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    Watch The Wraith become insanely popular and successful now lol
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    Yeah even though I am voting DL, it was an absolute treat to see them play it live in 2013 at a soundcheck. I was maybe 2 or 3 rows right behind whoever recorded this. (And gosh looking back Mark looks miserable, I do recall him being in a bad mood)
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    Saw a blink shirt on a random promoted tweet haha -
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    They put 'Duh' from Lagwagon but that is easily their worst album. It should have been Hoss, as it's basically their greatest.
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    The version on MTATS was amazing...as well as any clips of them playing it from that same tour (had to throw that in there because I know MTATS was a little doctored). My point is Travis almost rewrote that whole song, and it is much better! Scott’s version sucked but Davey won’t admit any of this lol
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    I don't remember if it was rollerpig already from the beginning or if he first used another name, but his first myspace used to be wild. there was a pretty bitter, sarcastic introduction at first and you just knew how pissed and heartbroken he still was. I could kick my ass for not screen shotting it back then, but I was a stupid teen who didn't know how much these historical moments would mean to me today, lol. I know the description said "male, 33 years old (shudder)" it stuck with me. Also there were crazy stories about pranks and stuff that became a bit weird when you realized, oh shit, that guy has a child already? He toned it down a lot, the more popular it became and turned it into a generic artist site that promoted his podcast and +44. Man I so wanna read this first introduction and the prank stories again. He had this photo uploaded, the capture said: looking pretty straight here, huh? I'm not a 100 % sure, but judging by the jacket, this could have been taken at Travis' wedding.
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    I’d put untitled on there over toypaj tbh. Dude ranch, enema and untitled are the trifecta of perfection. also this it’s obvious a lot of care was put into this list.... the fucking album cover is right there with the title on it and you still get it wrong.
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    We should make our own list!
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    According to this logic a senior in high school must only write self deprecating songs about girls rejecting him if the girls in the song are specifically written as being his exact age or older. Otherwise...
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    Like a jobber hiding in the royal rumble, imma run out and help get Dick Lips eliminated while we have the chance
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    What in the world?? It takes some world class mind-bending to conclude that that song is some salacious reference to dating and/or assaulting underage girls. I'm baffled right now haha.
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    What did I guess exactly? You know most songs aren't actual real life events or accounts right? Rock Show never happened... I Won't Be Home for Christmas never happened... Easy Target wasn't about an experience anyone in the band had... I think you're reaching a bit.
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    Apple Shampoo Can we all just agree that this is blink's best album?
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    Lol I didn't even notice and still barely do
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    You need to relax and take life less seriously, my friend.
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    It's a pic of matt and tom mixed together.
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    Looks like an old photo, what am I missing?
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    i do remember mark's myspace used to be a riot. there was a huge shift with mark right before he got his own tv show.
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    maybe the best parody song ever?
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    Even Ezekiel thinks that my mind has gone!
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    Problem with both arsenal and united is the recruitment has been a bit shit over the last few years, and because of the 90's and 00's, there's fans that think it is there devine right to be winning trophies every year. The fact is both clubs have spent big money on players, but very few of the transfers have been good value.
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    You really are deluded. That's 1 billion the Glazers could have pocketed instead they used it to reinvest in the club - instead morons like you act like they are tight with spending and don't spend. The figures don't lie - We've spent nearly 200m on 3 players in the last 6 months alone!!! I read this yesterday from a guy who was studying United under the Glazers - and it nailed it: The Glazers DO drain money out of the club but this hasn't stopped us having one of the highest net transfers spends in the world over the last seven years. Only the two clubs owned by countries and pumped full of oil-money have spent more than Utd net over the last seven years (City & PSG). But i'm sure you'll respond with some idiotic 'its our own money' argument, because you think wasting 1bn means we should correct that by spending 2bn. 🤣
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    I totally forgot Mark had a podcast, wow you guys are giving me flashbacks. That was probably the first official one I ever listened to. He introduced me to some cool music on there I remember his myspace url was rollerpig too lol whatever the hell that meant. I think it had custom Java or something unless I'm thinking of another website he had? Anyways, Mark was doing cool stuff after the hiatus, made me want blink back even more
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    Lol I didn’t notice that and I read that whole thing too
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    This show is quite epic, the end of the Australian leg of the "Good Times Tour": 1995-12-16 Melbourne, Australia - The Palace Complex (Good Times Tour) - Other bands One Inch Punch, Bodyjar and Pennywise Mark and Rick DeVoe are sitting on one side of the stage for the whole performance, Tom joins them around 22:34 Jim Lindberg of Pennywise: "This is the last song, of the last concert, of the Good Times Australian Tour - we wanna bring out all these fuckers who are sitting on their arse: Bodyjar, One Inch Punch, blink-182..." Then Mark, Tom and Scott all get onstage alongside other bands members: Note Mark and Tom backstage at the end of the video:
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    I really love Im Sorry, shocked to see it voted this much so early on.
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    There's been rumors he's been gone for a year or 2 since he hasn't been in photos for a long time Also never forget!
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    I remember he randomly brought it back for a one off episode sometime after Tom left. I specifically remember him talking to John Feldmann on the podcast. All I really remember is that they talked about donuts lol
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    Setlists during the Dude Ranch era, major props to this show in particular (KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas). Pathetic Voyeur Dick Lips Untitled Dammit Depends M+M's Apple Shampoo Enthused Honorable mention to this show : 10/10/1998: • The band performs at Button South in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Pathetic Peggy Sue Wendy Clear Voyeur Josie Family Reunion Aliens Exist Untitled Mutt The Country Song Apple Shampoo Dick Lips Dumpweed Dammit Carousel Enthused
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    Was it the disproportionate head size that tipped you off, or the different skin tones on his deepfake face that clued you in? Or perhaps it was the quotations around his name in the thread title. Either way, thanks for the clarification there Sherlock.
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    Found this, thought you Star Wars fans might like it. https://gaming.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/all-the-best-lego-star-wars-characters-to-use-as-a-profile-picture/86172699/
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    I woke up with this tuneage in my head this morning. 5am is too early for punk rock. ,
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    2 of my songs are competing in eurovision in iceland, fighting for a spot in the big finale in Rotterdam.
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    I'm Sorry foreshadowed Tom's future mental breakdown from blink as well as being a rad fucking closer. For my $$$ I'm Sorry is 100 times better than Man Overboard. This voting is ridiculous.
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    This list is one of the worst lists I've ever seen. Aside from blink, Green Day, JEW and a few others, all these bands are utter trash IMO.
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    Someone asked him at one of my soundchecks last summer and he said "I don't know, everyone has one now, it's not special anymore."
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    It's better than +44 in my opinion.
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