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10 hours ago, IblinkfanA said:

I know no one here cares, but this isn’t true.

There’s some weird thing with Insta where you can look Travis’ “followers,” for example, and Mark won’t show up. However, when you go to Mark’s “following,” Travis IS there. 

That’s actually interesting, not something I’ve noticed about insta. I love random social media stuff like that

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15 minutes ago, Shit Poster said:

Super cool stuff @boxelder

On an unrelated note, not sure if it's been discussed but is the song Snake Charmer about Medusa? The "turns you into stone" lyric along with the title makes it seem so. 

It's referencing several mythical characters that are women. 

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On 9/26/2021 at 9:35 AM, boxelder said:

stopping by sombrero was obviously the highlight; the food was fantastic.


I always wondered if Sombrero was actually good or if it was just a fun thing for a blink fan to see in person. Mexican food is some of my favorite (both the authentic stuff and the super fake stuff like Taco Bell lol) so I definitely want to try this place one day

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