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    Got a new shirt in the mail: Bought the wrong size (too big) but whatever. I laughed.
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    This thread is for you if you are uncertain something is worth making a new post about, if you want to ask simple opinion questions, or if you wanna make a statement expressing your love for blink. Have fun with it and try using this more than you use the new topic button. I'll start: It hit me this morning that we're gonna get to hear Mark/Tom doing vocals on the same song in a matter of months. This makes me so happy.
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    That timing hahahaha amazing.
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    He was parked out back selling blank CDs out of his van.
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    "I don't want an incredible legacy to be ruined." Legacy? The guy who demanded to record in his house and sent emails to his bandmates rather than record like every other functional band wants to talk about legacy? The guy who didn't even listen to the masters of his comeback album of "the band he personally founded" wants to talk about legacy? The guy who spent an entire reunion tour wearing the shirt of his other band wants to talk about legacy? The guy who showed up night after night hammered drunk, screwing up every riff and singing out of tune wants to talk about legacy? The guy who had the audacity to promote Stomping the Phantom Break Pedal after making everyone else put their lives on hold to record Dogs Eating Dogs wants to talk about legacy? The guy promised people *for years* that Blink would finally record as a band again wants to talk about legacy? The guy who backed out of a recording contract because he found it "hard as hell to commit" wants to talk about legacy? If ANYONE has the right to talk about legacy, it's the guy who dropped everything he was doing to fly across the Atlantic to record an EP. Or (better yet) the guy who woke up in a burn unit after watching two of his best friends die after his plane fell out of the sky and immediately wanted to get into rehab and back on stage with Blink. There's only one person in this band who ruined the "legacy," and he's the one giving this interview. Give us a break, Tom. Give us all a break.
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    New travis interview. Blink update starts around 7 minute mark. Some good stuff in there. 70-80% done with the album Best work in a decade since untitled John Feldmann Producing (We already knew) Matt has been a greater fit than he originally thought They trashed the original 16 songs they wrote and started over Hasn't been this excited about a blink album in a long time. He's 120% in!
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    One day, I hope to be so cool that I spend time on a message board and make fun of those silly people on there who are still huge fans.
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    "First Date" by Angels & Airwaves To the stars, I just can't wait To blast right off into outer space Is it cool if I quit the band? Is it wrong if I do this lame dance? Do you like my stupid book? Would you guess that it's actually Suzanne Young's book? I don't care what you think You're all just dollar signs to an artist like me Let's go, don't wait, my career's almost over Honest, let's make, this song last forever Forever and ever, let's make songs last forever Long intros, and outros, let's make songs last forever When Poet smiles, I melt inside He is worthy of all my precious time I really wish it was only me and U2 I'm better than everybody, yowey oo-oo Please don't think of me as that guy Who wrote joke songs, that was all a lie I dread the thought of lyrics that make sense A target that I'm probably gonna miss Let's go, don't wait, my career's almost over Honest, let's make, this song last forever Forever and ever, let's make songs last forever Long intros, and outros, let's make songs last forever
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    like, older than scott raynor! i have been a fan of the band for twenty years (i first saw them in 1995) and i saw them live nearly fifty times between 1995 and 1999. for a time i was close with the band, as i took some college classes with anne hoppus. i have show flyers, ticket stubs, interviews and clippings, hundreds and hundreds of photos, and plenty of personal stories and recollections i can contribute. i'm currently working on a massive scrapbooking project (i guess it's my midlife crisis instead of buying a sportscar?) in which i've been organizing all this stuff. anywho if there is interest i can post some photos and i have many, many stories i can tell. me with mark and tom in 1999: me at warped tour with my GF at the time in 1997. note my t-shirt: my GF at the time and tom had matching tattoos. she got hers first, and then he got his: this collage hangs in my home. lots of memories: here is some other memorabilia in my home: like my tapes! and here was my college dorm room in 1996: my how times have changed... anywho i have MANY, MANY pictures i have taken. just let me know the right place for the threads. cheers, daveyjones
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    hanging out at mark's apartment in the fall of 1997. a gal i was dating at the time wanted to interview him for her high school paper. we listened to the recently finished "i won't be home for christmas" track. i have a micro-audio tape of the entire interview we did with him. in a box, somewhere... i had been to this apartment before for dinner. mark lived here with his sister anne from the fall of 1996 through 1998. it was in rancho bernardo. if you've seen any of these photos online before, now you know where they come from. i still have the negatives.
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    We're on top of our shit here on blink-182online. We read the article before you even typed it
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    He is no longer in blink, I'd say that's a positive
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    I was there. It was fucking amazing. Everyone around my brother and me thought we were insane people because of how high we were jumping in the seats. The guys sounded great and everyone in the crowd loved it. They're fucking back.
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    Step 1 - Someone make a fake Twitter account that makes them look like a legit DJ or music journalist. Step 2 - Tweet about how awesome the new single sounds. Mention how you're thinking about leaking it. Step 3 - We all respond to said tweet thanking you for sending us the new song. Step 4 - Blink panics thinking there is a leak and releases it right away.
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    The blink-182 message board you just joined in your 30s where people almost exclusively talk about blink and blink-related projects? Yes. I'm waiting for new music and quite excited, really.
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    hi just thought id let some blink 182 vinyl collectors know that im selling my cheshire cat 12" vinyl..... "Red Eyes" edition....very rare. on grilled cheese records GRL-001 LP..in mint cond. its on uk ebay.....bidding upto £75. 5days left. Item number: 130903898583