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Blink-182 World Tour 2023 Discussion


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Just now, Patient #48273 said:

Do we think Edging is going to be jokey (not a full on joke song, but maybe something similar to WMAA in tone) or a relatively serious song with a silly name?

I fucking hope not. Surely it’s a proper single? 

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Just now, Dylan_ said:

I didn’t think seeing a photo of the three of them together again would make me feel so many emotions lmao I feel so fucking giddy right now  

Me neither, I may vomit haha

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3 minutes ago, Pussay Patrol said:

so has Travis been taking regular and long flights? Anyone know? I hope to god he will actually come to aus this time

Not sure how many long flights he's been taking, but he has been flying a lot. I think landing and especially taking off would be the most anxiety-inducing, so the flight length probably doesn't matter too much and I think he'll be okay to get there.

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2 minutes ago, ruaraidhlando45 said:

That is a long fcuking tour, March 2023 thru February 2024. Wonder if all dates are gonna be announced at once?

The power of Tom has brought Rory back!

I just wish CC was here to see this 😢 

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