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The Tom Delonge Thread

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Here's an actual conversation between Mark and Tom from when things were going bad:    

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Illenium has been a huge fan of Tom for a long time - a lot of DJs and producers try to float around popular pop artists and vocal acts in their live shows for an easy, crowd-pleaser vibe, and this guy would randomly throw in almost a completely unedited Adventure chorus into his sets randomly. Everyone knows as well as I do The Adventure is not really a song you would throw on at a electronic dance party show - so I am sure Illenium reached out to Tom wanting to do something with him based on being a fan alone. Unlike a few of the other comments, I would say Illenium lifted up that chorus and really did something great with Toms vocals mixed in with what youre hearing in a lot of contemporary electronic mixes now adays. Its a good blend of both genres - preserving the AVA style towards the front end and back end, while giving a really catchy and electronic heavy chrous that will likely find its way into more than just his own DJ sets. 

Cool to see an artist reach out to old influences and try to make them relevant in a scene that otherwise would absolutely not gravitate towards a now-Tom Delonge style vocal hook. Chainsmokers did the same with Mark Hoppus, and I think its cool to see artists reach out and see what they can do with vocals and artists that dont belong in the same arena. 

Also, Im ignoring Steve Aoki and his work because he is an absolute shit DJ and an even worse producer. 

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To the point I was making before - a good frame of reference is this youtube page which releases a lot of new electronic music drops. Proximity has over 8+ million subscribers, and a ton of their fans have no idea who Tom or AVA is (especially when you go through the comment section). Tons of illenium fans, however. Cool to see. Also, decent lyric video.


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20 hours ago, Mau5 said:

this guy would randomly throw in almost a completely unedited Adventure chorus into his sets randomly.

I had to look it up after reading your post and it's pretty rad tbh. I'd definitely be hyped if I was at a show and the DJ did this haha.


Also found this "remix." It's like 70% just straight up the original song unaltered but the last bit of it is changed up which is kind of cool


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