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blink-182 Song Election - California

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back by somewhat popular demand

We are doing California - deluxe included

The way it works is you all post the song you like the least from the list of songs and each day I eliminate the song with the most votes.

In other words
The rule is vote for the song you like the least every day and eventually the most popular one will remain.

Then we can determine what is sort of the overall most agreeable song of the California era

So here we go:

Here are the songs of California:

Bored To Death
She's Out Of Her Mind
Los Angeles
Built This Pool
No Future
Home Is Such A Lonely Place
Kings Of The Weekend
Teenage Satellites
Left Alone
Rabbit Hole
San Diego
The Only Thing That Matters
Brohemian Rhapsody
Parking Lot
Good Old Days
Don't Mean Anything
Hey I'm Sorry
Last Train Home
Long Lost Feeling
Bottom Of The Ocean
Can't Get You More Pregnant

Holy shit
This is gonna be a long one
But I think it's more interesting to see how the deluxe songs are ranked against the main album.

I'm voting Parking Lot - it perfectly encapsulates everything that's so wrong with blink now.

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KOTW - I have really negative connotations to this song because I imagine @Ghent and @JarJarBlinks meeting up on a Friday night, necking back beers and singing this at each other really loudly and out

me looking over the huge number of choices..............

Still drowning in choices over here and Long Lost Feeling gets the ax?? What a shame. It's not a great song but it was at least something that strayed from the formula at the time haha. We still have

7 minutes ago, ...Dan... said:

Surely a joke song that isn't funny is automatically a bad song?

It's not great by any means but I'll take that over half the shit on deluxe. "Deeeearest mooooom" etc 

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Just now, Kay said:

It's not great by any means but I'll take that over half the shit on deluxe. "Deeeearest mooooom" etc 

I actually think that song is alright, verses are pretty shit but think the chorus is one of the better parts of the whole California shitshow...I know that's not saying that much though. 

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Not gonna vote for the joke songs since they're like 15 seconds long. I'd vote if they were 40 seconds like Happy Holidays from TOYPAJ. Anyway the first song I choose is Wildfire. That song is the worst blink song ever written.

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