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One More Time… Pre-Release Discussion


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24 minutes ago, Russel Coight said:

*cough* didn’t get the joke *cough*
*tips fedora* excuse me m’lady it appears you didn’t get the humour I was trying to convey

I apologize: Tom Deskiba

sorry about that. 

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28 minutes ago, MCDC said:

Who wants to bet that once the new album is released Jan or nobody else will ever bring up this stupid song again (in good faith)? 

If the album sucks I'll point it out 

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5 hours ago, I. Am. Mattman. said:

Y’all’s parents should have been more strict about y’all forming opinions.

We’re in the post opinion era dude. You just go with what’s convenient at the time and roll with it for a bit. 🤷‍♂️

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Uploader of this cum inducing demo said “this was made around 2020 for the original album, was scrapped later on” and “the source was complete luck, a file went live on a file sharing website and I was able to snatch it and upload it here :) I have no more blink demos right now but I hope to post more in the future”

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  • Russel Coight changed the title to One More Time… Pre-Release Discussion

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