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    If you don't know at least one of the wives of the Blink dudes's numbers you're not a real fan imo. Tom unfollowed Jen on the 31st of September 2017 at around 5 pm. He stopped following Travis 13 of June 2018 at 9 pm. I doubt it's coincidental that he unfollowed Travis later at night than Jen. It could mean he was drunk or on drugs. I don't think Tom wants anything to do with either period! Speaking of, according to Jen's cycle, Tom unfollowed her two days before her next menstruation. Probably just a coincidence. On April 4 this year, Tom started following Gabriella AKA "Gabby" who Tom dated for two weeks his sophomore year in high school. On May 5th he liked one of her photos on instagram. I think it's obvious that Tom is having an affair with Gabby. There's no way nothing is going on between them. On September 11 2001 Tom and the Blink guys did some shots for the STFTK music video (probably tequila). This was before social media and tracking on phones so I'm not sure about Jen and Gabby's whereabouts at that day, so we can't rule out their involvement in the 9/11 attack. On September 11 this year Gabby posted an instagram selfie of herself smiling. I think this is a little hint at Tom. Subtle as he is Tom didn't like this post. Probably to not seem suspicious. I don't care much about their personal lives though, I mostly care about the music.
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    My view on Tom's demos is that there are only a few that were originlly for blink, and not even in that shape. He surely developed the real demos to their final form. To me, at that time, it was really obvious that he was kind of making up that story: the whole "I was booking shows for blink", which is just stupid, and the whole "this was the bunch of songs I was working on for new blink record". First, I don't beleve he was booking anything; and second, what I said above, my feeling is that only a few ot those songs on "Demos..." were originally intended to be for blink. So I call it bullshit. As I call bullshit the main core of Tom's statements since, almost, a decade ago.
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    I find it more weird that Tom went on vacation by himself while his family went overseas. And made a weird post about wearing a normal man's jacket or something.
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    Top evidence that she's single. From gothic man-woman to "fun and flirty milf who loves life and is frequently seen wearing bikinis" in just a few months.
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    But did they unfollow each other on all social media, never take 1 photo together for over 14+ months, never mention each other anywhere in over 14+ months, live in different houses, wife constantly on completely different vacations, and the husband lives on a weird couch? And even if you know people who don't wear rings, Tom ALWAYS did. It's one thing to just not wear them, it's another when you've worn it 15+ years and suddenly stop. You both don't just suddenly say "gosh this ring feels weird" after 15 years. And for the record, I couldn't care less about any of their relationships. Just pointing out obvious observations. Hope they (and all of humanity) are just happy and doing what is best for them!
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    Over the holidays there were 2 IG story posts of hers that clearly showed both hands - no ring. No doubt they are separated, the only other explanation would be Tom wanting to distance himself because he fears what he is doing is so important/dangerous/revealing that it could put his family at risk. (which is rock bottom paranoia IMO)
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    Been awhile, time for another “I still talk to Travis post”
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    I got the unplugged album on vinyl last year and it is so damn good
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    If he was sane I'd say "Yeah" but he posts such random fucking shit I wouldnt be shocked if he just didnt think of that lol
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    If you can't see that Tom and Jen are divorced or at least separated at this point you are in denial. Her instagram screams single.
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    what a twist, Tom was the down to earth one.
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    If I can make a lot of money in the stock market, maybe I can score a date. Financial statements showing a salary of over $500K a year are needed to apply for the date, so I am working on it.
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    Yeah I doubt for a second the concept of 'California' was that old, although I could understand it logically - one album is 'neighbourhoods' about different places, then the following being "California" the unifying of their origins.
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    BCR reunion confirmed. All kidding aside, considering Travis was trashing Tom in the press 4 or 5 years ago with Mark, I'm just happy to see the two former bandmates have patched things up. I don't know how selfish the intent was other than saying, "We're still buddies."
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    lol there are like 2. I like the Bucks too!
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    the great thing is that if you're unfamiliar with the band, the lyric still works. it just means she's an art student who's hung up on a famed design school where they made avant garde short films and wacky furniture until it was closed by the nazis.
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    you are now my favorite blink-online poster.
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    What do you mean, you've never had this song "stuck in your head"??
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    It's for the best, Bauhaus sucks.
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    An Aerospace company lol. The last release was a $55 children's picture book about a naked buffoon.