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Blink-182 World Tour 2023 Discussion


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On 11/18/2022 at 5:18 PM, not the worst here said:

I feel like they're all in on it.  Like a major insider secret between the major artists.  Word probably traveled fast how they're making 4X (if not more) on ticket sales right now through dynamic pricing/ticketmaster, where they make most their money anyway. 

It's not like the artists made ticketmaster dynamic scamming, but they probably are nothing short of happy people are spending $1K to see them play sometimes.  That adds up so quickly.

Trying not to let it bother me personally with the artists, but I'm pretty convinced they are far from naive about it.

Most definitely. Taylor is prob the most capitalist popular artist we have rn so her response was/is no surprise. Not trying to be a hater though, her business/marketing sense is p astonishing imo. 

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