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Best Album Election!


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I probably like Anxiety, Hallucinations and Surrender more than most songs on Nine, but then the bad songs on Love are festering hot garbage. Hmmmm.

I'm gonna go with my gut actually, Nine

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8 minutes ago, BlinkFloyd said:


For the 4 albums that I am not much a fan of, I am strictly voting on how many songs from each album I have on my best of playlist. Yodda could probably save us some time and just have Nine/Love be the next two voted off.

Not part of Yoda's faccist regime, sorry.

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1 hour ago, NotNow said:

Nine. I’m going with Nine just to fuck with the people that threw a fit over Love and it’s the only one that’s got a chance to beat it out.

current votes including this post:

Nine: 7

Love: 6


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Nine!? Haha, more like Fourteen.
It gets 14th place

Here are the remaining albums to choose from:

Cheshire Cat
Dude Ranch
Enema Of The State
The Mark, Tom and Travis Show
Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
Box Car Racer
We Don't Need To Whisper
When Your Heart Stops Beating
Love Parts 1 and 2
The Dream Walker


voting for the two Loves, I guess
I'll cut this round short if it's obvious Love is next.

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