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david phantomatic!

What's your rig? - Master Thread

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Guitars: Partscaster Tele I built a few years ago, Epiphone 335 (formerly a Dot Studio and now totally customized with a Dimarzio SD, push pull pot, New electronics, Refinished headstock, scratch plate, polished body), and a partscaster Strat 

Amps: My main amp is a modded Fender Blues Jr. with a Weber Speaker and a bunch of BillM mods. Kinda sounds somewhere between a Twin and a Vox AC15. I've also got an old Orange Crush 30 that I run in stereo with the Blues Jr. but I'll soon replace it with an AC15.

Pedals: Homemade killswitch->Mooer Yellow Comp->EHX Soul Food->Visual Sound Oil Can Phaser->Visual Sound H2O Echo and Chorus->Ditto Looper->Behringer Reverb (that I never use)







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Here's my set up

-Epiphone Dot Studio

-Epiphone ES 339 P90 Pro

I also have a squier thinline telecaster which is absolutely gorgious but i only really play at home to record..


Orange TH30C

Such a great amp, I could'nt be happier and can't imagine ever buying something else again :) The distortion ist just heaven

However i'm absolutely obsessing over the new gibson memphis 339 in satin black, which got to be the most beautiful guitar i have ever seen. Just can't afford it any time soon, but maybe some day :)





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