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  2. daveyjones

    Alkaline Trio

    in places it's more formulaic, but also embraces all the stylistic tropes which made them awesome; i.e. good mourning.
  3. Cantankersaurus

    limited edition t-shirt to benefit CA fire victims.

    Good on them, glad they're fund raising!
  4. Thibaut182

    The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    Thank you so much for this !!!!! You're a legend ! New date to add (thanks to @daveyjones with the flyer posted above) : 03/28/1997 The band performs at the Cambridge Hotel in Australia.
  5. Ghost

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    It is, hahaha. Love that slang, tbh.
  6. Ghost

    What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    I was going o post this on the annoying earwoms, but hey, in the end I'm listening her right now. Anyway, for Grammy lovers out there, this girl has won the latin Grammy awards for best song and best urban whatever performance. Apparently she's doing big out off Spain too. Here in my country, her new album, "El Mal Querer", has been the longest music promotion in our industry history: 5 consecutive months since the first single was released. Pretty aggresive campaing. Sony is behind it all. Can't wait for Travis to come in and put some drum beats there. Now you decide, like it or hate it. This was the song:
  7. daveyjones

    FS famous, wild ones, DTA hats

    not really a thing that's done here. go to the official buy / sell page on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1478028145552480/
  8. daveyjones

    Would you go see Blink 182 live?

    that's how i took that lyric too; mark looking back at 17 from his 40s
  9. Cantankersaurus

    Annoying Earworms

    This is fucking @Kay's fault. Thanks, Kay, you asshole.
  10. Ghost

    Your Favorite Album Production

    Speaking about production, but twisting the debate 180 degrees... there's some records I can't enjoy properly due to their sound. Amongst a few I've mentioned, there it is: Back to Black by Amy Whinehouse. Really a shame. Good songs in there, but sound is a disaster, and I don't know why they messed it up that much. Something similar to Death Magnetic by Metallica.
  11. Last week
  12. Feeling_This_1

    The Wrestling Topic

    She got absolutely smashed in the face! How does that even happen. Does she really have a concussion? Otherwise couldnt you just fight though it? Brock is going to end Daniel Bryans career, unless they make him go easy. One F5 match over. At least we're getting the match that was supposed to happen at SS 4 years ago lol
  13. thongrider

    To be Expected....

    Tracklist for now. 1 Soothing Fall Day 2 Tomorrow's Ashes 3 I'm Not Well 4 Nothing Left (to hold onto) 5 To be Expected 6 It's a Boy 7 You Might Say 8 Depressing Winter Day Something I've realized is that this thing is very polarized, the very good sounding tunes sound very good, but the not so good ones are very low fi. I'm not sure if those poles is a good thing. This thing is way too long to be an EP as well. So I guess it's more of a low fi demo album.
  14. NJansaid

    The Tom Delonge Meltdown Watch (Meltdown ACTIVE!)

    Blink was magic in their prime.
  15. LeeannTweedenUSMC


    Whether or not they're as good with a decent replacement, it's going to be super difficult to find one when they're already over the cap. The thought of him leaving is so weird to me. Golden State offers the most money, the best place to live, the best team, a selfless superstar to play with and what will be the newest most state of the art arena in the league. But somehow, he didn't anticipate the shit he got for joining. Somehow, he doesn't know why he still gets shit. He's a weird dude, so who knows what he's thinking.
  16. Regi.

    Full Length Album + SEX

    Haha yeah. Love Jimmy.
  17. Cantankersaurus

    Why Was Ryan Fired

    Meh. That'd be a reason to not hire someone in the first place. More than likely the guy just didn't meld and they clashed musically.
  18. knapton

    Blink Vegas Residency

    I think its pretty spot on. Mark needed someone to tell him what to do, Feldman realized this and took advantage
  19. Zoltan

    Share buttons

    half of the share buttons (on the bottom of the threads) are absolutely useless now: google+ died, del.icio.us is read-only, digg and stumbleupon got abandoned/transformed into a shithole. let's remove them.
  20. Cantankersaurus

    Some acoustic tunes

    I knew you would, bud!
  21. Cantankersaurus

    Video Games Thread

    I got as far as saving John from the mountain before my oldest daughter woke up and vomited everywhere.
  22. ...Dan...

    The Inbetweeners

    Well that's underwhelming @Scott.
  23. Cantankersaurus

    Greeek to Me lyric video

    You're getting better, man! Keep them coming!
  24. Cantankersaurus

    Crimson Octopus Society

    It's fun stuff, man. I wouldn't knock it to hard, let it be what it is and appreciate it for that. Let me ask you something though, did you use a click track when recording?
  25. Cantankersaurus

    Finally, its out.

    Nice work, bud!
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