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blink-182 Song Election - Cheshire Cat


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On 2/19/2020 at 4:58 PM, Champ182 said:

I've felt like such a slacker/poser this round, I have plenty of fond thoughts about this album but just straight up didn't ever spend as much time with it as any of the others back in the day. I know all the songs word for word when I'm listening to them in the moment, but when I've sat here trying to make a determination of like Fentoozler vs. DMBS vs. Toast and Bananas vs. Romeo and Rebecca... I don't really have much of a hierarchy in my mind on this album at all haha. A lot of similar sounding songs that don't quite stand apart from each other. I don't DISLIKE any songs on this album, and I really love some of the ones that blend together a little bit, but I've always thought on a song-by-song basis a lot of the songs are mostly fascinating as like the beginnings of a band finding their sound rather than having a lot of songs that really stuck with me throughout the years.


I think for me it's the opposite. Early blink just have a very very special place in my heart. If you ask me why I guess it's because when I was in my teens the songs on Cheshire Cat always used to make me feel nostalgic for a time and place that I have never actually experienced. But I still feel it so strongly whenever I listen to this album.

Dude Ranch is my favourite album, but it was easier for me to vote for the songs, with Cheshire Cat I just look at this list and I can't even pick one, they're all awesome.

5 hours ago, yodda said:

Here are the remaining songs from Cheshire Cat:

Touchdown Boy
Peggy Sue
Wasting Time


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