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    Only thing I will say about mumble rap is it's sorta going full circle into scat singing like old jazz in a way. I doubt any of the mumble rappers themselves have ever taken the time to listen to any old jazz like that, but hey.
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    Had to go with the 90s because it's the music I grew up with and it will always hold a special place in my heart. And because it was also the most diverse decade for music.. It goes from grunge to britpop to skate punk/pop punk/ the emo bands I love, the most amazing hip-hop albums and all those indie bands like Pavement/Built to Spill/Modest Mouse/Neutral Milk Hotel/Yo La Tengo/Belle & Sebastian. Too many to name but Kyle wrote a great list of artists.
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    Well, if you're going to make me... These posts are all from the week or so after the album leaked. Only a handful of people seemed to dislike it, a number of people thought it was kind of middling and most people liked it/mentioned it as a favourite. I'm not saying complaints didn't creep up eventually, but people generally did like it at first.
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    It's ok Mark. Just have John write the song for you.
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    Anyone not listen to them much anymore or anyone listen to them more than ever? for me, I hardly listen anymore. I’d go months without listening to blink but I’ll akways have a blink binge where I’ll play them non stop for a few days till a new song catches my attention. They’ll forever be my favourite band though nqat. No one else comes close
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    None of them care mate. Jose doesn’t give a shit either. Everyone now is just waiting for Jose to get the sack including the man himself what do we do in training? How can manager with forwards like Lukaku, Martial, Rashford, Pogba, Sanchez not create any chances??? It’s almost like they’re all match fixing
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    I can't honestly say I've been a fan of modern music. I'm talking stuff that's on the top 40 charts. I can look back from 56-06 and find something to like, but the modern music just does nothing for me. I think it's even been proven that the formula for hits is almost down to a science. I think that's why, and I don't like the "formula".
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    As long as there's Feldy, there can be blink
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    I guess we just don't care about "Superlab: Origins" because it adds nothing to the show apart from fanservice. I mean, it's good fanservice but it's kinda boring to me and I'd rather see what happens with Kim and Jimmy.
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    Mumble Rap and EDM are still two of the most popular music styles out there. This generation is definitely awful any way you spin it.
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    the 2000s were the rise of indie rock to me. especially the mid 00s.
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    @Donald Trump's Bulge Hahaha, John Fogerty? Do you remember what you were smoking? 😅
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    Um, this. Only I rarely listen much anymore. But when I do, it's those 3 albums. Smiley Face will always be my favorite album.
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    I used to lurk here for years before making an account. Just went back and voted finally haha. But it was really weird seeing all those old screen names again.
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    Got my signed copy of Sekret Machines Book 2 from the live signing in, you can see Tom signing them here which is kinda funny to see how careless he is and how he flies through them. (Should start around ~13:55, and he signed a lot of these sideways for some reason) Here is mine: Also here are some authentic drum heads from Mark, another smiley appearance. He usually adds more to drumheads for some reason, I love when he adds "blink-182":
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    That era is even worse than 70s hippie rock. I almost consider that an achievement considering how terrible the 70s hippie rock era was.
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    That might be right, but I was responding to this claim.
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    Fighting The Gravity was a standout track on my first listen and I still love it. Wish blink would do weird stuff like that more often.
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    I had a lot of love for 2004-2011 warped tour bands. That was my era and fuck the rest. 90's was pretty great.
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    I remember hearing the intro and immediately assuming "sigh, another song that Mark recorded the guitar for" and kind of dismissing it (which is understandable given that it's close in proximity to MH 4.18.2011 which is an uninspired, Mark guitar song). After hearing it a couple of times, the verses stood out to me a lot and it became one of my favourite songs on the album. I do remember it getting more love on here like months/years after Neighborhoods had been released, though.
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    I remember you loving This is Home haha. I like the song, just I feel it suffers for the same reasons most of the other songs from that album suffers from. Never understood the hate of the I-I-I and oh-oh-oh thing in the chorus though. It works well IMO. I agree. I don't get any AVA vibes at all from the song. The riff is blink sounding. The verses are blink sounding. The bridge was probably the most enema sounding thing of the whole album. Just a pure pop punk song with the influences of the Cure. I feel the smiley face album has more AVA sounding tracks.
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    That is one good looking dog.
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    I love that hypothetical. I have always thought with all the footage they used to release, and how open they were with fans back in the day, they probably have a TON sitting around in various places from various projects. I would really love if they agreed to a real tell-all honest documentary someday about WTF happened. Maybe enough time will pass that they'll feel humble enough and comfortable enough with each other and the craziness of their story to lay it all out in a doc someday. There was an incredible documentary on the Eagles a few years ago that covered their rise and epic downfall with a bunch of hilarious/honest current day interviews about how it all went down: A similar Blink doc could be fascinating, plus their story really does have enough crazy elements that if it was done well it would appeal to people who aren't even fans.
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    And out of the ashes rose a phoenix... a masterpiece: California and blink was saved. Amen
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    The right thing to do would be to cancel any and all touring until Travis gets a clean bill of health. They really show a complete lack of respect for their fans by promoting shows they have no idea if they can attend. That is some bullshit.
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    It's just going to be what we all grew up with - 90s and early 2000s. People are always partial to what is familiar to them. When I try to look at it objectively, I think the 70s and 90s are the two best periods of rock and roll. Too many good bands emerged during those two decades.
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    Pretty sure Kaleidoscope is considered the biggest grower song on the boards. Most people didn't like it at first now all can agree a top 3 NH songs. Didn't know there was two versions of Wolfpack, I insanely love that chorus, will need to check it out. And yeah, nothing against Skiba, but he can go fuck himself.
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