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    It’s just funny because if blink released that exact same clip the same old crew would be jerking each other off saying how amazing it sounds.
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    god I hate to admit it but that riff does sound cool.
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    I assume evil-Rey is just a flashback/dream sequence but man is it jarring and menacing as fuck.
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    Lads. Who's going to see this opening night
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    Reviews starting to come out, ish is getting real!!! https://texxandthecity.com/2019/08/blink-182s-upcoming-release-nine-is-ode-gen-millen/ "NINE is harder, faster, and louder than not only the band’s most current release, California (2016), but also almost everything else Blink-182 has ever put out — not to mention anything else that is currently pulsing on pop-punk airwaves. Yet NINE is still distinctly and defiantly “Blink”"
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    ? Your responses to anything AVA are so on brand every time
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    *Tom plays generic guitar for three seconds* People: our savior is back
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    That guitar is what I needed in my life. Been missing a good Tom riff for so long. So pumped to see them in a month. He really can't sing anymore though
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    I'd like to see that guy fight this guy...
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    One big takeaway for me, is that his stand-outs (and he says he's a longtime blink fan btw) are songs we haven't heard, which is good news for those who haven't like the stuff released so far: "On first listen-through, stand-out cuts include “Black Rain”, “Darkside”, “Ransom”, “The First Time” and “Hungover You"
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    -The Kansas City Star https://www.kansascity.com/
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    i think it's the single best song to come out of the enema sessions.
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    honestly three times wasn't funny but if they do it a fourth time or more it might actually be funny because of how non-funny it is
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    that's why i like club shows. in the pit everyone's scared to take 'em out.
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    A bunch of kids hanging out drinking, smoking and listening to music in a public parking lot with no cops? You sure?
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    tom used to hang out with mark and do skateboard tricks in a target parking lot in north county, absolutely. you can see the pictures on kerry key's flickr:
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    What you should have done was buy the damn tickets and use the opportunity to score some interviews since, you know, you co-own this fucking place and we are trying to get views and boost the community. @Ghent did you get VIPs? Perhaps you could try?
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    I used to hang out in a Wal-Mart parking lot all the time in high school. Relatable as fuck
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    He says no song except the last is longer than 2 and a half minutes. Yet only 4 songs are less than 2 and half minutes and the last song isn't even the longest song on the album. lol, its like they did no research and put together a generic as heck review. Nice that it's a positive review, but does not read as authentic at all.
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    But ... you know ... not together, same day, in a Target parking lot ... so, not a true story then? If we are gonna play it fast and loose with "true story" then I'm gonna tell you all about the time I was shooting a rifle and JFK lost his mind!
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    haha that was my initial thought as well, sounds extremely generic
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    I'm honestly not convinced that person has heard the album
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    yeh that review is torture to read. decent length with nothing to say. where do these "writers" come from?
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    Those are actually genuine true story lyrics btw... I'll actually take those over shoe fittin' Cinderellas and whatever jargon is at the beginning of this clip... (And I've listened to it 10x and still have no clue? Cerebra? My zebra?)
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    JarJar and Ghent's opinion has no bearing on my own, I'm not sure why anyone gives a shit about what anyone else does and doesn't like.
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    ding dong ding dong ding dong (yodel voice) marine la dont ya know i felt yer arm dont ya kiss N tell *some guitar part that will go nowhere* knapton: mmm so good
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    His opinion is so meaningless now anyways. Anything blink related is amazing no matter what, anything Tom related is garbage no matter what. Never changes, never will. What he says has zero credibility on here now
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    yes, that was hyperbole. and, clickbait. but i stand by the song's (and the band's) influence on mark's early style. particularly "happy" / "carousel." the bass part is not only the same chords, but the same key, same notes, played in the same tempo and in the same manner. it would be shocking if mark's favorite band at the time didn't show up in his songwriting. when you're starting out, you haven't played long enough to outgrow your influences.
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    Talking about generic guitar ehem new blink ehem
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    I'm listening to the entire interview they did in December 2004 but they only played I Miss You and Down that day. So they probably played Always in February, along with I Miss You.
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    According to some bootlegs on my computer: I have a folder with this live version of Always and a live version of I Miss You that were recorded in February 2004 while blink was in London on tour. I don't the exact date though. Maybe they went there the day of the show or maybe the day before the show. I also have another folder called 'BBC Radio 1 December 6th 2004' with a full interview with them where they played Down and I Miss You.
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    UK BBC radio around the London show in late 2004, I think. The day Mark called the album "self titled". My favorite Blink interview.
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    This looks so WEIRD and I love it
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    Just like Peter Griffin puking for like 5 minutes...
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    ? Favorite star wars performance.
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    Why is that the way to go? Have to keep it open and drains battery pretty quick. Spotify is still the best service as far as I'm concerned. That is... after rip from Limewire/Kazaa, download to itunes, insert blank disc, burn playlist onto CD, and play. Those days will always be missed.
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    keep at it thibaut you do a great job and we're all the better for it.
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    Yeah, silly musicians releasing music, and for free! What were they thinking.. Don't they know that some people on social media don't want this?!?!
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    Makes no sense to me whatsoever, especially so deep into a tour and in the middle of a new album release schedule. Genuinely wondering what their managers are smoking lately.
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    Pretty wild that in less than a week we'll be seeing Tom back on a stage for the first time in years, AVA live for the first time since 2012, new AVA single, new blink single, and likely new SC single/EP2 pre-orders. Life is weird.
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    You think so? Songwriter perhaps especially lyrically, if we look at old Alk3, but guitarist? I don't see or remember anything in Skiba's catalog that is more difficult to play than anything Tom wrote prior to Enema. Not that blink is really that hard either but some of the older riffs are certainly more difficult than Alkaline Trio songs at least due to speed (M+M's, Wasting Time intro come to mind). I hate Tom's obsession since 2004/2005 to the present with U2's the edge and delay pedals but I think he's a better guitarist than Matt Skiba.
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    I'm so glad we have @boxelder and @daveyjones here as our resident blink historians. that might have sounded sarcastic but it is genuine lol
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    Not sure why everyone sucks off the M&M's cover so hard, it's as equally shit as the Dude Ranch stuff. Get in the bin you slag.
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    I used to adore him, and now I feel pretty neutral about him. I feel like he’s always wanted to be popular—which is understandable—but it was Tom who pushed and challenged him, which is why blink’s music is what it is now.
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    it would be odd to think the same thing of 2019 mark that i did of 1995 mark. they seem like characters from two different dimensions.
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    L3 is the worst character to come out of the Disney movies.
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