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  2. Modern Baseball

    What did I do?
  3. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    Really? I assumed most loved it, it's a solid song. Definitely the better half of the two (All Of This is okay... I guess...) I love some of the lyrics.
  4. The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    @boxelder Nope, a newer fan, just very interested in the topic. I'm a collector. You've used some of my items in your timeline actually haha I'm @kjblinkcollector182 on Instagram. If there's anything there that you want a scan of, provide me with an email and I'll be happy to send it your way.
  5. The TTS Academy Scam Thread

    Holy moly ... One L.
  6. The Wrestling Topic

    Maybe Roman turns heel on the Shield. That might be too much though
  7. Yesterday
  8. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    Blade Runner. Pretty good, visually stunning like the original, never liked Gosling though, he's just a bit too neutral. The digital girlfriend looked a lot like Riley Reid. Hidden Figures. Uplifting and entertaining but quite sappy at times. I don't think this movie is going to stand the test of time well.
  9. what's up with that effect / reverb? also sounds super compressed... must be the amp.
  10. NBA

    That full court "shot" is fucking hilarious too!
  11. Last week
  12. What Are You Listening To Right Now Pt. 2

    I'm so in love with this song, that I just can go and marry 'her'.
  13. TBA: Tom Announces Announcements (Coming Soon)

    He’s gonna go bankrupt nqat
  14. Hi, girls and guys! I recently wrote/recorded/uploaded Hipotenusa (Spanish for 'hypothenuse'), an EP consisting of 5 acoustic guitar pieces, featuring different styles (there are arpeggios, riffs, harmonics, odd time-signatures...). Below is a video of me playing "Equivocar" (Spanish for 'to mistake'), one of the pieces. Both 'hipotenusa' and 'equivocar' are words which don't repeat letters and contain all 5 vowels. Those are my favourite words (they look/sound aesthetically pleasant to me), so I thought of choosing a few and representing them in the form of music. I assigned a note to each letter (La to 'a', Re to 'e', and so on), wrote a melody using those notes, and continued composing the piece based on that melody. I invited friends/musicians to join on the experiment/game. The EP is available for downloading/streaming at https://elhombreelefante.bandcamp.com/album/hipotenusa, and attached to it is a PDF with the whole explanation of what I did. If any of you is into this sort of thing, and would like to write/share a song of your own, I can translate the full text and post it! You could work with one of the words in Spanish (there's a list of 145 in the PDF), or one in English (such as 'education'), or whatever. (You could also do something with your voice, different instruments, electronic music - you name it!) Thanks!
  15. The Official Football Topic

    Fucking hell that was shit. Good point but an awful performance. Our lads are so fucking shit on the ball. Technically we are fucking wank.
  16. Films You Think Deserve More Love

    Tucker and Dale VS Evil
  17. Harvey Weinstein

    No I'm just dumb and couldnt remember the title
  18. Vegas shooting

    Oh most definitely, but you're not worth the effort.
  19. The Worst Blink Song Ever (Round 10 - THE FINAL!)

    Excluding DLX, I'd probably go MH41811. Or maybe First Date. But I also don't really dig Rock Show that much anymore. I dunno. I think Parking Lot is a great worst choice even though it didn't get my vote.
  20. Neighborhoods is six

    Nah I'm still a CD guy due to my car but CDs are dead. But sometimes you can only buy certain songs on an album if you buy the entire thing on iTunes, which is like the reverse of this trick in my book.
  21. The Donald Trump Thread

    I figured he meant Ivanka and just got the women he sleeps with mixed up. It happens to the best of us.
  22. Tom DeLonge Amp History (1992-Present)

    interesting bit from fletcher of pennywise on this: I have a Dual Rectifier and a VHT Pitbull. That’s in my rack, and when I’m travelling with my rack I do a left and right split on stage and in the PA, so it’s true stereo. A lot of guitar players never get that. I always tell them, first piece of advice, get two heads and a splitter. And I’ve even used a delay between the two in the past, and it really opens up the whole of the middle for the vocals and the kick and snare and bass. If you sit out front and listen to a true stereo guitar with two stereo heads, it’s huge. It’s way bigger than one mic. But a lot of the times when I’m on the road I’ll just use two Dual Rectifiers split, two full stacks. And it’s a lot of work to lug that stuff around, but either way, the Dual Rectifier, I would say, is my signature sound. I’ve been playing Boogies since our first recording on Epitaph, and that’s just the old school Dual Rectifier, one of the best amps I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s a very versatile amp, and durable. Y’know, it’s funny. I saved up and thought “I want to sound like Metallica,” so I went out and got a Mesa Boogie Studio 22 preamp and the Strategy 400 watt all tube stereo power amp, which was just insane. It cost me a lot of money. It cost $3500 bucks or something. I saved up all summer. And not to say that I’m that guy, but I’m pretty sure I turned the whole punk scene onto those Boogies. NOFX used it on their album, Bad Religion used it on their album, Down By Law used it on their album. After I recorded with it, Brett [Gurewitz, Bad Religion guitarist & Epitaph founder] was like, “Can I borrow it?” Then Eric Melvin from NOFX came down and he was really into it and he would up buying a Mark III. In the meantime I was trying to get sponsored by Boogie. I was like, “Hey look, you’ve got to hook up some punk bands.” And they were like, “Punk bands can’t afford our stuff. It’s too high end.” And I was like, “No, I’ve already got three bands that have bought it from you. Why don’t you give us some free stuff?” And they don’t give anybody free stuff. Maybe Metallica, I don’t know. But they’re one of those amp companies that really keeps it tight. And it’s hilarious because I look back on it and there was an article in a magazine entitled Boogie Man, and I just want to call them up and tell the old guy, “You know how many punk guys are using Rectifiers now? You owe me steak dinners for life!” http://iheartguitarblog.com/2012/05/interview-pennywises-fletcher-dragge.html#sthash.OpvUGvKq.dpbs
  23. What Was the Last Concert You Saw?

    they were a lot of fun! they kind of play just like the album if you're into that sorta thing (i am), and aren't outrageous or anything. but they played rock solid and the songs are great! right now it's a really good mix between the first and second record... i think they only left out the songs already gone, red planet, and the agency group (i was sad about that one)
  24. I doubt Leia dies. She was supposed to have a large role in Episode 9 (clearly that won't be the case anymore) and I think I remember them saying something about how they're not altering her scenes in 8. I could be remembering incorrectly, and they could have changed their minds, but I just don't see it happening. Either way, not having Leia in Ep 9 is gonna blow.
  25. the mod lasted from the first quarter of 1995 through spring 1996.
  26. Placebo appreciation thread

    Shut it, Speedo. amazing band - they were great live, was disappointed by the set list choice but the performance was phenomenal.
  27. Just mixed two types of ramen noodles. It was a good lunch!

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