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Finally got this painted up, I think it turned out pretty nice!  

holy fuck I'm shaking.  Producer calls me at 12:15 says he'll be calling back in about an hour.   Called at 1255 and it was Mark pretending to be the producer, I mentioned  how blink-182online wa

I’ve been dabbling in wood carving the last few months. This ones not done, but thought I would share

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I listened to my Spotify of the week mix while doing groceries and all of a sudden this song comes on. I almost shit my pants laughing. 😂😂

Haven’t seen it posted here before. 


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Incase anyone CBA to read it, here's the bit about untitled demos -


15. Did you guys have any new songs that were unreleased before Blink-182 broke up? If so, do you think the fans will ever have a chance to hear them?

Yes we did. On the last North American tour, we took out a pro-tools rig and set up a demo studio in a dressing room every day. During the long hours of downtime on tour, we would go in there and lay down ideas for the next blink-182 album. There were some cool songs started in those dressing rooms. After Tom quit, our old manager called and said that he was going to take some of the ideas that we had started on the tour and rerecord them for Tom’s new band. When the Angels and Airwaves record came out, I was actually excited to hear what had become of those ideas. There were some great beginnings in those demos. I was really disappointed in what became of them, though, for the same reasons I mentioned above. I thought they would have made great blink-182 songs, but something got lost in the translation.



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I have a love/hate relationship with that b182 mark interview. I kinda love it but i also think it's the stupidest thing ever.

Like there is a lot of nice inside into the bands seperation, but at the same time, mark was so desperate to have the blink fans on his side..... i think a  lot of the answers were exaggerated/made up, to gain him popularity amongst the fanbaser after the split.

Same thing happen in 2005: the whole story about tom's infmaous mail "tom. is. out." ... he contradicted that story in some interviews, sometimes mentioned aphonecall, sometimes tom sendt the email, sometimes rick.... 

there is no question tom quit that band. But there is  no doubt in my mind mark helped to spin it in a way, that only tom looked at fault for the whole situation.

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