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Phase 2: Blink-182online Mark Charity Drive


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4 minutes ago, Depf said:

Big problem with the guitar. 

Our prize winner @strummy still hasn't offered his best David Kennedy joke. When asked to share one I was asked if thats the guy from U2.

What can we do here? I texted a couple of toimes, no response.

Anybody willing to chip in here?

Help him/me/the charity out?

I don't expect cab money and breakfast but I also don't expect to get fucked in the parking lot.

I never sold a Delonge replica without a DK joke. I am a man of principle. 

Ha, that's a great DK joke. 

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Just now, Depf said:


David Kennedy the type of guy....

This is the formula!

And I expect a new joke. I'm running out here

David Kennedy the type of guy to ask permission to kiss you, at a pizza parlour 

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On 8/2/2021 at 1:24 PM, Neal said:

I will get them shipped this week

Neal's definition of a week seems to differ quite significantly from the rest of the world's.

@Marik has yet to receive the autographed sneakers.

We have reached out to Neal to see what's going on or if he's changed his mind and, while he has read the messages, he has not responded.

@Neal don't renege on a charity donation. That shit is super low.

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