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radioactive tomdog

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On 2/3/2020 at 4:08 AM, Russel Coight said:

Also has anyone googled +44 lately? This is what shows up as the top result. If one of you did this own up to it cause it made me laugh.


Took me like 2 minutes to figure out why this was funny haha. I was reading through it expecting some of the words being different only to realise about the photo 😂

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That ^ is funny, but

"Weatherman" is not. Damn, that is one depressing song. Not a bad song, but wow! Hits me right in the ole ticker! 😓 (looking for a tear emojji. That's the closest I could find.)

Joking around here, but was this written because of Tom?? Joke, or maybe not. 😭

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Wow! So several of those songs ^ were actually written about Tom, eh?! Yeah, I was in tears yesterday afternoon listening to Weatherman again. Guess I had/have some grieving to do. Sigh!

But I did finish the album last night and just love it! And Mark sang me to sleep with Little Death. :P As much as I love Tom's aesthetic, I could so easily fall for Mark right now. I'm finally understanding the appeal. ;)🤣 


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It's a small forum, so likely most will have read this already, but if you missed it-

I got a +44 answer today! (from Mark Hoppus himself on his new personal Discord Server)

Idk if it was a stupid question or not, but he answered it!!

Asked the meaning of "scraped" from "scraped and sober"

He replied: "scraped empty"


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Soo, I finally heard the No It Isn't version with Carol and no offense, but I don't feel it's a loss she wasn't on the record in that song. Not really too different.


But man do I love the song! Found this today too! Lol Wonder what Mark said about Skye?? Lol j/k I don't want to know. Heheh Maaan! Such a baby here though! Was this also his beard phase? I mean, kinda looks like some mustache stubble in this vid, no??


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