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The Tom Delonge Thread

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Just heard the track and can say that it's the most disappointing song i've heard from Tom. It was full of potential. The intro was sounding great. The live version of the track was great but in the studio version, the verses are way more synth based. Can barely hear a damn guitar on it. The live version has way more of an edge to it and it's more "rock" sounding.

If they stripped down the electronic & synths in the verses and had the guitars & bass way more louder in the mix, the verses would've been just as good as the verses of Adventure.

Everything else in this song lives up to the hype. The chorus is great. The bridge is great but the choices they made for the verses make the song a let down IMO.

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Tom explains critters death here. Flew out to record all that we are solo while tom was on tour and then died after.

His timeline isn’t right though love part 2 came out november 1, 2011 and he died in January 2012. Album must have been finished recording at least a month prior. Still crazy though.


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