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    Imagine your life being saved by collaborating with the guy from All Time Low.
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    This song is really an All Time Low for Mark (sorry)
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    literally wtf is that thing on mark's head
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    could he use witchcraft to perform better with blink? or write better material?
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    true. Maybe, your band blossoming because of Songs you didn't come up with yourself isn't as fullfilling after all?
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    Tom Riffs are what I love. While I respect those who can shred, I dont really enjoy it. This is my uncultured swine take on music though.
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    Oh that's definitely true. Skiba wouldn't come up with something as catchy as the riffs from Ghost on the Dance Floor & Wishing Well and he wouldn't come up with cool shit like that PLG delay guitar either. Nor would he come up with those heavy Refused/BCR style riffs from Up All Night & Snake Charmer. Tom will always be the man for blink when it comes to guitar. No one will ever replace that really. But Skiba needs to take charge still in his own unique way. He needs to leave his prints all over blink as its him that's in the band. But we haven't had that yet because of the way Feldman wants them to work. They really need to make Matt do his thing cause he'd be the perfect fit if that was the case IMO.
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    neighborhoods more like neighbor-GOOD m i rite
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    The more I hear this song, the more I like it. I think the project has major potential and could be good for blink in the long run.
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    Just the fact that the two biggest guitar manufacturers wanted to do signature modells for him is proof of how influential he really was. Those guitars flew of the rack and so many kids started to play guitar because of him. Me included. He doesnt write the most techical stuff, but damn the guy is extraordinary with pop melody an catchy riffs. You cant learn that. He is just super talented in that department
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    I actually kind of loved it. I was glued to my phone for two or three days waiting for updates and thriving off all the drama. The articles about Tom, the interviews with Mark and Travis blasting Tom. I loved every little tidbit of new information, and that's why I started the 2015 blink timeline thread, which eventually led to boxelder's Comprehensive Timeline thread. It sucked when all this went down, but at the same time it was the most interesting thing that has happened to blink in forever.
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    I've never known a band to cancel shows quite as much as blink.
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    It's been said ever since he first got that haircut but he would look so much better if he gave it up and looked like this. I have no idea why he started doing that Jimmy Neutron shit in the first place, it makes him look like a goon.
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    Not only is he outstanding but he is FUCKING outstanding!
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    why is metallica all of a sudden the benchmark of good guitarwork? I totally agree with your initial argument but i really dont get what you're trying to pull of here? give it a rest
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    Can this be moved to side projects? It’s irritating me and messing with my ocd being in the Blink section.
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    Plus I hate how they compare what Russ did in this mvp year with what Harden is doing right now. It's ridiculous. If you actually watched games that year it was ether Westbrook or nothing. No gordon shooting lights out no cp3 coming no nothing. Westbrook was ether being a monster and had his shots falling or the thunder lost. Easiest for me one of if not the best individual season ever. And the triple doubles record was the least impressive thing he did that year.
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    The media just fixates on a topic and runs with it. Like they are currently doing with Harden. Fuck, they were lucky to beat the MAGIC today. On their home floor! Media is never gonna try put James in a bad light either. He’s the true “golden boy”.
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    I mean he wrote stuff like Wasting Time when he was what, 17? It's not Michael Angelo Batio but it's pretty technical. He didn't get worse at guitar, he realized playing as fast as you can and shredding doesn't make for a better song. The shit Tom writes is honestly impressive. It's just always fresh. I'm talking pre AVA love shit btw.
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    I'm so lame. I decided to just stick with my old macbook and garageband and am going to upgrade the harddrive/battery in this thing, after all that advice. I know someone said Pro Tools/Logic is the industry standard, but the more I fiddle with Garageband, the more I realize there's no reason why you can't get what you want for your sound out of this...you're better off improving what goes in no? Unless you're an EDM electronic producer, I don't see the point of upgrading. I was watching this doc on this guy, Steve Lacy, he produced an entire album on his iphone with an iRig and garageband mobile. He's produced a song for Kendrick Lamar, on his iphone, the kid is like 17 too.
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    Sorry Kay, not directing this at you. But Tom really is a wonderful guitarist. He inspired you didn't he? Same can be said for a lot of current bands, all will say Tom is a big influence of theirs and Dammit got them into guitar is one of the most common things I've heard. He created a style like you said, and it's memorable. Isn't that a lot harder to do than be a technical guitar player? Very much so. Edge nailed it on the head when he said people mistake Tom's simplicity as not being skilled. That is a skill. He's knows when to keep it simple and make the song better. I have no doubt in my mind Tom could be a heavy metal guitarist who shreds it up if he wanted to, but he is writing for Pop Punk, and that wouldn't make the song better, and he did it the best and better than anyone else in pop punk genre.
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    You're viewing simplicity as a lack of talent.
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    Not saying they have an edge. But blink, Offspring, AFI, Green Day and Sum 41 have slight more edge to them than All Time Low. Can't see ATL coming up with BCR style songs or songs like Hearts All Gone, Stockholm Syndrome, Obvious & Easy Target. Can't see Skiba coming up with them kinda songs either but Alkaline Trio also have more edge to them than ATL.
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    Not really fan fic when alk3 released an album last year with no other songwriters and Matt knocked it out of the park. Matt isn't the problem.
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    fun fact: although the flyer features a dude ranch promo shot with scott raynor, travis barker played that show (his first club show with the band in san diego).
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    Starting to look like Blink is going for a more poppy, mainstream album. They'll try to replicate what bands like Fallout Boy and Panic! at the Disco have done. Given their age, and Mark's creativity well drying up, I don't think it's going to work very well. And if it does, it will be in large part due to other song writer's helping them. The entire thing comes off as a desperate attempt to stay in the mainstream/spotlight. If this album is even more produced and fake compared to California, then this band is fucking done.
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    Tom loves booking shows that don't exist and Mark loves bailing on the ones that do.
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    Holy shit I just listened to this for the first time. I'm just glad for the times that I had with Mark up to this point. Its horrible. ethan and not catchy.
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    I dont want the mixing engineer to be biased by the kind of plugins i'm using and the session i am working on. Thats why i rather have him import the stems into a new session and gives the song his own spin. I'll attach a rough mix so he has a vague idea where i want it to go. But if i'm recording something myself i make sure that i fully commit to each sound and the job of the mixing engineer is to glue it together, and not to waste time with stuff i could've done myself or messing around with sounds. Thats not his job Printing stems in pro tools is a nightmare though, i dont know if they added multitrack export lately, but when i was on protools you always had to print stems one by one in realtime. Aint nobody got time fo that Edit: @Regi. It has nothing to do with being secretive. But with restricting myself to only deliver the stems, i bring myself to make sure to fully commit to a sound with less"well my engineer will fix that in the mix". A lot of mixing starts in choosing the right sound and tweaking it. Imo thats my job, not the mixing engineer's... I like my roughmix to be 90% where i want the song to be. A fresh pair of experienced ears adds 10-20%... I used to send over entire sessions, but from my experience i definately favour the stems aproach and so does my go to mix guy. He gets a fresh start... Also most mixing engineers have their own mixing session template anyway
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    Change these to a major key or whatever and you basically have a Tom song circa 2001.
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    Same, it's really catch, and also feels relevant...modern
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    It’s good. I even find myself signing the nanana part around the house
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    Dunno, I prefer California to anything ATL have ever done. Don't even like the guys voice from ATL. Prefer hearing an under utilised Skiba than anything All Time Low have ever done. That's how terrible I think All Time Low are. If that guy was there instead of Skiba, it'd just mean less good songs IMO. California still has at least 5 great songs and 5 decent ones. Those great and decent tracks would just be replaced by more cheesy ATL styled tracks.
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    Just re-watched Punisher season 1, and started season 2. Absolutely love the show! Really love how brutal it is.
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    @daveyjones guilty 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
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    I'm watching it now. What a shit show. It's crazy blink was a headliner, never heard of any of this. They were probably sketched out with the payment situation. 2X market value?
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    That's actually the original bass player before Cliff Burton lol
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    My recommendation is Kevin Devine. Kevin Devine, is an almost 40 year old ginger Brooklyn born singer songwriter. Those who do know him around here probably do so due to his musical linkings with Jesse Lacey of Brand New as well as his side project “Bad Books” with the dudes from Manchester Orchestra. When I got into Brand New at around the age of 15, I heard Jesse had done a guest spot on a song called “Cotton Crush” which is one of Kevin's. That song changed my fucking life. It is a raw mess of a song that frankly makes little to no sense and I fell in love with it hard. I had no idea who this dude was but as soon as I heard Cotton Crush I wanted to hear more, so I quickly started devouring his records. Behind Cotton Crush was a slew of acoustic led music that was either mild and melancholic, or aggressive and raw. A weird mixture that I still to this day cannot say I’ve found in another artist. I have tried pawning Kevin off to many friends over the years and most don’t seem to hear what I hear. Kevin is a very slow burn dude… He’s had songs that I have just never gotten into. Heard them for years and just left me cold and then one day it’ll be on in the background and something will ‘click’ in my head and suddenly it’s all I can listen to for a full week. I really don't expect many people to be like "fuck yeah" but he is one of my biggest influences and greatest musical comforts. If you like acoustic led music but also love hearing raw passion and aggressive moments in music, as well as have a particular interest in individual lyrics (and you aren’t against political leanings in music) than I’d say give Kevin a whirl. His influences (according to wikipedia) are Neutral Milk Hotel, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Pavement and Elliot Smith - but I’m not particularly a fan of any of those so take those as you will. My song suggestions, in this exact order, are in the spoiler. These aren't his best songs, or my favourites, but I think they represent his songwriting range quite well.
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    A bit of an exaggeration, I'd say a base hit, maybe double. He clearly was more comfortable and more genuine of an artist, guitar playing still is something he'll never be good at. Whether Mark or Feldy or Matt is disallowing him to write anything in Blink, he still isn't that great of a fit imo.
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    This sounds just like 21 pilots but with a bit of an edge. Would not sound out of place on a station that plays Imagine Dragons and 21 Pilots. Which is what mine plays
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    interesting interview. for a guy who seemed eternally stuck in adolescence, i think we’re seeing mark’s real crisis right now. he looks a little bummed sometimes. i don’t like the music he’s making at all and it seems like a desperate attempt to remain relevant, though
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    It's crazy to think it's been 4 years since Tom was last in the band. 2005-2009 seemed to last forever. When blink got back together in 2009, the start of the break up in 2005 seemed so long ago. 2015-2019 doesn't feel long at all.
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    Remember when blink did the untitled album 10th mini-tour and they were saying in interviews that they all thought that the untitled album was their best work? So why aren't they making music like that? Neighborhoods was a decent follow-up for a dysfunctional band who just came back from a messy breakup, and Dogs Eating Dogs was a big step in the right direction, imo.
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    As a Westbrook super fan, I feel so vindicated. Colin Cowherd, the world's biggest Russ hater, just did a 5 min monologue about the fraud of James Harden. What a great way to kick off the weekend.
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    Haha wow. Did people think neighbourhoods was over produced? I can't even remember. They must be slitting wrists over California
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