload and Circle Jerk Pit are other good examples as well.

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1 hour ago, Ry-Bread said:

Met up with previous pod guest for lunch yesterday who showed me, def more K&T than RG. Tom has teased part of the chorus before. Big things are coming too tbh.

Okay Tom. 

you’re an awesome dude but just come on with it already. Yikes 

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58 minutes ago, Speedo said:

I don't know, doesn't sound like a chorus, seems like a verse to me.

Also, sounds super familiar.

I agree I’d be bummed if that’s the chorus since that sounds like a verse. Been thinking that since this clip was released.

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