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WDNTW acoustic *OUT NOW*

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I joined the avamovement FB group the other day in hopes of finding a download link for this and the Tom worship there is sickening. I'm already getting into fights from expressing my disappointment i

This is where Tom needs to bring in Feldmann so they can bash the rest of the album out in their lunch break. 

This guy put the whole EP on YouTube! It'll probably disappear quick but here's a chance to listen if you're quick enough!      

I can't remember the last time I immediately loved a band's release so much. Can't believe I'm saying that about Angels & Airwaves. I haven't listened to WDNTW much in the past few years but that album meant a hell of a lot to me when it came out. Listening to these tracks puts a huge smile on my face. Go Tom!

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18 hours ago, Kay said:

Not entirely true, I have hated this record since it's release. One of the worst albums ever made, hands down terrible. However, I was interested in the acoustic versions and I guess I missed my chance to hear them before their officially released haha, oh well

Well yeah they're are obviously exceptions and people that have never liked it. 

...but there are also a hell of a lot of people who used to love it and now hate on it purely because they dislike Tom now. 

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3 hours ago, Ghost said:

How are that bad at uploading stuff and not being able to maintain it 'private' until the relese date? I mean... That's "managing web content 101".

This isn't the first time, either. it's really easy in the upload settings to youtube. 

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