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Forgotten blink songs


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8 hours ago, M!ke said:

Yeah, any of the TOYPAJ bonus tracks are fair game for the idea here, none of them are on Spotify.  All were solid, but of the serious songs, my favorite was always What Went Wrong?  And that's like such a genuinely fantastic blink song that it's insane that it can't be readily played in a streaming service like Spotify.

Yep another good one lost to streaming. There’s a cover of don’t tell me that it’s over by neck deep on Spotify which is actually quite good. 

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On 8/9/2022 at 3:03 AM, daveyjones said:

mark's management confirmed that there were region-related rights issues for those and they will never be on streaming.

Maybe this was why "Voyeur" was on the Norwegian "First Date" single, even if I have no evidence of that being true.

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20 hours ago, Brannigan said:

Needless to say, Flyswatter, Demo#2, and Uranus EP should be available as well, especially the original Buddha with the other missing tracks like Degenerate, The Family Next Door and Transvestite.

mark says he doesn't want to release any demo material without tom and scott's approval. he also doesn't want to deal with any legalities or do any homework.


uranus will never be on streaming according to marks' management. all kinds of wack rights issues with cargo, and the master recordings seem to be missing. this is brahm, son of the owner (who got his dad to sign blink):


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they're still the only band in the world that straight up refuses to re-release at least one album (Dude Ranch) with some demos or unheard songs (we all know that they don't have extra songs from the EOTS, TOYPAJ and Untitled sessions, but we know we're never gonna hear the Dude Ranch demos either 😥)

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oh and here's the list of everything mark has digitized so far that we didn't have all the info on.
special thanks to mario for typing all this up, and to liz for pinning it.

Poway High Demo (1993, likely recorded before Flyswatter)

1. Reebok Commercial
2. Red Skies
3. Point Of View
4. Hope (Descendents Cover) [Tom]
5. Hope (Descendents Cover) (Second Version) [Tom]
6. Time
7. Alone
8. The Whale Song (Unreleased)"
9. Better Days
10. Freak Scene (Dinosaur Jr. Cover) [Mark]

21 Days Demo (July 1993, previously called "Demo #2" incorrectly)

1. Marlboro Man
2. Time
3. T.V.
4. Degenerate
5. Nipples Of Fury
6. Better Days
7. Sometimes
8. Romeo And Rebecca
9. Point Of View
10. My Pet Sally
11. Reebok Commercial
12. Lunch

Short Bus Sessions (Doubletime Studios with Jeff Forrest, ~June 1994, tape labelled as “Cheshire Cat Mid-recording”)

1. Ben Wah Balls
2. Does My Breath Smell? – Released on Short Bus and Buddha promo tape
3. Wasting Time – Released on Short Bus and Buddha promo tape
4. Voyeur (First Version)
5. Don’t

Dude Ranch Demo (we think with Warren Fitzgerald, September 1996)

1. Boring
2. Emo
3. Apple Shampoo
4. I’m Sorry
5. Dammit Dammit Sonofabitch
6. (Unreleased Track) – Parts used on Dumpweed
7. Josie – Released on Taylor Steele’s “Drifting” surf video
8. Voyeur (Second Version)
9. Untitled

Dude Ranch Sessions (Big Fish Studios with Mark Trombino, likely from before winter break, tape labelled as "Dude Ranch Mid-recording")

There are three unreleased songs: one from the Inbreed (Cheshire Cat) Westbeach sessions, the Dude Ranch demo with Warren Fitzgerald, and the Dude Ranch sessions with Mark Trombino.

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