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    What people think Boxcar Racer would be like What it would actually be like
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    This thread is for you if you are uncertain something is worth making a new post about, if you want to ask simple opinion questions, or if you wanna make a statement expressing your love for blink. Have fun with it and try using this more than you use the new topic button. I'll start: It hit me this morning that we're gonna get to hear Mark/Tom doing vocals on the same song in a matter of months. This makes me so happy.
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    I can actually hear Ghent just lubeing up with anticipation at how much he can try and shut down everyone in this thread.
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    Who's excited to see THIS movie?! I got bored so I sat down for a few hours and made this poster. The idea was @_Kyle_'s and I thought it was funny so I ran with it. If this isn't worthy of it's own thread, go ahead and merge this with the GD or move it to wherever is appropriate. I didn't actually expect this to turn out cool. Haha. -------------------------------------------------- EDIT: New version that I like more:
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    New travis interview. Blink update starts around 7 minute mark. Some good stuff in there. 70-80% done with the album Best work in a decade since untitled John Feldmann Producing (We already knew) Matt has been a greater fit than he originally thought They trashed the original 16 songs they wrote and started over Hasn't been this excited about a blink album in a long time. He's 120% in!
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    My biggest ongoing issue is: Mark, you've been married forever, and have a kid. Like, none of this is personal at all. I really Wish I Hated You is about nobody. Nothing. Darkside... "She's a girl I look back to what could've been" - No, you don't. I think Plus 44 is fucking amazing, partly because of how real it is. I can't wrap my head around them writing blink songs with other people. So many people. I don't understand. Especially... lyrics. He even had a lyricist work on Happy Days.
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    Travis‘ comments on his Insta post. Haha
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    i gave CA deluxe a listen the other day while i was travelling, right after i listened to a few other albums in my current rotation: gaslight anthem, microwave, and the menzingers. what was immediately apparent was how inauthentic blink-2017 sounded in comparison. it's almost like the music was constructed in a lab. what i mean is, there isn't a single track on either CA or CA deluxe that remotely sounds like it was jammed on in a rehearsal space or garage. and the final recordings do not in any way sound like people in the same room at the same time. it's all very clinical, very sterile. the lyrics are without any genuine feeling, there are no real stories; it just sounds like mark and matt pick phrases that simply sound neat. contrast with gaslight anthem, or the menzingers, or microwave; the recordings all sound perfectly mixed, live in a room. every word drips with real stories, real feelings. there is pain and joy in the melodies. whether you like these bands or not (and i only mention these three as they were on right before i put on CA deluxe), the music is honest. it's real. blink-2017 is just, well, without soul. without meaning.
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    I work at the san diego zoo safari park and yesterday Mark and his family were there and I got to meet him. Absolutely crazy experience, I shook his hand and told him how much blink 182 means to me and also told him i was listening to dogs eating dogs on my way to work that morning. He was super nice and grateful and went out of his way to talk to me.
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    I just wanna to shared one of the best day of my 29 years living in this world. Here we go! It's been almost two months since I travelled from Chile, South America to see blink-182. I've been a fan since the beginning of 2000 and now at age of 29 it was time to see the band of my life. Leaving aside the whole Tom situation, flying for the first time having heights problems get to know another country for the first time and finally seeing blink-182 for the first fucking time was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Arrive at LAX airport then stay in Inglewood and spend some time in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and many beautiful places in California. Amazing. The day before the concert I travel to Irvine to the last show of the tour and I must say that I did not sleep because of the excitement. Being the opportunity of my life I decided to buy the Feeling This VIP package so I was going to have a photo with the band and also see the soundcheck. Fucking awesome. The most awaited day had came... I arrive early at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater. The wait became eternal talk to some people at times but nerves and excitement would not let me think. I own a website about the band so I already knew what to expect from the soundcheck but in spite of that I collide with the presence of Mark, who was on the stage throwing picks at the roadies like in others soundchecks. When Matt and Travis hit the stage and they started playing M&M's it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I was in the presence of the band that defined my style and way of life. When it was time to meet the band my mind clouded only remember say "hi" to the guys a handshake an exchange of words with Travis and tried to smile for the photo. Here you can see the photo that to my opinion fortunately ended up great: After the photo we have to wait a few minutes and I went to the merchandising stand but I couldn't buy anything because it was time to go into the pit. I was in the front row in the middle of the stage the best fucking spot of the avenue. DJ Spider was in charge of opening the event with good music and the appearance of Travis in a moment then The All-American Rejects with a good show and to close the opening act A Day to Remember with several appearances of Mark Hoppus and Skye to entertain the audience. Time came for blink-182. They raise the curtain, a few minutes pass a sound is heard and the curtain falls. blink-182 in front of me playing Feeling This the FUCK sign turned on and I feel the fire touching my face. One of the best moment of my life! Most memorable moments of the concert for me were Feeling This, Cynical, Dumpweed, Reckless Abandon, Not Now, Violence, Dysentery Gary, Los Angeles, Carousel and obviously Dammit. It was also so fucking cool when Matt Skiba finished one of the Dysentery Gary verse with me luckily I was recording at that moment because I record only a few moments of the concert I prefer to keep the mental memory: I grabbed a pick from Mark at the soundcheck and one of Matt at the concert, also yelled at Daniel Jensen at the end of the show for a drumstick and kindly threw me two from behind the drums but I couldn't catch them. Maybe next time. Never thought to be next to my idols not even have a photo for the memory but now I have one that surely will frame with my vip poster and the picks of Mark and Matt also I will frame the event poster that I manage to get when the show ended. I hope to see blink-182 again in the USA or Europe at some point in my life because maybe they will never travel to my country for clear reasons, although the hope is the last thing you lose cause in a week Descendents will debut for the first time in Chile after 39 years of career. If you reach this point of this long text I wanna thank you because finally feel like all of you when tell stories about being in a blink-182's concert. TL; DR I travelled 5.593 miles all the way from Chile, South America to see blink-182 for the first time and it was one of the most fucking amazing experiences of my life.
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    No wonder Mark is looking forward to playing it live. Gonna replace a 4 minute + song with this to get off stage quicker.
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    hi just thought id let some blink 182 vinyl collectors know that im selling my cheshire cat 12" vinyl..... "Red Eyes" edition....very rare. on grilled cheese records GRL-001 LP..in mint cond. its on uk ebay.....bidding upto £75. 5days left. Item number: 130903898583
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    I’d believe it
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    Alright picture heavy, Marik I'll answer your stuff in a separate post later: Here are some cool shots of AVA I got: Here are the VIP gifts: Here's my merch booth haul: Here's my DW cd I had Ilan sign: Pic of me and Ilan. Hang around after the show and chat with him by the merch booth if you want - he's super cool and was genuinely just there to chat and hang with fans after back to back sets... Last but not least, this is how close I was to having one of the sickest signed blink pieces ever (literally have only seen 1 full band signed TOYPAJ vinyl, and it's my fav album all time)...looking like a f'n dweeb with my vinyl The picture haunts me, so I'll have to remember it as this:
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    Feldmann: "There's this rad track on the new album I'm so jacked up about. I can't get enough of it, and it's gotta be the best song the band's written in fifteen years. It's called 'donuts and coffee.' I wrote it myself."
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    I'm sure you've deleted the post by now, but you LITERALLY made a post calling Matt unprofessional, said Mark needs vocal coaching because he sounds like shit, said Feldmann is controlling the band, said their live show sucks, etc. Now it's fine to have that opinion, but to switch to talking shit on fans that say this stuff just to kiss up to Mark one year later? From hater account to ass kissing account? Just because you got unfollowed and melted down. C'mon, that is phoney. You're trying to get access to Mark, so you sold out your true opinions. Run whatever kind of fan account you want, but at least be authentic..
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    Drunk Kay here (sup) shootin' shit with Mozarella sticks. Still don't like song. Love ya'll though byeeeeeee
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    Yeah, and you could say that it's "progress" but really you just like it more. Members here really seem to love pointing out when someone else's opinion is wrong. I think it's shittier music, therefore, a step backward. This is always going to be a subjective thing and if we're really going to keep arguing over personal opinions, yours is equally as wrong as mine. I think it's way more generic pop-punk, the same damn vocal trade-off pattern in almost every song, no guitar riffs, lots of nana's and whoa's (I actually don't hate that like most people seem to but I'll still point it out), over-polished production, and it really just sounds so much like most other big pop-punk bands do today. It doesn't stand out. blink used to be the band that other pop-punk bands would try to sound like. Now it feels like blink is trying to sound like all the other pop-punk bands. The only way I think California is a step up from Neighborhoods is the fact that it has better bridges. Again, I never even said that I hate California. I like it. I still listen to it often. I don't like it as much as Neighborhoods or Dogs Eating Dogs. I think it's musically less creative and less interesting. That's why I think it's a step backward.
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    I'm sure when Mark visits this forum he's like "wow this Thongrider guy is great"
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    Listened to the Neighborhoods album today after a long time. Fuck it! That album was awesome. I might be alone with that opinion but that’s a really great adult rock record. Always loved it and it has aged very well. Thinking about the disfunction in the band at that time and how it was recorded makes it even better.
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    you don't understand the word milf, do you?
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    you know, I can't believe how cynical people are around here.... you guys come here everyday, you are huge fans...and still really bash the band. i have never seen that on other band forums. blink is releasing 2 records within a year, We saw the return of strong studio vocals from mark....cause he sounded dead on neighborhoods......,the band is bigger than in any recent year.....and it's still not enough. and i get it...you guys are done with the whoas, the mainstream poppunk sound (which in my opinion was perfect after selftitled,neighborhoods and DED). yes i want some experimental darker deep cuts....but this is an extention of cali...so we might not hear that untill the next new record. but seriously....I''M SO STOKED!
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    "This song goes out to Tom who is overtaking Area 51 in the near future"
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    Mark has Matt over at his house. Jack comes home, sees Matt, ignores him and walks straight to his room and starts blasting Angels and airwaves at full volume.
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    Just because you're starving doesn't mean you should enjoy the shit sandwich you've been handed, much less thank the chef.
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    Man, this is gonna sound so dumb, but a lot of you guys know that I've been struggling with some pretty bad depression these past couple years. I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt as happy as I did earlier today listening to this new song on repeat over and over again. It's crazy to me that music can have this strong of an effect on me, but it was seriously just a feeling of pure joy that I haven't felt in a long time. Not saying I'm miserable 100% of the time, but I'm not super happy either. It felt good to feel extreme happiness again for a short while. I just love blink-182. What a good day this was. That is all.
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    Let's not forget this masterpiece that Anthem shared with us in the meme thread a while back:
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    Jesus, Tom talking about fatherhood is probably the smartest he's ever come across. He's got such a good attitude, like obviously it could all be fluff PR stuff but damn. Can't believe how old his kids are now though.
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    I fucking love Matt Skiba. He’s smashed this album. This is blink 182 and I love it.
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    Mark in 20 years. "Whoa oh oh oh I can't wait to take you to my high school prom. I can't wait to get my groove on the dance floor on. Will I kiss you tonight. Will it be alright?. Whoa oh oh"
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    I just find it hysterical that people think the shit posting here is some passionate angry people constantly posting whilst spitting rage and boohooing in the corner just because blink doesn't sound the way they want them to. Do you know why I post here? I get bored, talking shit on the internet is entertaining, and blink is the only subject I'd choose if I had to go play mastermind. That's literally it, if this place closed tomorrow the overall impact it would have on my life would be minimal, I'd just end up spending more time on reddit to compensate. No one here is genuinely heart broken or furious or cry wanking over the current state of blink. it's old fans who are invested enough to continue checking the music out but continuously disappointed and like having a place to moan about it before wambling onto the next thread. No one gives anywhere near as much of a fuck as some clearly think they do.
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    The fact that i fell in love with them for their friendship, humour, Tom and Marks vocals, the catchy guitar riffs and none of those things exist anymore. They’re just another meh pop band now. They don’t stand out anymore and they bore the fucking life out of me but I’ll forever cling onto maybe Mark and Skiba writing a great album we all know they’re capable of
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    I've spent way too much time compiling this list of Blink-182 related locations. It's always a popular post on Reddit, so I figured I'd bring it here too in case it hasn't made its rounds here yet. M+M'S -The boardwalk/amusement park they filmed at -The shootout scene at the end of the original video JOSIE -The high school DAMMIT -The movie theater WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN? -This is the sidewalk they run down -from the right to the left- at the beginning of the video -This is where the florist lady soaks the kids on the bench with a hose -This is where they turn the corner and see Janine walking up the sidewalk -This is where they filmed the banana man -The cafe they run past -The scene with the valet -The scene with the little girl looking through the magnifying glass -The construction zone they run past -The antique store that the old man with the TV is sitting in front of at the end of the video -The closing shot, they run up this sidewalk ADAM'S SONG -Blink walks from the right to the left down this sidewalk at the start of the video Fun fact: the buildings next to the loan company is where Blink dumps cash onto people on the sidewalk in the "Rock Show" video. -The Mexican food restaurant they eat at in the video -The gas station they're looking at magazines inside of while the lady is outside on the payphone MAN OVERBOARD -Little Blink runs down the same street as in the WMAA video -This is where Little Blink chases Banana Mark -Where the live shots were filmed -The concert venue at the end of the video THE ROCK SHOW -Where they took the homeless guy to get a haircut is at the business to the left of the nail salon -Where they dropped the car -it was before the building on the right was built -The building they were on the roof of when they dumped all the cash -This is where everyone was skateboarding and jumping over the van -Where the pet store was that they bought the doves from -The building they bought the TV they smashed FIRST DATE -The burger place -The water park STAY TOGETHER FOR THE KIDS -The mansion FEELING THIS -The jail AFTER MIDNIGHT -The hangar where they filmed the live shots in BORED TO DEATH -Where the live shots were filmed RANDOM SHIT -The infamous light pole that Mark climbed and jumped off of when he first met Tom -The old Sombrero restaurant they would eat and get fan mail at -The house they did all of their early stuff like print shirts, fold up Buddha tapes, etc. -The old location of DML Studios, where Blink wrote and demoed Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket -Westbeach Recorders, where Blink recorded the majority of Cheshire Cat -Doubletime Studios, where Blink recorded their early EPs, Buddha, and additional recording for Cheshire Cat -Signature Sound, where they recorded Enema, TOYPAJ, Untitled, and also Box Car Racer's album -EastWest Studios, where they recorded some of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket -Rolling Thunder Studios, where Blink recorded some of Untitled, and where Tom smashed his Fuck guitar -Tom spotted on Google Maps walking into a Mexican restaurant that used to actually be a Sombrero's location -Mark spotted on Google Maps walking down the street with his wife and a friend - EXPIRED -The venue they played their final show at before going on hiatus in 2004
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    It's SOOOO bizarre and gross to see people making up these insane theories about a woman who has been completely out of the limelight for her entire 20+ year relationship. So many comments about her being a bitch, a gold digger, she's a "chick who got between a dude and his friends." Whether it's projection, trolling, whatever, you guys freak me out and have pretty blatantly skewed views of women.
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    Hey Oliver- I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I looked into Weezer's white album...Weezer used 14 different co-writers on the album. 7 out of 10 songs were written by Rivers with the help of other writers not in the band. Some of these writers include a member of All American Rejects, the lead singer of the 90s band SemiSonic (who also has written songs for Adele!), and a DJ from England, just to name a few. So, what are your thoughts on this? Should I expect a hit and run one liner?
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    Here's the thing: When you buy this you get 26 blank tracks of audio. You have to record your own 26 demos and then listen to them.
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    Without a doubt, reading this thread has been the most insane experience I've had on the boards (and I've lurked since like 2011). I went to bed last night with it just having 4 pages. After being away from my phone all morning, I logged back on about an hour ago on the subway to see *16 pages* and "Update: Meltdown in progress" Immediately, I thought to myself, "My God, Tom must have done something off-the-rails crazy." Probably another late-night Instagram session, maybe he recorded a video response, who knows? So I open up the thread and read the passive-aggressive update. Aside from the not-so-subtle shot at Feldmann, I didn't think the letter was anything out of the ordinary, at least for Tom. I thought, "there has to be more right??" Nope. Just 12 pages of absolute flamethrowing by both sides. Somehow Donald Trump himself came up, then European immigration policies, followed by a discussion of Asperger's. Meanwhile there's a group of Trio fans are straight-up begging Skiba to leave while he still can. To top it all off, I'm given this amazing mental image of Tom's wife whistling Bored to Death. I legitimately had to put my phone down while on the subway because I was in tears from laughing so hard. Y'all are nuts.
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    This is about as personal as I'm gonna get on this board but I thought you giys might get a kick out of this ... My little one is a Blink fan!
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    Minus Billy Joe being a raging alcoholic, doing stupid and embarrassing shit, and releasing subpar albums that decline in quality with every release.
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