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    inspired by @Elisa here's a list of tom's announcements. i'll update this post when there's more. i intended for this to be a list only of explict announcements, but i got carried away... some were too much fun. 2/5/2015: "The date is March 1st - I have a lot of music I was working hard on.... Things happen, so I guess we have a change of plans... Either way, I think you guys should hear it. #SongsWithoutAHome" 2/8/2015: "I've always been a hard worker- I don't care about success, PR, fame.... If you don't know now- I just care about creating stuff. I will take a chance to tell my side of the story soon. Just give me a chance to take you on a ride" (note: not really an announcement, but hilarious all the same) 3/14/2015: "It will all make sense in spring of 2017" 4/3/2015: "I am very excited and proud of my first of many comic book series to come" (note: only three comics were released) 4/4/2015: "Filming something great today... #Comingsoon #ToTheStars" (note: no evidence this was ever released) 4/20/2015: "You wouldn't even believe me if I told you. Right now everybody is focused on Poet Anderson, but if I could only tell you a little bit about the weekend I just had, and what will be coming out in a year. Follow me down the rabbit hole" 5/13/2015: "This year I am releasing the first of a series of Novels I am Producing and Presenting called Cathedrals of Glass" (note: the first book was released in 2/2017) 5/20/2015: "I cannot tell you where I got this, and I cannot tell you who I got it from. All I can tell you is, the first quarter of next year To The Stars will release the beginning of something that is the coolest, and one of the most important things I've ever done" 5/24/2015: "have I told you guys about that project I am working on? Oh, yeah- I can't. But maybe you guys aren't even interested in classified aerospace programs and odd aerial phenomena" 5/29/2015: "#DreamWalker#PoetAnderson - a few more new animations coming" (note: this was the only animated short ever released) 6/6/2015: "Been filming for the past two days.... Something cool is coming for next year" (note: no evidence this was ever released) 7/3/2015: "To The Stars has partnered with RatPac Entertainment to produce a Major Motion Picture Franchise. Bringing the unique Science-Fiction Vision of Tom DeLonge to life, RatPac looks to create an ambitious and modern multi-media experience for young adults. More exciting details to follow." 7/21/2015: "I had quite a big day today, a breakthrough in something I've been studying for over 20 years... It will be on the film. You will learn more as we go on...." 8/28/2015: "#newfilmcoming" 9/16/2015: "3:30am.... And still filming. Lord, why do I work so hard.... Because I am still a kid inside that loves a challenge, and ignites when I am inspired by other cool artists. I really love trying new things- read up on Sagittarius, that's me I guess. #eternaloptimism #siiiick" (note: this isn't an announcement, but including this cause holy fuck) 10/17/2015: "Working on another very cool project, you will hear about it soon..." 10/20/2015: "80's inspired... And also a Strange Times announcement coming soon- available on ToTheStars.Media" 11/5/2015: "#PoetAnderson Live Action Short Film Coming... Written and Directed by Tom DeLonge" (note: this was never released) 11/10/2015: "Around Christmas I will be announcing a project that you have all been waiting for. A project that led me into something unbelievable, and something very serious. This is the project that everybody asked me to do... So guess what... I did it and it's ready." (note: nothing was announced around christmas) 11/19/2015: "200 miles from civilization, 30 miles off road into a location where we can film a secret base. Big things coming in January..." (note: nothing was announced in january) 11/20/2015: "In January I will release this project- It will have brand new music, a 600 page Novel, a trilogy NonFiction book Set, and a major film/Television production. I'm excited for you all..." (note: nothing was announced in january) 12/11/2015: "Something big is coming in January #importantfilmonsomethingaboutspace" (note: nothing was announced in january) 12/24/2015: "I am creating worlds. I am bringing massive ideas into existence, and I have some very important work to do... You will find out about that in January." (note: nothing was announced in january) 12/30/2015: "I had some adventures putting out some cool shit over the past 12 months... This year, way more coming-" 1/2/2016: "Announcement coming - #January2016#FromTheImaginationOfTomDelonge" (note: nothing was announced in january) 1/5/2016: "More news coming this year.... @tothestarsofficial" 1/10/2016: "#ComingSoon" 1/12/2016: "In the coming weeks I will announce a big project" 1/13/2016: "#sonypictures meetings today... Lots of projects to talk about with everybody. Exciting things ahead... But, one thing at a time for you all. Stay tuned-" 1/18/2016: "#ComingSoon" 1/26/2016: "Exciting stuff ahead. #announcementcomingsoon" 2/1/2016: "#ComingSoon#AdvanceManuscript #SekretMachines" 2/4/2016: "THE ANNOUNCEMENT IS HERE. SEKRET MACHINES BOOK 1: CHASING SHADOWS, the 704 page hardcover novel. [...] Sekret Machines Book 1: Chasing Shadows and accompanying soundtrack by @angelsandairwaves will be out April 5th" 2/5/2016: "A teaser for the Documentary is coming in the next two weeks." 2/6/2016: "Strange Times#comingsummer2016" 2/7/2016: "2 Novels out #PoetAnderson and #SekretMachines ... And 2 more will drop this year, along with Film and Television announcements. [...] Can anybody here add up what I have been able to release over the last 12 months?" 2/10/2016: "Sekret Machines Documentary coming soon. Sekret Machines 'Chasing Shadows' Novel available for pre-order at ToTheStars.Media" 2/14/2016: "More Sekret Machines Announcements coming." 2/16/2016: "SEKRET MACHINES NOVEL - available for Pre-Order on ToTheStars.Media --- more announcements coming." 2/22/2016: "3 down, more coming this year .... Sekret Machines Chasing Shadows Novel available at ToTheStars.Media" 3/10/2016: "Big news coming on the strange times front-" 3/23/2016: "A lot of great stuff is coming" 4/21/2016: "Something scary is coming.... #?" 5/16/2016: "There will be a surprise for the 10th anniversary of We Don't Need To Whisper #angelsandairwaves" 5/23/2016: "We Don't Need to Whisper came out 10 years ago today. I'm working on something cool that I've never done before for the anniversary. Stay tuned. @angelsandairwaves" 6/21/2016: "As many questions that there are, this will all make sense very soon. #SekretMachines" 6/22/2016: "Sekret Machines Documentary Coming ...." 7/5/2016: "I have been given a gift, the ability to tell you all our biggest secret. It will come in books, feature films and documentaries" 7/9/2016: "The Sekret Machines Project is just starting. There will be Feature Films, TV Series, Novels, NonFiction Books... Many things coming" 7/23/2016: "We are getting very close to showing you all a piece of the documentary. Been working on this for a long time" 8/29/2016: "Updates will come" 9/22/2016: "#SekretMachines#AWorkInProgress #BigThingsComing" 12/7/2016: "Sekret Machines will be having some announcements after the holidays..." 12/19/2016: "Big Announcements Coming...." 1/9/2017: "A long day of typing... #OnceYouKnowWhyYouWillUnderstand" 1/21/2017: "I have an announcement coming..." 2/3/2017: "ANNOUNCING: STRANGE TIMES THE FEATURE FILM -- NEW ANGELS AND AIRWAVES MUSIC" 2/14/2017: "Big announcements coming within the next 60 Days.... #ToTheStars" 4/2/2017: "Pay attention to the announcement that is still coming, but sit tight- it will take a few more weeks." 4/24/2017: "Big things coming soon. We are running a few weeks behind schedule, but I believe it will be worth it." 5/21/2017: "Hi- my big announcement is still coming. Gonna be a few weeks still, got pushed back." 5/28/2017: ".... big things coming." 6/10/2017: "Scary things out there... - Stay tuned :)" 6/16/2017: "This company has some really amazing things coming up..." 7/6/2017: "Important meeting today about the upcoming "thing".... " 7/8/2017: "Got a meeting with a Senior Engineer that works at......never-mind; Prepare for a new world view kids..." 7/9/2017: "I just passed a large obstacle this week to allow me to let you all in on my sekret. A few weeks out still..." 7/13/2017: "FOLLOW TOM DELONGE FOR NEWS COMING SOON @tothestarsofficial#HQ" 7/21/2017: "I have something important coming up, and I will need your attention for a minute when it arrives. I am sure it will not be what you are expecting... And, it's (almost) here. Also, sorry about the delay, it was extremely difficult to do and it will make sense to you later."
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    What people think Boxcar Racer would be like What it would actually be like
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    Got a new shirt in the mail: Bought the wrong size (too big) but whatever. I laughed.
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    Just got back from the Portland show. It was amazing. They sound so much better than they did when I saw them in 2016, and the crowd seemed way more into it than the last time I saw them too. The place was absolutely packed. Most people must just not buy their tickets ahead of time like I did when I saw that hardly any seats had sold, because it was filled to the brim tonight. Matt sounded fantastic, Mark sounded fantastic, it was so good. Banter was low but there were still funny moments. And they brought back the deep voice Satan gag that was on The Mark, Tom, and Travis show, which made me smile. It was such a great set. I'm so happy I got to hear all of Enema of the State live, plus the really awesome stuff like Wasting Time acoustic. I never thought I'd get to hear that song live. I was on the lawn this time just because tickets were expensive, but they came out right in front of my brother and I to play the acoustic songs. It was awesome. I had the best time. Those who don't venture outside of the blink section of the boards might not know this, but I've had really severe depression for the last few years. Sometimes I doubt I'll ever be able to feel happy again. But then nights like this happen and I feel so fucking good. Blink makes me happy, and I think that's why I can never "outgrow" them. I feel pure joy right now and it's a much-needed reminder that I'm still capable of feeling this way. I'm on a high right now. I had so much fun!
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    This thread is for you if you are uncertain something is worth making a new post about, if you want to ask simple opinion questions, or if you wanna make a statement expressing your love for blink. Have fun with it and try using this more than you use the new topic button. I'll start: It hit me this morning that we're gonna get to hear Mark/Tom doing vocals on the same song in a matter of months. This makes me so happy.
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    holy fuck I'm shaking. Producer calls me at 12:15 says he'll be calling back in about an hour. Called at 1255 and it was Mark pretending to be the producer, I mentioned how blink-182online was a place where we promote the band, post memes and talk about everything blink-182 and by that point I knew it was him. 120% fan girl, started shaking and he asked if I had a question for the band, no warning for this, and I froze. Mark starts busting up laughing and then said he appreciates Blink-182online and to keep doing what we were doing.... So if you wanna hear me fan-girling and freezing like a douche, tune in!
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    I can actually hear Ghent just lubeing up with anticipation at how much he can try and shut down everyone in this thread.
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    That timing hahahaha amazing.
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    ^ top three cringe comments of the year contender
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    on february 17, 1995 cheshire cat was released on grilled cheese/cargo records on both cassette and compact disc. a vinyl release (the "red eyes" edition) would not follow until the summer of 1996. in honor of the album's original release, here are some gems from that time... cargo announced the release with this sheet, mailed to record stores, venues, and show promoters. note that the release date of "17" is handwritten as there were some delays and uncertainty about when the album would be ready. the formats listed are both CD and cassette. this is the first release on the "grilled cheese" imprint for cargo, with a catalog number of GRL-001: the mailing also came with the band's 8x10 promo photo glossy: but the band had been circulating the album as an advance cassette for weeks prior with two different covers xeroxed on goldenrod cardstock, because the tapes were ready before the J-cards were: so the tape inside was just the same as the one released on february 17: there's been confusion over the years regarding the album's release date, because the (P) and (C) are noted as 1994. that's because the album was mastered and pressed before the new year. remember, this is early in the year. so no 182 yet! the band would not make the name change official until august 3, 1995. pressings of cheshire cat carrying the name change were first sold on the good times tour in the fall of that year. the cassette release had a simpler version of the band's thank you notes: the CD had more elaborate artwork featuring photography by kerry key. note that the picture of scott was taken in the studio during the recording of the album: the band was busy playing shows around the time of the album's release, like this one with unwritten law a week before. note the joke that the album will be "available on CD and cassette late february if jeff doesn't screw up anymore," referencing the production delays and uncertainty about the release date: and they played a record release party at SOMA on february 24 opening for strung out. other openers are tiltwheel, rhythm collision and openfast. thanks to board member @Kjblink182 we have scans of pictures taken on the stage that night: in a bit of shameless self-promotion, tom is wearing a blink shirt featuring the blink bunny as drawn by court jones: note tom's ampeg VL-1002 head and slanted cab. he had not yet customized it with the 'blink' placard in place of the lighted ampeg logo. i have no idea how the band played in jeans that night, they must have been burning up. and tom has not one but two t-shirts on. SOMA was hot! note rick devoe sitting on the stage. he had been their manager for four to six months. mark is wearing jeans too! these kids are crazy. you might recognize mark's blue-green hair color here. it's the same as the picture inside cheshire cat. even back then, mark jumped a lot. and landed awkwardly every time: that night, promo posters were handed out celebrating the album release. they could also be found at record stores around the san diego area: and of course, cargo promoted the album by placing advertisements in local skate magazines and other punk outlets: well this concludes our little trip down memory lane to twenty five years before. i would not see blink live until the summer of 1995. i sure wish i had been there myself for the release of cheshire cat. what about you?
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    This place has been bouncing the last week, it’s always been divided and it’s what makes it thrive, how boring would it be if we all loved new blink. We’d have 5 pages of “yeah great song” and it would fizzle out. Instead we have 50 pages of utter carnage. It’s great when you come back on after 10 mins and there’s been another 20 posts to read through, old members coming back and new ones signing up.
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    Who's excited to see THIS movie?! I got bored so I sat down for a few hours and made this poster. The idea was @_Kyle_'s and I thought it was funny so I ran with it. If this isn't worthy of it's own thread, go ahead and merge this with the GD or move it to wherever is appropriate. I didn't actually expect this to turn out cool. Haha. -------------------------------------------------- EDIT: New version that I like more:
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    He was parked out back selling blank CDs out of his van.
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    Yo! I decided to launch a blink-182 podcast and have been working hard the past few weeks to figure out how the hell to do it. The name I came up with is "182 News" and I hope it will be a great source of blink-182 and related side band news for the community. I bounced around making it based on the board, but for various reasons (namely you can't use the word "blink-182" in the title, and the equipment cost me a lot of money) ultimately felt I needed the freedom to do my own thing, on my own schedule. But, I am totally pointing all traffic here, to our social media, and also hope to have board members on, feature board discussions etc.!!!! Anyway, I just finished my first episode and am so stoked. I've submitted for iTunes/Spotify approval (which can take weeks), but wanted to post a direct link incase anyone wants to listen. I'm going to keep this thread as a running episode tracker, and point people here for discussions, questions, recommendations, feedback, etc. Appreciate anyone checking it out, hopefully this link works (below cover art): Episode 1 - "The First Time" Spotify Link YouTube Link Episode 2 - "The Mark, Matt, and Travis Show" Spotify Apple Podcasts YouTube Episode 3 - "Tom Time" Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube (Also now available on iHeart Radio) Episode 4 - "MrTsurt Interview Part 1" YouTube (Links above will get you to the other platforms) Episode 5 - "MrTsurt Interview Part 2" YouTube Episode 6 - "David Goldman Interview" (The photographer who shot the EOTS album cover.) YouTube Episode 7 - "Christopher Holmes Interview Part 1" YouTube Episode 8 - "Christopher Holmes Interview Part 2" YouTube Episode 9 - "Dylan Anderson Interview" YouTube Episode 10 - "Terminal Radness Interview" YouTube Episode 11 - "David Stowe Interview" (Vannen Watches) YouTube
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    you’ve got issues dude
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    I’d draw the curtains if they were playing in my garden
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    Yes! So Cool! Worth every fucking penny.
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    "I don't want an incredible legacy to be ruined." Legacy? The guy who demanded to record in his house and sent emails to his bandmates rather than record like every other functional band wants to talk about legacy? The guy who didn't even listen to the masters of his comeback album of "the band he personally founded" wants to talk about legacy? The guy who spent an entire reunion tour wearing the shirt of his other band wants to talk about legacy? The guy who showed up night after night hammered drunk, screwing up every riff and singing out of tune wants to talk about legacy? The guy who had the audacity to promote Stomping the Phantom Break Pedal after making everyone else put their lives on hold to record Dogs Eating Dogs wants to talk about legacy? The guy promised people *for years* that Blink would finally record as a band again wants to talk about legacy? The guy who backed out of a recording contract because he found it "hard as hell to commit" wants to talk about legacy? If ANYONE has the right to talk about legacy, it's the guy who dropped everything he was doing to fly across the Atlantic to record an EP. Or (better yet) the guy who woke up in a burn unit after watching two of his best friends die after his plane fell out of the sky and immediately wanted to get into rehab and back on stage with Blink. There's only one person in this band who ruined the "legacy," and he's the one giving this interview. Give us a break, Tom. Give us all a break.
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    New travis interview. Blink update starts around 7 minute mark. Some good stuff in there. 70-80% done with the album Best work in a decade since untitled John Feldmann Producing (We already knew) Matt has been a greater fit than he originally thought They trashed the original 16 songs they wrote and started over Hasn't been this excited about a blink album in a long time. He's 120% in!
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    I wrote a piece comparable to Beethoven's ninth yesterday. Too bad no one gets to hear it, because I don't have an orchestra.
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    My mum ground me Even though I'm 45 Why can't she see I just want to be alive Lets party like there's no tomorrow Like kids, we have no sorrow Hit up the local punk rock show Never ask adults, they'll just say no Na na na na na na na na na na na
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    Old Reddit Q&A. Pretty ironic now.
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    I remember the hype in this place in '93 when Flyswatter dropped. Absolute scenes. Was essentially just me and Davey hanging out in the Free For All section but was still great times.
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    I don't even have an explanation for why I made this other than that I was super bored. There. It's super pointless but if anybody is going to enjoy it, it might be some of you guys. Someone help me be more productive with more important things pls. EDIT: Also this audio clip of every time blink says "home" because why the hell not: RIGHT HERE.
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    Buffalo show tonight was amazing. Just too short. New songs sound really awesome (especially San Diego) and the old tracks definitely have some new life in them. Violence, for example, is a track that I have heard live way too many times, but on this tour, with Travis' drum solo and the crazy pyro, it was a highlight of the night. Banter was fine, but it's clear that Matt and Mark are not quite at peak Mark/Tom level yet. Still, a great night. Have to post this picture because it was a bucket list moment. The Buffalo venue is attached to a theme park, and my brother and I spotted Travis with a whole crew of people walking around. We asked him for a quick selfie and he said "Defintetly!" He turned right around, shook both of our hands and took this photo. He was just super nice and genuine. Didn't seem annoyed by the request in the slightest. We saw him again a little later on a roller coaster and he was the same - waving at and high-fiving people the whole time. I know I had a ten second interaction, but he really seemed like a good dude who appreciates his fans. Was really cool and it made our night! (I am on the left)
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    One day, I hope to be so cool that I spend time on a message board and make fun of those silly people on there who are still huge fans.
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    "First Date" by Angels & Airwaves To the stars, I just can't wait To blast right off into outer space Is it cool if I quit the band? Is it wrong if I do this lame dance? Do you like my stupid book? Would you guess that it's actually Suzanne Young's book? I don't care what you think You're all just dollar signs to an artist like me Let's go, don't wait, my career's almost over Honest, let's make, this song last forever Forever and ever, let's make songs last forever Long intros, and outros, let's make songs last forever When Poet smiles, I melt inside He is worthy of all my precious time I really wish it was only me and U2 I'm better than everybody, yowey oo-oo Please don't think of me as that guy Who wrote joke songs, that was all a lie I dread the thought of lyrics that make sense A target that I'm probably gonna miss Let's go, don't wait, my career's almost over Honest, let's make, this song last forever Forever and ever, let's make songs last forever Long intros, and outros, let's make songs last forever
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    My biggest ongoing issue is: Mark, you've been married forever, and have a kid. Like, none of this is personal at all. I really Wish I Hated You is about nobody. Nothing. Darkside... "She's a girl I look back to what could've been" - No, you don't. I think Plus 44 is fucking amazing, partly because of how real it is. I can't wrap my head around them writing blink songs with other people. So many people. I don't understand. Especially... lyrics. He even had a lyricist work on Happy Days.
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    If someone told me this was a target commercial for back to school shopping, I wouldn’t think twice.
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    Just got out of soundcheck, was soooo dope. Mark wanted to play Man Overboard but Matt didn’t remember it lol, played Mutt, I miss you, then First Date acoustic twice (they were going to play it tonight) but Matt was struggling and they went back and played Down and are going to that. Mark said album title is confirmed now, and is NOT one of the three they talked about the other day. GD was indeed originally 3 minutes, he said the first half was like a Beatles ballad that ended with the current GD and they just didn’t like it all together. I gave Mark all the cards at soundcheck, he fucking handed me the bass he recorded EOTS with to take pix with. Only my buddy and I got a pic and he asked for it back. (My buddy has this all on video). Also got my SC album signed at soundcheck, waiting in line for pix now. Will have more later.
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    Travis‘ comments on his Insta post. Haha
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    i gave CA deluxe a listen the other day while i was travelling, right after i listened to a few other albums in my current rotation: gaslight anthem, microwave, and the menzingers. what was immediately apparent was how inauthentic blink-2017 sounded in comparison. it's almost like the music was constructed in a lab. what i mean is, there isn't a single track on either CA or CA deluxe that remotely sounds like it was jammed on in a rehearsal space or garage. and the final recordings do not in any way sound like people in the same room at the same time. it's all very clinical, very sterile. the lyrics are without any genuine feeling, there are no real stories; it just sounds like mark and matt pick phrases that simply sound neat. contrast with gaslight anthem, or the menzingers, or microwave; the recordings all sound perfectly mixed, live in a room. every word drips with real stories, real feelings. there is pain and joy in the melodies. whether you like these bands or not (and i only mention these three as they were on right before i put on CA deluxe), the music is honest. it's real. blink-2017 is just, well, without soul. without meaning.
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    Alright I'm back to reality, gonna try to make this somewhat short and sweet, and pray I don't lose my progress typing this. Soooo I was able to get my ETGBF VIP transferred and drove 6 hours to see Blink in Pelham, AL Tuesday night. We got there, got checked in and waited for soundcheck. At 4:00 the band was ready, so they lead us down to the stage and Mark was already out there messing around with his bass (He was playing "All Apologies" by Nirvana briefly which was badass). We all file in and he talks with us for a few minutes, talks about his day off that he sat at the hotel and drank water and watched some Netflix show. Then Matt/Trav come out and they play M&Ms, and Anthem Pt2. Matt fucked up on Anthem Pt2 and afterwards said "Sorry guys that was the Matt Skiba Remix"... lol. Then Mark said "Thanks guys!" and they were done... It was super quick, I thought they would do 1 more song, but nope. Still cool though, but if I just had the BTD VIP package I probably would've felt slightly bummed it was so short. So they lead the ETGBF/Feeling This VIP peeps behind the stage where all the tour buses are to this little hut for the pictures. (We saw Mark getting in his tour bus and he pretended to run LOL). ETGBF peeps got to go first, so I shook the dudes hands and got my picture taken, then there was a little trailer that the ETGBF peeps got to go in right after their picture was taken and hang out waiting for the band. (I was immediately surprised by how small this trailer was.) Inside the trailer Landon/Alabama and a security guard were playing Wii, so we (10 of us) just sat around on the couches and some people played Wii. All of a sudden the door opens up and Travis/Matt/Mark walk in... So at first it's of course awkward, and everyone just kinda says "HI!", and Mark/Travis just started looking for stuff to sign immediately. Travis knelt down at our table and signed my buddy's 2 drumheads. I was freaking out trying to pull out my records to sign (I had them well protected in a box). So I bust out my records and started talking to Travis. Blink's photographer took a really cool picture of this moment that I'll post below. As Trav was signing his solo album (I asked for TRAVIS MUTHA FUCKIN BARKER) and he was laughing, I asked if he was working on his 2nd solo album and he said "It's done. I'm just waiting for 1 verse from Kendrick.." I asked if it was going to be named GTDS Pt2 and he said he wasn't sure on the name yet. I then asked about the Antemasque album and he said that it's not coming out until they release their next At The Drive Inn album. He said it's the same situation as the Transplants covers EP, which isn't coming out until Rancid drops their next album. I told him I was stoked for both of them and we talked about how they have both been done for over a year, but since they are "side projects" the label doesn't want them coming out before their respective bands albums. As he was signing my +44 album I told him how hype I used to get during "No, It Isn't" when he would smoke during the slow part and then toss it and go OFF. I asked if that was weed or a cigarette, and he said it was a mixture LOL. He said he was so bummed about his arm and in pain that he would use that as a little smoke break. I also asked about his new tatt from Chuey which he showed me, and then we had a convo about painful spots to which he said none of them really hurt that bad, but he said the throat was pretty uncomfortable. So some other people started talking to Trav, and I noticed Matt sitting off by himself just watching a few people play Wii with Mark. I almost felt bad for him. When they first walked in Mark handed him some records to sign and he said "I'll sign Enema but I'm not signing the +44 album" which was funny. I approach Matt with Crimson/Heavens in my hand and he was so stoked. He said "Wow, you brought the Heavens album!" and I proceeded to tell him how much I love that album, and how when he first joined Blink I went through his whole discography and became a huge fan. He said he listens to that Heavens album often, and went on to tell me about the writing process. He said it's cool because he didn't write any of the music, so when he listens to that album it's as if he is listening as a fan. I then asked how he is balancing Alk3/Blink, how he writes for both, or how that is working out. How he decides what's a Blink song, and what's an Alk3 song? He said when it first started he was writing for both because he didn't know "how long this would last". But now he is only writing for Blink because it is unfair to juggle them as he wants to give 100% to whatever he is working on. I talked about the song "Burn" and how much I love Crimson, and he asked if that was on Crimson and grabbed the album cover from me and started looking through it. He said "Wow I don't know if I've ever looked through this, this is cool!". He was extremely thankful and thanked me several times for the kind words and said how much he appreciates them. At this point we started getting a "5 minute warning" and I was like OH SHIT I haven't even talked to Mark yet. So I go up to Mark and asked him to sign my records, as he was signing my +44 record someone asked him if he thought there would be another +44 album. He said he didn't think so, and that it probably wouldn't be called +44 because Craig is busy and has a family. I then told him I was freaking out over bringing this album and keeping it safe, and busted out Short Bus for him to sign. He was super stoked. He said "Wow I haven't seen one of these in a long time!" I asked how many exist (I've heard 200 and I've heard 500) and he said "I don't remember, but not many!". It was so cool because he opened up the record, and pulled the album out and was just genuinely amused to look through it. He just kept staring at it and saying how cool it was. We got another 5 minute warning, and I knew I had to get some pictures so I quickly asked the dudes for a pic which they were more than willing to do. Matt once again thanked me for the kind words and said it means so much to him. (He is incredibly nice). My buddy asked Travis why they cancelled the Knoxville show, and he said they have obligations in Miami and since he doesn't fly they wouldn't have been able to make it... We shook hands with the dudes 1 more time, and they left. As a group, we all exhaled. It was insanely awesome, I know it is expensive but holy fuck it is worth every penny. Seriously do whatever you need to do to get this package. I'm going to post some pix, and then I'll make another post about the show. since this one is getting huge. Apologies if this is too long, but I know some may enjoy the stories. I posted some videos last night, somebody posted my Family Reunion video above! My buddy's drumheads are so fucking sick:
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    I work at the san diego zoo safari park and yesterday Mark and his family were there and I got to meet him. Absolutely crazy experience, I shook his hand and told him how much blink 182 means to me and also told him i was listening to dogs eating dogs on my way to work that morning. He was super nice and grateful and went out of his way to talk to me.
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    I just wanna to shared one of the best day of my 29 years living in this world. Here we go! It's been almost two months since I travelled from Chile, South America to see blink-182. I've been a fan since the beginning of 2000 and now at age of 29 it was time to see the band of my life. Leaving aside the whole Tom situation, flying for the first time having heights problems get to know another country for the first time and finally seeing blink-182 for the first fucking time was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Arrive at LAX airport then stay in Inglewood and spend some time in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and many beautiful places in California. Amazing. The day before the concert I travel to Irvine to the last show of the tour and I must say that I did not sleep because of the excitement. Being the opportunity of my life I decided to buy the Feeling This VIP package so I was going to have a photo with the band and also see the soundcheck. Fucking awesome. The most awaited day had came... I arrive early at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater. The wait became eternal talk to some people at times but nerves and excitement would not let me think. I own a website about the band so I already knew what to expect from the soundcheck but in spite of that I collide with the presence of Mark, who was on the stage throwing picks at the roadies like in others soundchecks. When Matt and Travis hit the stage and they started playing M&M's it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I was in the presence of the band that defined my style and way of life. When it was time to meet the band my mind clouded only remember say "hi" to the guys a handshake an exchange of words with Travis and tried to smile for the photo. Here you can see the photo that to my opinion fortunately ended up great: After the photo we have to wait a few minutes and I went to the merchandising stand but I couldn't buy anything because it was time to go into the pit. I was in the front row in the middle of the stage the best fucking spot of the avenue. DJ Spider was in charge of opening the event with good music and the appearance of Travis in a moment then The All-American Rejects with a good show and to close the opening act A Day to Remember with several appearances of Mark Hoppus and Skye to entertain the audience. Time came for blink-182. They raise the curtain, a few minutes pass a sound is heard and the curtain falls. blink-182 in front of me playing Feeling This the FUCK sign turned on and I feel the fire touching my face. One of the best moment of my life! Most memorable moments of the concert for me were Feeling This, Cynical, Dumpweed, Reckless Abandon, Not Now, Violence, Dysentery Gary, Los Angeles, Carousel and obviously Dammit. It was also so fucking cool when Matt Skiba finished one of the Dysentery Gary verse with me luckily I was recording at that moment because I record only a few moments of the concert I prefer to keep the mental memory: I grabbed a pick from Mark at the soundcheck and one of Matt at the concert, also yelled at Daniel Jensen at the end of the show for a drumstick and kindly threw me two from behind the drums but I couldn't catch them. Maybe next time. Never thought to be next to my idols not even have a photo for the memory but now I have one that surely will frame with my vip poster and the picks of Mark and Matt also I will frame the event poster that I manage to get when the show ended. I hope to see blink-182 again in the USA or Europe at some point in my life because maybe they will never travel to my country for clear reasons, although the hope is the last thing you lose cause in a week Descendents will debut for the first time in Chile after 39 years of career. If you reach this point of this long text I wanna thank you because finally feel like all of you when tell stories about being in a blink-182's concert. TL; DR I travelled 5.593 miles all the way from Chile, South America to see blink-182 for the first time and it was one of the most fucking amazing experiences of my life.
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    Well, I had fun doing Bored to Death, so here's She's Out Of Her Mind. Sequels are never as good, but I still enjoy this more than the real video. Let's see how long before Spotify murders me!
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    We're on top of our shit here on blink-182online. We read the article before you even typed it
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