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Dogs Eating Dogs

Live Fast Die Fun

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I've heard that before but they cut out that entire bridge and replace it with the intro after the first chorus. Made it even worse IMO. I'd like the bridge to still be there, just without the rap. So at that point, just an instrumental. All i've ever heard are cut copy and paste stuff. It just makes it sound lazy.

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On 1/31/2019 at 2:39 AM, darkarrow said:

I love the EP. Has anyone bought the pseudo physical copy that’s on amazon? It’s not official but I’ve always wondered what the disk looks like.

Yeah I have it but not looked at it in years. Will dig it out and post the picture on here.

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14 hours ago, darkarrow said:

Ended up ordering it, funny thing I didn't notice til I got my copy but everywhere it's printed with the track listing is says "Pretty Little Girls"  Not mad just funny.

Never noticed that. Suppose it's no different to several mistakes in the official Neighborhoods booklet!

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well, I saw the more recent thread, but this one has been updated more recently.

listened to DED for the first time tonight. I liked the first 2 tracks (dogs eating dogs and the other) and the last one (except for the rap. sorry). I did not really care for Disaster and the other one was meh.

It's been awhile since I heard Neighborhoods and I can't quite remember it fully, so I can't say which I like better. Probably Neighborhoods, because it has more songs and includes Up All Night.

I love all the Up All Night love on this site! Love that song soooo much! :D

I really do like Dogs eating Dogs too though. :D

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