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Favourite part of a blink song

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When I needed you most When I needed a friend You let me down now Like I let you down then

Give Me One Good Reason bridge. By no means my favourite blink song but the bridge is epic.  

Always loved the bridge to Dick Lips. That's up there for me. 

First chorus of Untitled, then the song just turns fast. Great moment! That little part in Feeling This after first chorus but before the 2nd verse kicks in, and although the second verse kicks in, it's just Tom on the guitar. Another great moment. The bridge of Adam's Song. Bridge of Please Take Me Home, after Tom sings "why did we have to go date?". Such a typical blink moment when the song just turns fast before the final chorus. Love how Anthem starts off mid tempo but again, turns fast for the second verse like Untitled does.

That riff in Ghost on the Dance Floor, catchy as hell. Love it. Intro & outro of Snake Charmer. Kaleidoscope when Tom comes in for the pre-chorus before 2nd chorus is also great. Verses of Natives are pretty great. Bridge of Here's Your Letter when Mark is singing. That electronic part in Obvious after the second chorus. Intro of Violence. The riff of Reckless Abandon. Dysentery Gary when it slows down before the second chorus. Mark takes over for the vocals. Verses of Stockholm Syndrome, as Mark & Tom shout out their lines back and forth before the song kinda changes. That part is great too when Tom is copying the interlude part after Violence but on guitar.

Bridge of Asthenia is pretty great. Intro of Carousel and the solo part of that song. Always loved the heavy riff on Up All Night. Heart's All Gone intro just before the verse starts. The drums are insane on that. Verses of Hey I'm Sorry. Love the bridge of Misery before final chorus. Wendy Clear in the bridge when Mark keeps repeating "keep moving on". Bridge of What Went Wrong before the outro. Main riff of Not Now is awesome.

There's way too many to list but these specific parts are in my head pretty much every single day.

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5 minutes ago, ...Dan... said:

Give Me One Good Reason bridge.

By no means my favourite blink song but the bridge is epic.


that was the first thing that i learned on my guitar, absolute amazing. 

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The intro to the mutt demo is fucking amazing. I love that. And also that version of online songs without mark shouting "fuck" it just goes straight into the guitar riff is so good. It's such a minor thing but makes a great difference imo

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some favs

- everything up until Tom starts singing in My Pet Sally, the songs got pretty bad lyrics and an abhorrent chorus but i love the intro to it

- ending of Emo

- Anthem's bridge, its probably my least fav song on Enema but i really dig the bridge

- the Mark and Tom back and forth parts (i guess the prechorus?) in Everytime I Look For You

- prechorus in Always

- Marks harmonies in the verses of Ghost On The Dancefloor

- the bass and main synth coming in at 1:50 of Pretty Little Girl

- the intro of Cynical. leaving in a mistake and Travis yelling because they thought it was funny is the kind of dumb stuff i missed

- Misery's bridge

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The outro of Feeling This when Tom and Mark's vocals are all layered and stuff. Gives me chills every time.

The part in Adam's Song after the second verse where the riff changes. It's small but I always noticed it and I like it a lot.

The intro to Mutt. Every time it comes on, I think, THIS is blink.

Mark's verses in Roller Coaster. Probably my first or second favorite blink song of all time just because of them.

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2 hours ago, ...Dan... said:

Give Me One Good Reason bridge.

By no means my favourite blink song but the bridge is epic.


That's how I feel about Aliens exist and Always.  Both just okay and then absolutely epic bridges

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Tough but I'd have to go that entire Stockholm Syndrome breakdown.  

The whole song is pretty perfect to me, but that whole jumping into the bridge and "I'm so lost, I'm bearly here" is the best.  What they did with the bass and guitar.. The drums... So good.  Especially because you're expecting a chorus or another verse but the song just rides right into the breakdown

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The bridge of Feeling This into the final choruses where they keep layering in vocal harmonies and other lines over top of it into the outro where it is just Mark and Tom singing. Feeling This is no doubt, the one song I would show someone first if they wanted the best representation of blink-182. The intro riff, Mark and Tom trade offs, the cowbell in the chorus which I think is super creative, Mark's bridge, and a chorus everybody wants to sing along to. It has it all. 

Among other personal favorites are:

- The spoken word in the bridge of Violence. Really gives off a very eerie feeling to it.

- The harmonies in GOTDF (The universe has left me without a place to go..etc) Really gives that song some extra life and it is a great song to start the record.

-  Mark's small vocal parts in Disaster. I always love how Mark used his lower register and his contributions on Disaster are perfect. 

- The pre-choruses of Pretty Little Girl. I really like the lyrics and how it builds into the chorus. Pretty Little Girl is one of my favorite blink songs.

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anytime tom does melancholy-sounding little guitar stuff. one that comes to mind for me is the outro of always (he also does it some in the prechorus). that's definitely one of my favorite blink parts. the whole outro with the rising synth and tom playing that shit might be my favorite thing ever lol. more:

  • bridge to feeling this (well, the whole song)
  • opening to dumpweed and the outro with the reverb-y vocals and whatever that percussive thing is (sounds like a tambourine, but i've never been able to tell?)
  • harmonies in GOTDF
  • final moments of please take me home ("let's go!")
  • 808 hit in obvious/entire last chorus
  • outros of kaleidoscope and snake charmer
  • aliens exist bridge
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The end of Feeling This. I don't think I'll ever get sick of it and the song itself saved blink from being one of those nostalgia bands I listened to as a kid and rediscovered for a month or two in my late -20's (think Green Day, Sum 41 etc) to being my favorite band of all time. I don't think i would've even bought Untitled back in high school if someone on my hockey team hadn't played FT before one of our games. Then I Miss You came on and we were all like, "Fuck is this slow-ass bullshit?"

Anyways I just remember thinking fuck it, the rest of the album might suck in comparison to Enema, DR and TOYPAJ, but that 1 song Feeling This is worth the price of admission. Back in the day before itunes. Only took about a half year to digest just how great the album is. Fuck, even some of the songs I used to be lukewarm on I love now...

And if I ever get a blink tatt, it'll be the smiley face logo with the pink and teal spray paint. Because yeah I enjoyed the band from the age of 10 to 15, but 2003 is when I truly fell in love with the band. And a big part is because of Feeling This.

I also like the guitars in Asthenia. And the opening to Dumpweed.

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10 hours ago, Scott. said:

that version of online songs without mark shouting "fuck" it just goes straight into the guitar riff is so good. It's such a minor thing but makes a great difference imo

Whoa, I don't think I've heard this version.


Here are some of my favorite moments, though there are definitely more that I'm forgetting.

  • The intro guitar riff on Dumpweed (gets me pumped like no other!)
  • The bridge of Shut Up (much like the Give Me One Good Reason bridge. So simple, but it sounds so awesome)
  • The outro of Feeling This
  • The contrast between Mark singing in a low register while Tom sings in a high register in I Miss You (not an exact "moment" but still. I wish they would have played around with the "Mark sings in a deep/low voice while Tom sings in a high-pitched voice" thing more often. I love it.)
  • The part of the Stockholm Syndrome bridge with Mark yelling (that he never does live sadly)
  • The outro to Down
  • The transition between Easy Target and All Of This
  • The bridge of Here's Your Letter
  • The outro of Snake Charmer
  • The intro of Fighting the Gravity (which I know 90% of you hate. haha)
  • Basically all of Cynical once the guitar kicks in (one of the few moments on California where I actually love Matt's voice)
  • The bridge of Bored to Death


Yeah, most of these are from the untitled record. It's by far my favorite album ever made by any band so... that's why.

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