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Yeah, L)VE was a mess... I think it was hurt by a few things.

1) Tom was spreading himself between blink-182 and AvA (blink getting one album and AvA getting TWO ALBUMS) and also making a score for the L)VE film so obviously some sacrifices had to be made.

2) Compared to the other albums (except for that one EP you were supposed to read alongside a book), the L)VE albums were tied in someway to a film of the same name so Tom was restricting himself creatively as well.

3) Tom was at a point where AvA was running out of steam in their current formation. Not even sure how the band would have turned out if Ilan and his brother didn't get involved and breath life into Tom's music for the future after the L)VE albums.

Shame we had to lose some band members post L)VE (like Atom Willard and Matt Wachter), but we also gained some cool tunes afterwards.

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