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Side Project Song Election - When Your Heart Stops Beating


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Interlude hip hops into 12th place

Here are the songs of When Your Heart Stops Beating:

Baby Come On
When Your Heart Stops Beating
Little Death
No, It Isn't
Make You Smile
Chapter 13


eh Make You Smile

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15 minutes ago, Nosferatu said:

Probably gonna get hate for this but Chapter 13. That song has always got rave reviews on this board and I've never understood the hype for it. Sure it's good, but I feel all the other songs are a bit better.

i think it's a great song, great chorus and my favorite part of the whole record is probably the breakdown with the low octave " and we'll both take our revenge"

those verses though..... yikes. a lot of songs on this record are ruined by the verse vocals for me.....


Lycanthrope should win this imo. such a great song through and through.


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