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    Skiba's back is like a steel fucking rod. that's all that matters now.
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    Just having a general discussion in the general discussion topic. I'm sorry that you don't like the current topic at hand. What would you like to talk about? How was your day? It's snowy here, kind of cold. I hope it warms up. My coffee was pretty good today too! I hope I get a cup like that tomorrow.
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    I believe he wore it so high due to his back issues. If you look at videos with his fender, it is much lower. Supposedly, the hollow body is lighter which helps his back. He wears it higher, to keep him from hunching over to play. It is much better for his back. It doesn't look as cool, but it is a healthier position.
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    Still wish they did an official release of the self titled shows. They kinda made it sound like they were going to do something, but of course nothing happened. I guess we can put that one to sleep now.
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    The perfect fit for blink. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f37XyZcfhg0 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDg30wzqr-Y
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    Got that awesome old school shirt from 1997
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    Playing low is fine if you aren't playing constantly day in and day out like that. Repetition is what killed Tom's back.
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    I find that story about the guitar ruining his back a little hard to believe. I think it was maybe a private thing he didn't want to tell anyone about. Just think about it, you would have to go through years of pain, day after day, and never once would you choose to raise your guitar, or stand straight up? Just doesn't make sense to me. Man, what am I even saying. I dunno, while the above sounds reasonable to me, I don't know why he would lie about such a thing.
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    It's pretty much a night-and-day issue. I have lower-back pains too and letting a guitar hang low like he used to is painful.
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    I had a great cup of coffee today too! High Five!
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    Either way I think it's more about his posture than the weight of the guitar. I think it was on Start the Machine where he talked about how playing with the guitar at his knees and leaning over all the time was what was ruining his back.
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    Matt wrote a bridge when working a on a record. Few years ago. I remember I really laughed at the moment. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAg28mY1_-o
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    Yep! I knew he would, scored Norwich's first hat-trick since lil Simeon Jackson in 2011! Can't see us getting automatic promotion this season, but i think we'll defo challenge for playoffs at least. Got a great little team and i'm liking Alex Neil. Shame it didn't work out with Neil Adams, but i'm glad he'll be back at the club in some capacity this summer. We really need to learn that we can't keep appointing old legends to run us! It didn't work out with Bryan Gunn 6 years ago! Although, i think Neil Adams did a better job lol
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    maybe he should have wrote more meaningful songs for neighborhoods (instead of the forced stupid this is home). or he should just admit, that blink songs aren't that different than ava songs. blink songs just have a different (better) instrumentation.
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    IS not a disrespectful thing if you do things properly. Nothing with Tom decissions is wrong. What makes them miserable is the way he puts them out. First, when he left blink, it all was about family, and then about pursuing new ambitions in music. A few months later, BOOM, you have him touring again -what about staying in home with family?- and playing blink songs here and there -new music frontiers?- It's like what he has done. I respect him if he doesn't want to do blink anymore. The problem is the way he has been procrastinating with blink all this years, messing around with the band, his bandmates and the fans.
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    Ugly as hell, but nice piece of memorabillia.
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    " GC: Blink has a pretty straightforward sound. Do you use any pedals or effects? Tom: Sound from the amplifier! I think it's a sin to plug into a pedal or any effects before plugging into an amp." http://gc.guitarcenter.com/interview/tomdelonge/
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    LOL at Rollins nudes getting leaked. His finacee must have been PISSED! Hahaha
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    Haha I wonder if that mental case has been crying ever since Tom got booted.
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    before the gibson tom used the mesa with microphones. now there's a vox cabinet without sound, they just use the line out... tom's guitar tone goes across effect pedals and a computer, then it goes to the stage sound system. there's no lifelike noise, just a pure, thin guitar sound. that's why it sounds so powerless.
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    Fender has a brighter sound and I prefer it to Gibson.
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    Never forget. One of the most embarassing moments on Tom's career. For sure. >http://youtu.be/vlsmMHBkOMQ
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    The music in Kaleidoscope is nice, Mark's lyrics are fine, his verses are boring as hell though. Tom's chorus saves the song. Fighting the gravity is really meh. Dogs eating dogs has OK music, but is kind of a bad song. Hearts all gone and MH have awesome verses and pretty bad choruses. I love how MH sounds though and the verse is really really good.
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    Why is he wearing his hat over his eyes like Tom does? Does he even care about the fans? He is so uninterested and distant. What a gigantic dick. BY THE WAY INTERNET THAT WAS ME BEING SARCASTIC
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    It's his riffs and guitar tone that does it for me, very dull and samey with barely any lead parts.
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    Personally i love all of Marks recent songs but hearing another Lycanthrope / Heart's all gone / Dogs eating Dogs would be uninteresting.
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    It would be funny. But their best course of action is to move on and not care what he does. I think they are at that point now. Let Tom do whatever he is going to do. Move forward. To get the best results from the new Blink 182 the focus should not be war with Tom Delonge. That would just be childish and I am sure Matt Skiba wants no part of that nonsense.
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    Considering Tom's detiorating skill set, such as his voice and songwriting abilities, it doesn't surprise me he's not interested in being a musician anymore.
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    That would be From Here To Infirmary sir
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    Broad City It's blowing my mind.
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