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    Oh that's definitely true. Skiba wouldn't come up with something as catchy as the riffs from Ghost on the Dance Floor & Wishing Well and he wouldn't come up with cool shit like that PLG delay guitar either. Nor would he come up with those heavy Refused/BCR style riffs from Up All Night & Snake Charmer. Tom will always be the man for blink when it comes to guitar. No one will ever replace that really. But Skiba needs to take charge still in his own unique way. He needs to leave his prints all over blink as its him that's in the band. But we haven't had that yet because of the way Feldman wants them to work. They really need to make Matt do his thing cause he'd be the perfect fit if that was the case IMO.
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    I actually kind of loved it. I was glued to my phone for two or three days waiting for updates and thriving off all the drama. The articles about Tom, the interviews with Mark and Travis blasting Tom. I loved every little tidbit of new information, and that's why I started the 2015 blink timeline thread, which eventually led to boxelder's Comprehensive Timeline thread. It sucked when all this went down, but at the same time it was the most interesting thing that has happened to blink in forever.
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    I mean he wrote stuff like Wasting Time when he was what, 17? It's not Michael Angelo Batio but it's pretty technical. He didn't get worse at guitar, he realized playing as fast as you can and shredding doesn't make for a better song. The shit Tom writes is honestly impressive. It's just always fresh. I'm talking pre AVA love shit btw.
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    I'm so lame. I decided to just stick with my old macbook and garageband and am going to upgrade the harddrive/battery in this thing, after all that advice. I know someone said Pro Tools/Logic is the industry standard, but the more I fiddle with Garageband, the more I realize there's no reason why you can't get what you want for your sound out of this...you're better off improving what goes in no? Unless you're an EDM electronic producer, I don't see the point of upgrading. I was watching this doc on this guy, Steve Lacy, he produced an entire album on his iphone with an iRig and garageband mobile. He's produced a song for Kendrick Lamar, on his iphone, the kid is like 17 too.
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    Sorry Kay, not directing this at you. But Tom really is a wonderful guitarist. He inspired you didn't he? Same can be said for a lot of current bands, all will say Tom is a big influence of theirs and Dammit got them into guitar is one of the most common things I've heard. He created a style like you said, and it's memorable. Isn't that a lot harder to do than be a technical guitar player? Very much so. Edge nailed it on the head when he said people mistake Tom's simplicity as not being skilled. That is a skill. He's knows when to keep it simple and make the song better. I have no doubt in my mind Tom could be a heavy metal guitarist who shreds it up if he wanted to, but he is writing for Pop Punk, and that wouldn't make the song better, and he did it the best and better than anyone else in pop punk genre.
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    You're viewing simplicity as a lack of talent.
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    Not saying they have an edge. But blink, Offspring, AFI, Green Day and Sum 41 have slight more edge to them than All Time Low. Can't see ATL coming up with BCR style songs or songs like Hearts All Gone, Stockholm Syndrome, Obvious & Easy Target. Can't see Skiba coming up with them kinda songs either but Alkaline Trio also have more edge to them than ATL.
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    Not really fan fic when alk3 released an album last year with no other songwriters and Matt knocked it out of the park. Matt isn't the problem.
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    fun fact: although the flyer features a dude ranch promo shot with scott raynor, travis barker played that show (his first club show with the band in san diego).
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    Starting to look like Blink is going for a more poppy, mainstream album. They'll try to replicate what bands like Fallout Boy and Panic! at the Disco have done. Given their age, and Mark's creativity well drying up, I don't think it's going to work very well. And if it does, it will be in large part due to other song writer's helping them. The entire thing comes off as a desperate attempt to stay in the mainstream/spotlight. If this album is even more produced and fake compared to California, then this band is fucking done.
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    Skiba is a way better songwriter than any dude from ATL. Never cared much about his guitar playing ability. It's punk rock though. Sure, I'd like a few actual riffs now and then, but even with Tom, later blink songs started having less of those lead guitar riffs anyway. I've really tried to listen to ATL before. Even their early shit which seems to be loved. But I can't get into them. They're all trash to me. They don't have that edge that I like in a pop punk band. Blink always had a bit more edge than these shitty modern pop punk bands. Hell, even some AVA songs have more edge. Alkaline Trio & the Sekrets are far better bands. Skiba is a far better songwriter. The dude from ATL being in blink would be awful. Yeah, it'd be interesting but it'd be so fucking bad at the same time. That shit show Drug song was awful as hell. Makes Sober look like some legendary song written by Bono or Freddie Mercury, and I thought Sober was bad. Nicki Minaj being in blink would be interesting but it'd be so bad. Seriously, I'd rather have Nicki Minaj in bloody blink than the guy from All Time Low. Skiba fits in blink IMO but blink have not been using him right. He's playing a yes man role. He's playing the role of what David Kennedy and Matt do for AVA. He should be taking charge the way he does with Trio and until that happens, no one can judge him being a fit for blink or not IMO.
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    its clear matt was hired not as a songwriter, just to play guitar and sing. and mark can't write for shit. so feldy had a field day with all the control he wanted.
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    It could be the opposite. If it didn't have the blink name they could go full on pop.
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    also, thibaut, FYI that kjblink182collection person on twitter is a member of this site.
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    Saw thay Fyre Festival doc on Netflix. Pretty interesting, Blink got a few mentions. 7.5/10
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    I can’t believe ESPN and other reporters are putting Harden up there with LeBron and Kobe. Disgraceful.
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    Still one of the most amazing bands.
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    Harden is the most boring player to watch in the entire league! The only people who like watching his flopping, traveling and jacking up 3pa, are Rockets fans. He's inefficient as fuck, but the media loves him because of the numbers.... Can't stand the guy. Imagine if Curry, Durant, Giannis or Lebron took as many shots and lived at the line like Harden does. They'd average 60! The dude scored 60-odd shooting 5-20 from deep. It's ridiculous. Game is so ugly now!
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    Tom tried to save Mark's writing ability by trying to break up blink-182 again. It didn't work this time. Thank you for trying though, Tom, I appreciate it.
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    BuT WeStBrOoK iS a BaD tEaMmAtE ToO mUcH iSo
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    Protools is the best for handling audio. With midi, logic is far superior if you're used with garage band id go for logic for sure. If you know what you're doing and the material is recorded great there isnt much magic to do in a mix anyway, so its definately possible with garage band.... But its not made for that kind of thing and it shows
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    I really liked Happy Valley.
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    haha amazing. That's where ownership matters so much, not giving into the stupid media yelling about where players should go. The entire NBA world makes fun of the Thunder for trading Harden, instead of giving him a huge contract that at the time he didn't really deserve. Now the guy is incredible, but he has collapsed over and over again and has never been able to lead his team anywhere meaningful. If the Thunder sign Harden, they couldn't afford Westbrook, Adams, Grant, and PG. They may have had a few more years of success, but it eventually would have crumbled and they would have been a bottom feeder instantly, and probably would have been forced to trade Russ for scraps. Instead they have been a contender for a decade (obviously not elite yet though.) translation- Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe are fucking idiots and I hate how much sway they have in influencing opinions. TLDR.
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    I miss the days when the huge debate was which guy to keep-Ellis or Curry lol.
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    Love Tom's backing vocals on 'Natives' sounds like old Tom. Not enough Mark in this album mind. Other than that, it feels like Angels from Heaven have come down and gangbanged my eardrums.