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this just in...no travis on the australian tour

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Flying to see the Australia shows you should of known this risk from the start. Why would Travis take a month long boat trip for a 2 week tour? At least it sounds like he tried to do the whole flying thing, but couldn't. Just be greatful that they all didn't cancel and you still get to see the main part of blink, plus no one will ever see blink with another drummer again so its a rare cool thing only you guys will experience. 

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Fuckers should be thankful Travis survived that plane crash and he's alive and we keep getting new music. If he wouldn'n have survived the plane crash you wouldnt even be getting 2/3 of blink!! You wo

What a bunch of little whining babies. If you're going to spend $1,000 +/- any amount, you're ridiculous in the first place. There are a lot of selfish people on this message board. He has a fear of

i cant make any promises 

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I'm sorry for the Australian fans out there


kinda have to agree, he could have announced this way earlier, don't think anybody is mad at him for not wanting to fly considering what happened to him a few years ago, but it's I'm not really sure I believe he only found out just about now that he couldn't find a boat


I mean, don't they all have managers etc who do nothing else than organising these kind of things?

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You can't do much more than get 100% confirmation from all sources that he would get here one way or another. If you waited to get your tickets and accomodation you would miss out. Even Goku bought another ticket this week I think, if I was him right now I'd be pretty fucking mad. I'm just lucky that 3 other bands on the festival lineup are my favourite bands otherwise I'd be raging with dildo right now.

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Did you want him to spend a month on a boat for a 2 week tour? That's what he would of had to do man....which would be 2 months out of his life on a boat.... I get it your pissed off and posting on nothing but that emotion right now which is why i gave you an LOL for a response...and the fact i think you're acting like a fucking 2 year old..But if there were no boats that left in the last month or so to Australia then that's probably what they meant by there wasn't a boat that worked out for him....I just don't understand how you can't be more understanding of someones life fear that they've had for a VERY long time... 


They'll still put on a good show and you'll still have fun watching Mark and Tom....Of you're THAT pissed try and sell your ticket then......

What is this, The Middle Ages?

I haven't followed any of his outside-blink appearances like, ever, so I'm in the dark whether he was on a tour with some rapper or had any other obligations. However, the whole situation should have been handled professionally, which is not the case.

Not after they advertised it as if he was 100% there.

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This really sucks for the Australian people put there!

But on the other side, Brooks is a great drummer. He's played with Bad Religion for about 13 years now, and Tenacious D for some years too. I believe he's also a session drummer, so he basically plays everything from pop to metal. And he does it great! So I think blink with Brooks will be a good concert

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yeah, im glad some people not from AUS are seeing it from our perspective, i dont think anyone in aus would hold it against him if he said sorry guys i cant fly out now, and a boat trip is too long or something but that is if he actually told us

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I have sympathy, I really do. Blink have cancelled on me several times. I also saw +44 without Travis and had the Transplants cancel. I have been to the US and Scotland to see blink because I have thought Travis would not travel agsin. That said, I think this has been an obvious risk for a while.

blink have a proven record of pulling out / cancelling. I think you have to be partly thankful they didn't pull the plug on the whole tour.

Travis hasn't mentioned the Oz tour for a while. Or working on overcoming his fear. (Pretty sure youd take a practice flight before traveling to other side of the planet)

When he goes to Europe he usually leaves much earlier and buses it over to NY. A boat to Australia takes what, like 20-30 days, so any time in the last 20 -30 days you've had good notice there was a risk.

There's been no mention of Travis attending the practices. I bet Brooks has been attending. That said, why practice in California if Travis wasn't coming.

If you were Travis and were thinking of flying you would put it off until the last minute to see if you could do it and give yourself the time to prepare. The last minute is literally the time when it is impossible.

I think Brooks was/is their back-up plan.

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It should have been made clear that Travis might not make the shows. You are selling something on a false premise. That is clearly wrong. Waiting until the last miinute to announce it is even worse.


Sorry but you can't spin that. If you don't agree with it I am willing to sell you my brand new car for a brand new price. What I won't tell you is the car you may actually get is 5 years old, Is that ok?

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so sorry for you guys!


i dont blame travis for his fear but they should have planned that more professionally.


so that new drummer has 2 day to learn to songs?


i'd take a safe wager that he was hired as a contingency a while back and told what songs they were doing and got them all up to speed.  No way they just called him two days ago and offered him the job for the tour.


Sucks that they couldn't figure out a boat solution or whatever, I mean maybe it is true that this really was last minute, maybe we'll never know unless someone gives us further insight.  For all we know, he got to the airport and just got flipped out and turned around and went home.  THe odd thing to me is why would you make your first flight back after having such a fear of flying a 16 hour flight?  You would think he'd go with some baby steps and try out shorter flights and see how he does there, not just attempt to jump in the deep end like this.

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guys I don't think Brooks Wackerman just got hired last minute.


Here's the rehearsal load in picture someone posted a week back or so:



Being the Travis fanboy I am I was wondering about the drums in the picture looking not so much like Travis setup (2 floor toms in the picture, no giant hoop on the bassdrum). I didn't care for it until now. But I think they might have been rehearsing with Brooks this last week. That's why noone not even their techs posted pictures of the whole rehearsal space or the band rehearsing. Maybe they wanted to keep it a secret so the Australian fans wouldn't freak out.


I'm not saying they were going to play without Travis in the first place. But they had this as a backup plan I guess.


Also give the man a rest. It looks like he's tried everything (the Australian promoter said on twitter he was in therapy and tried medication and so on).

It's not his fault. Still I understand that this is a little fucked up for the people who spent so much money on tickets. I wouldn't pay half the price for blink whithout Travis. The guy is a one man show on the drums.

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