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The Tom Delonge Thread

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3 hours ago, yodda said:

That opener is disappointing - I keep forgetting it's there

Automatic was a surprising little tune - it's neat Cure worship - could have fit on Neighborhoods (it would suit Mark's voice).

Everything else is fairly inoffensive with Euphoria and Kiss & Tell being the standouts. It sounds like Tom is having fun here. I wonder if I like modern Angels more than modern blink because Tom having fun sounds more authentic? The "fun" of Nine and California sounds calculated and insincere. 

Great analysis. Exactly how I see it too.


Imagining Automatic with Mark's voice really does work though.

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54 minutes ago, JarJarBlinks said:

yeah I think it's okay.  It also steals from the Cure too much but it's one of the songs that's decent.  I like Rebel Girl, NMG is the best Tom's voice has sounded in awhile but the rest of it is just cringe sounding synths and more bad lyrics. 

I love WDNTW and I-Empire is pretty damn good.  I even like some songs off of Love 1&2 for what they are, but IMO everything since Rubin has been awful and just Tom phoning his lyrics and vocals in even over instrumentation that he'd never write on his own.

Did Ghent just accidentally post on his sock account ?!?

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I only listened to a few of the tracks beforehand and am checking out the album now. Time Bomb has a fucking awful chorus, “Hey there little sad for, I really want to hold ya”, really Tom? I’m starting to notice his lyrics are pretty patronizing to women, no? Seems to have begun with Pretty Little Girl onwards. I’m not even trying to go PC, just something that has stood out over recent years.

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1 minute ago, Ken_Hoopla 4thewin said:

I love when JarJar replies for Ghent, or vise versa.  Happens about 5x a day.  Bots gon' be bots.  

Man if I was going to run a sock account for the last 7 years I sure as hell would have made it more interesting than JarJar, no offense JarJar lol.

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