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8 hours ago, Speedo said:

I don't ever want to be one of those "it's about the art" people. This is basically me being that person and it's disgusting. @M!ke I was wrong, bud, I'm sorry. No one likes a pretentious shithead and I was being one.

Hey no worries dude, you weren't being a real douche or anything, I thought our little debate was pretty civil honestly.

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No idea where this came from just saw it on reddit. Sounds pretty good and has Mark/Skiba on vox. I can’t get the full song from that link but the preview is working atm

Seriously?  You dont' want to hear that stuff?  Can't tell you how many times I listened to the Cheetah vids where we only heard bits and pieces of demos for songs that would and would not be finalize

15 hours ago, Ry-Bread said:

Mark said there was a Matt only song early in the NINE album sessions, just obviously didn’t make the cut.

Or Mark added vocals to NHTSO. I hear Matt's voice along with Mark's. 

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On 7/15/2020 at 11:42 PM, Russel Coight said:

I quite like this(no surprise really). i like the chorus a lot though immediately singing it back in my head. It's obviously a demo though and not finished. There is no vocals on what's obviously meant to be the second verse.

I got the whole thing downloaded so as per usual send me a pm for the link. 

i sent you a pm a while back, still waiting on that link. please get back to me :)

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