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    "classic blink" to feldman is california, so this is terrible news they might have well just replace matt with feldman if they're going to keep treating him like a touring musician
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    But for real, just end the charade at this point. I don't dislike Skiba on a personal level at all, but it's been an awkward fit ever since he became an official member. The high point of his time in the band was the first time he filled in at Musink. But it ESPECIALLY felt hollow as soon as they went in a musical direction that he's never brought to the table in any of his other projects. They come across as coworkers more than friends or even bandmates who are remotely passionate about their musical partnership. Feldy makes music nowadays that I don't like, and I reallyyy don't appreciate the direction that he has taken Blink's music as a writer/producer, but at least he's passionate about what he does and apparently his sensibilities fit with what Mark and Travis want Blink to be. Just hire Feldy, at the very least we'd have 3 guys who are clearly close friends, who clearly enjoy making music together, and who would help the live show regain a ton of energy too. It wouldn't be in the same galaxy as it used to be when Blink was actually still Blink, or even up to the level of the music that came out of the Reunion era, but it would at least be the clear collective vision of the people in the band, and something that each of the members truly felt passionate about and enjoyed being a part of. That's a very low bar, but it's something I can't really say about anything that's been put out under the Blink name since Untitled. Just go all in, fellas. Let Skiba go free to try and reclaim his reputation after this strange experiment, and hire the person you actually want to make music with. You have my permission. I just want you to be happy.
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    I mean, it's been beaten to death at this point but he's more of a member of the band than Matt Skiba. He's writing the music with Mark and passing lyrics back and forth, presumably recording guitar, what is Skiba other than the guy who writes a few lyrics and then fills in because Feldy is too busy to tour?
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    Just fuck already you two, good God.
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    A lot. People are crazy for blink in Italy. When they came here for the reunion tour in 2010 they played in a sold out outdoor arena of 30k people.
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    i still feel bad for him, aside from the fact that he makes 10x more money than he did before. he seemed super excited about joining the band and they spent a long time in the studio recording an album only to have it be scrapped by feldmann. since then, he's been reduced to an occasional lyricist and a touring musician for the band. skiba has always been one of my favorite songwriters. so, i'm super disappointed by the outcome of this. i hate knowing we'll never hear that original record.
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    This is definitely more of a "typical" AVA song, so people who don't like typical AVA don't like it haha
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    I didn't hear any Blink songs being sung from quarantined balconies!
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    On blink italia Instagram he has an interview with john feldman, basically talking about new blink, the guy asks whats your plans this couple of week and john says ill be working with travis and mark on new blink music... Completely leaves matts name out all interview... definitely seems like john feldman is recording all the guitar parts to mark on pro tools.. So sad to see matt get no input whatsoever....he definitely is a band member for hire doesnt seem part of the band at all.. Please go back to trio matt!
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    I actually don't mind his silly dancing towards the end in the hallway and on his coffee table, that was almost adorable, but it's literally 5 minutes of him flailing his arms around. Arm flailing in hallway, arm flailing outside, arm flailing at a curtain, and my personal favourite - arm flailing at the ocean!
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    court jones, brother of cam jones. while we are on the topic, here are some preliminary sketches he made: here's a scan of his **original** final pen and ink drawing used to create the graphic: and he also drew the trio as three bunnies for a 95/96 shirt design: his brother cam as roadie was on the back:
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    I just realized it's officially been over 5 years since Skiba first joined the band. That seems kinda crazy haha he still feels like he's brand new to the band in my opinion. How do you guys feel he's fit in overall, and what are your hopes for the future at this point?
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    The relationship with Skiba ended after they scrapped his entire input when bringing in Feldmann. They've just awkwardly dragged it out this far because that's what blink does but the relationship or experiment is done. He has no input, still feels 'new', doesn't care about blink nor should he, is here for the money and it is what it is. Will go down as one of the worst replacements in a band ever but he had a good stretch in 2014 or whatever when he first started touring. It's sad to see him like this, because we know he's an artist, but money will do that to you, also can't blame him because he's gotten old and Alk3 was past it's expiration date too. We'd probably do the same if we were in his shoes but from a fan standpoint it's lame.
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    it’s been a pretty huge disappontment, for us and for him as far as i can observe. looking back, it seems iffy to begin with that he would be a solid fit... alkIII is such a different band was a specific voice, and tom and skiba are vastly different songwriters. i think some work skiba has done has been worthwhile but most of it’s marred by feldmann. time to move on
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    mark just posted a white copy of DED on vinyl on his instagram page. it wasn't a test press either so i would assume that'll go up for sale somewhere soon
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    Not the right fit for Blink imo
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    Been a few since I heard this one! Thanks, Davey! I actually forgot about this song ... so that makes two good BS songs.
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    Feldmann with a goatee scares me.
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    This song is still really good....but that video....wow. 0/10 The Brettboy video that just went into the HOF section is loads better tbf. Brettyboy's drummer and Tom wear their hat the same way too!
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    How many times have we heard that bullshit? We'll probably get more crap like California and Nine.
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    It seems to get a bit worse every new album though. I stopped caring about AvA around the Dreamwalker release, but most the albums up until that point I was able to enjoy about half the songs. His last two releases were pretty solid so this is a bit disappointing to see, but oh well. Guy needs to be in a band where he collaborates more, rather than dictating the songwriting process for mediocre songs.
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    Sounds like he's rehashed melodies on this song. Sounds like a B Side from one of the Love albums.
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    I don’t hate Liverpool. My hatred towards city has completely taken over for me. Liverpool deserve it. Well done to them. I’m more concerned with the state of United atm to be caring about who’s winning titles
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    oh shit you're right I guess none of the above votes count terrible shame, that
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    listen to part 2 and 3 of the podcast and all will be revealed...
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    Congratulations, much deserved. The real test is winning it again now and not falling back down the hole for another 30 years.
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    I know you guys hate to see it. 😈
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    I’ve liked the song since the release, but I love the love albums though. I also think that Rebel Girl minus the synths could have been on love. Kinda sounds like it’s an old love demo they just threw some synths on tbh
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    You should check out their latest two albums. Especially the last one, but both are great
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    We need a Mark “Strange Love” vs Tom “ATLIL” Dance-Off mash-up ASAP
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    What's it like out there? I never venture outside this section, nor do I really feel the desire to haha.
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    That’s it, back to Winnipeg !
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    Folie is a good album. Everything since has been a disgrace
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    glad to see praise for folie. such a great album.
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    love me some FOB. stump's an all-time great vocalist and seems to be a real nice guy to boot. the rest of the band is passable, but they made some especially great pop-rock/emo records when they were trying (TTTYG to folie). folie is also massively underrated: a sonically creative, maximalist epic with strong songwriting. it can fall flat in areas but man, i really do love that album. reunion period was massively disappointing, but i get it
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    How does that greasy Italian loser get an interview with Feldman? It's a match made in heaven I guess. How many Italian fans could blink 182 possibly have lol what a joke
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