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    Getting back to the Blink general discussion part. Saw this video last night. Interesting to see someones first take on Blink. Mind you he only listened to the top 3 streamed songs on their Spotify.
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    I posted a picture of one of them awhile back which was a little pill bottle which probably had a nickel size piece of metal in it lol, they had some video of the one TTSA guy driving across the country to pick it up in a fancy briefcase and he was worried for his life driving back across the country LOL. Could you imagine him getting pulled over? __________________________________________ Officer: "Sir what is in the briefcase?" TTSA: "Material of unknown origin. Likely from alien aircraft." *Officer calls for back-up* Officer: "Sir when do you take the LSD?" _________________________________________ And just think, Tom could make more money doing 5 Blink shows a year....
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    If anything, I'm actually glad Matt wrote some good songs this time so it evens it out. Apparently Little Help was a song he wrote a few years ago.
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    hey guys i'm desperate maybe you guys can help? What type of shoes does mark wear? what type of material? and do you, by any chance, know how long it took to make them? any help would be gladly appreciated!
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    I can't really comment I've never been the biggest fan of his songwriting overall, always preferred Matts, just less so in their later career. I think having 3 out of his 5 solo ones be good ones is actually pretty good for him haha
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    Tom doesn't know what to say... except give me money at the end.
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    did you mean to tag Dan? I think you may be responding to someone else.
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    @Nosferatu, I agree with you in some parts. This is why I said, for example, that I'll see how this album evolves after a few replays. I'm bored of 'first impressions' in press and shit like that, because I found myself yeeeeeeears ago that the most accurate opinion or review is the one which gets more listens. But well, I guess this is the price for press 2.0, hype, promo, advanced stuff and shit. Hahaha. Personally I found out thet the catchier an album is, the quicker it fades away for me. Is like fireworks. I'm not saying I need anything complicated to enjoy, but well, you know... you guys get the idea. With this album I feel like there are great songs that will be classics for the band, that's for sure. but they still lack something I only can find in early AK3 records (until A&I, in fact). Then, the songs they release are more or less good or cool, but don't seem to stick for any reason. And also, still thinking that Dan's songs are absolute growers. 'Stay' is amazing, I really like it, for example,but that's one of the 'easies' to catch on the first listens, so... The key is what some of you have pointed out: AK3 is under a kind of autopilot setting. They have the key for what sounds like them, and the kind of run in circles around that core. To me, the as they go far from that core, the better. And, of course, what i don't like at all is self-plagiarism, so to say. I'll try to match the songs in ITTC? which have been already released in AK3/Sekrets discography, there are two that are so evident to me... But hey, overall I still think this is a good album and I'm satisfied with it. And yeah, don't like to compare shit, nor to set a confrontation, but I like it waaaaaaaay more than Californa 1 or 2. Edit: was a response to Nosferatu.
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    Yup and compared to the guitar work on California, it makes him look like Tom Morello lol. Planned on banging this album all day, BUT Eminem dropped a surprise album overnight... :O
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    I dislike the bassists voice quite a lot which makes it pretty difficult to enjoy any full release from Alkaline Trio for me.
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    Fucking hell. Get behind your team man - a few bad results doesn't mean the end of the world. You supported them when we were winning trophies left and right, so you should get behind them in the lows too mate.
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    I've listened through properly once. Not really sure why everyone is slobbering over it quite this much. it's alright, not amazing. it's a better album overall than My Shame Is True but I think the highlights of My Shame Is True reach much higher than those on this record (screw what everyone says, She Lied To The FBI, I Pessimist and Kiss You To Death are amazing - and I love Until Death Do Us Part) I find a lot of the mix on this record to be a little bit of a mess, especially on the more full on songs. I am a bit "meh" about most of them but it's only been one major play through. I'm going to put my initial impressions and then come back and update depending on how they change later on. it's a nice thing to reflect on. 1."Is This Thing Cursed?" - Liked it instantly, like it more now, it's very relatable and I like the dynamic shifts in it - half the lyrics suck and half of them are brilliant. it feels like Good Mourning era Alk3 to me in places and that's appealing. 2."Blackbird" - I like it but don't think it's anything special. 3."Demon and Division" - sounds like a blink song, the mix is quite distracting and muddled though. 4."Little Help?" - I actually loved this instantly. simple song, simple concept, really unrelenting in pace - really straight forward but very effective. 5."I Can't Believe" - Mostly super boring. I like small musical parts in it, and the end half of each chorus, but overall the song is incredibly meh. 6."Sweet Vampires" - Don't understand the love for this one, feels quite mundane to me. 7."Pale Blue Ribbon" - Didn't really stick out at all. 8."Goodbye Fire Island" - I got really tired of the "pay up" vocal part on just one listen. I imagine on more listens I'll either get used to it or find it annoying as tits. outside of that though it's an alright track, bit odd. 9."Stay" - I loved this. Very sweet, very Danesque. some good lyrics here and there - feels a little plodding-on in places though and it could have benefited from some more interesting instrumentation. 10."Heart Attacks" - I liked the chorus a lot. 11."Worn So Thin" - interesting lyrics, kind of dull song. 12."Throw Me to the Lions" - didn't interest or impact in any way shape or form. 13."Krystalline" - Brilliant base idea that just falls apart at the end. it's like "aw man how simple but effective! great two verses and two choruses and...oh that's it? whats with the weird noises? is there more?.... no? just... just nothing? really? wtf" Hopefully my opinion will improve on future listens, I think I'll get more out of songs like Heart Attacks over time but the only one I hadn't heard before that I just instantly went "yep!" to was Little Help?
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    this is definitely my favorite of the last four albums. my shame is true was a fucking dud with the exception of i wanna be a warhol. awful production on that record as well. i don't mind the production/mixing on this one. they've struggled to get a cool sound without jerry finn around and i think this one sounds the most interesting since those days
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    Yes, in fact their last studio album "California" recently went gold and was nominated for a Grammy, their first ever! They are doing quite well and are currently in preparation for another album with the current lineup. Great times, no doubt!
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    Heart Attacks is cool and it kinda reminds of this song
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    he wrote and recorded an entire album with blink but they decided to throw it away and have feldmann write the music instead. if that happened to me i'd say fuck it all and collect the paycheck too
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    for those unfamiliar, damen and division is an intersection in wicker park, chicago. love that they still reference those places
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    Some photos from the show, nothing special but just a few I snapped straight from my phone, no editing. Here's Matt and I before the show, this is right when he said "Bloodclots aren't serious. Trump is serious." and I'm cheesing like an idiot: This pink one was cool I thought:
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    P-rock was the absolute tits, I fucking loved it.
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    FYI: The last record that I have of Tom's guitar without the Lagwagon sticker on, dates back to 1997-07-09 Vancouver, Canada - PNE Lagoon (Vans Warped Tour '97) The first record that I have of Tom's guitar with the Lagwagon sticker on, dates back to 1997-07-20 Montreal, Canada - Hippodrome De Montreal (Vans Warped Tour '97)
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    Show was incredible. Ran into Matt and Jarrod before the show and had a cool chat, got some albums signed and a picture. They didn’t miss a beat, Dan was incredible and he even said he was sick. Will share some pix Monday.