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Your fav version of Tom Delonge

n i k u

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In terms of looks and style I'd definitely say 2003/2004 Tom but since we know there were many behind the scenes issues with that Tom then I'd say any Tom previous to that. 2005-2011 Tom was definitely my least favourite for many obvious reasons, 2012 Tom is awesome though, still fun and immature (in a good way) but also mature when needed and clearly loving Blink, AVA and all his music in general. Also, I'm glad he ditched the beanie and brought back the cap, he looks cool and suits his age.

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tom_delonge33.jpgTom was a god in 2003/2004.


There has never ever been that much creativity inside of him than at this time!!!


Best Music !!!! and best style!


Black Hair, PoloShirt/longsleeve and plain T-Shirt, Mahagony Dickies!


Ugly guitar, terrible emo hair.

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