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Blink-182 World Tour 2023 Discussion


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4 minutes ago, Slave of the Week Day said:

The interesting thing is, when one person says something will happen, and another says it won’t, and then it does happen, unfortunately someone has to be wrong in this situation. It does not appear to be Kevin

You can literally find years worth of posts where I say Tom is coming back

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23 minutes ago, Slave of the Week Day said:

I think this misses the point. I don’t feel bad for Matt from a financial perspective. But if he was silently booted from the band without any notice, that’s really shitty for anyone to go through. It’s the principle - anyone would hate to go through that type of situation where your colleagues just ghost you and you lose your job. And losing a source of income still sucks - it’s not like celebrities are usually good at managing their spending and finances. 

Who’s to say he wasn’t informed?  Are you just going off his insta comment months ago?  A lot of time has passed

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