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  2. But like Ghent said, a lot of these statues were put up many years after the civil war and were a big fuck you to people of color. Majority of them were erected in the 1900's during the civil rights movement. They have no historical significance to the war except reverberating racism and bigotry. Just think of the black families in the south who take their kids to a playground and have to look at a statue of something that was erected to spew hate at their race. They go to their local government building and have to see the same thing. I do believe that there are civil war monuments that we should preserve in places like Gettysburg that played an important role in this country's history. But the reality is most of the monuments and Confederate flags started flying well after slavery to promote racial in-harmony.
  3. Way to give it a chance!
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  5. Many different expert quotes on UFOs can be heard throughout the trailer, and I doubt many will be surprised by them. However, there are some things Tom Delonge has "found out" through his research that he does share in the video, so I wanted to capture: Certain things should never have been secret There were certain secrets that were justifiable at time, but should now be disclosed There are certain things (truths) so terrifying and so unimaginable, that certain interests don't think they should ever be disclosed to us Edit: feel welcome to join debate / redpilling-thread, fellows.
  6. New song is great. Loving that intro
  7. They're playing Sticks & Stones and Catalyst in Salt Lake which is where I'll be seeing them in a couple of months. I can't wait! NFG is my favorite live band and those are my two favorite NFG albums. Plus I went to their self-titled 10th anniversary tour back in 2011 so after this I will have seen three of their full albums live. v excite.
  8. This is kind of how I am. I wanna check this album out but I'm not overly excited.
  9. It's a hard thing to explain but as much as I love Matt and the new album i can already forsee having that feeling that something is off.
  10. Tunnel. Another South Korean movie. A man gets trapped in a tunnel while driving his car through it and only has 2 waterbottles and a birthday cake to survive. Sounds basic, but it was really good.
  11. this is really, really cool davey.
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  13. Just be grateful we're hiding the spoilers.
  14. I just found this in my photo folder. My crack at a sticker strat replica circa 2014. All I remember was being so happy to have the Rhythm Collision sticker. The purple dragon was supposed to be the Queers sticker because the photos I was originally going off of didn't have a clear shot. I look back at this and cringe because it shows how far we've come in figuring this stuff out. I had a shot of the side with the Op Ivy and Good Riddance stickers, but it has since been lost. Also once upon a time, I had a Strung Out sticker in the same spot Tom had his. It took a beating and got removed. I can't get another one though because where I got it doesn't sell it anymore (, I missed Warped Tour this year of which they played, and the band doesn't have it on their merch site. I still pay homage to the sticker strat with the 7 Seconds sticker:
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  16. 11/22/1995: The band performs at the Galaxy Theatre in Costa Mesa, California. 12/21/1995: The band performs at Galaxy Theatre in Costa Mesa, California. 11/15/1998: The band performs at Kualoa Ranch (Big Mele) in Honolulu, Hawaii; this was a random one-off date.
  17. NBA

    Visuals are dope. Even though its LeBron
  18. i did crank presence to the max on the attenuator, and it sounds better actually.
  19. I really like this song and this video is fascinating
  20. Brilliant he was. Matic is immense. Jones was very good. Martial electric when he came on. No negatives tbh. We have to follow it up with a win next week though. 3 points please
  21. I just bought the Rare Replay on Xbox Live. I'm pretty happy about this buy.
  22. Fall and Fail Verse 1 I've stared at the watch for hours Feeling just as anxious everytime it reached twelve I saw the big hand move with strength and power But I couldn't keep my little hand to myself You set fire to my hour glass Tried to control the time instead of letting it pass Then I inhale the scent of burning sand As I observe that little hand Verse 2 I've sat around watching the seasons Only experienced a starlit night once Did the right thing for all the wrong reasons and did wrongs for all the right ones And when summer turns to fall it gets harder to keep track of it all I found out what the little note in my treasure meant You forget your traditional cakewalk measurements Verse 3 I tried to find my way back from Nowhere Like a warrior, but still so weak Like a character in described my Homer badly translated from ancient Greek And as I'm coming back home To my toothbrush and my comb I pretend to be my own therapist with a checkered pattern and an ironic twist Verse 4 I distance myself from my own views I don't mean to justify the end The recent events are no longer news they're just old stories repeated all over again My once fragile skin has hardened I'm facing my trial until I get pardoned I'm a secured jail, but I take no prisoners I fall and I fail, but where are my listeners?
  23. Digging it bro! I'll be in your area in 3 weeks!
  24. lyrics: 1. Garden Grove is it cold out there do you ever feel scared cause im not there to protect you like i used to from the hurt you wear and those selfish stares from men who can't see the things i do when i see you i know you think everything is fine i know you think everything will be okay again but its different now ever since i fell out we could have had a picket fence out in garden grove we could have would have should have but you let me go of all the things we could have been i guess well never know 2. Little Light Of Mine i open her car door for her like she's a princess i kiss her goodbye which just leads her to think its all cause of her when my smile dons but what she doesnt know is my mind is on this little light of mine that used to always glow until she burned too bright now all thats left is smoke slam your car door with a purpose kiss him by the steps that lead to your apartment tease him better only lead him on cause your heart is mine all its ebbs and flows i could be that guy let me take you home you little light of mine you used to always glow and then you burned too bright now all thats left is smoke tease him better only lead him on 3. Ghosting You youre fucking boring me to death and i hate the fact that all your friends know i exist its only when you come that i get any sex and i get it but i hate it all the same if you like me youre to blame when i see my way out see my way out i was fine until you told me im somebody you think about when im not around ill see my way out see my way out i was fine until you told me im somebody you think about while youre lying down you can like me all you want just keep it to yourself its only when i know whats fun becomes my hell and i find faults in you you didnt know you had and i neglect you and it makes you sad and i hurt you when you watch me as i see my way out i see my way out i was fine until you told me im somebody you think about when im not around ill see my way out see my way out i was fine until you told me im somebody you think about while youre lying down see my way out see my way out i was fine until you told me im somebody you think about im gonna ghost you now 4. You Dummy, Stupid youre way too fond of me why i have no clue i wouldnt give up smoking just cause you dont find it cute you think you love me you think i love you too you must be crazy i couldnt give a shit about you you said be my hero I said no cause i think i could never be your hero baby how can i save you if i cant even save me dont be such a stupid dummy how could i love you bitch i dont even like me i cant be what you need what you thought you found when you found me i cant be that which you seek thats just not a possibility 5. Baby, Shoot i could hurt you i could hurt you but id rather not try bridges burning bodies turning up left and right i could move on i could move on but id rather not run and hide you could shoot me you could shoot me ill let you use my gun ill close my eyes baby shoot throw me spite watch me shut my eyes baby shoot its all right we could shut our eyes jumanji is an allegory for true love i should have never played that game i got sucked up and now im stuck while this world spins without me im inside my own hell 6. Fuck i couldnt care less when youre sad does that mean i hate you does it have to i dont think it works like that all i know is i want you had take off your clothes lay on your back you described the first time you had sex he liked it rough and wrapped his hands around your neck told you to beg to give him head so you did and then you did you say youre scared ill break your heart that if i did youd fall apart if you knew the truth sweetheart i bet you would take it hard im not your friend and never was you lead me on then get too scared to open up why does fucking have to mean so much i dont care if it ruins us cant we fuck just to fuck you say no that would make me a slut you are either way shut up 7. Aborior we slipped drunk unprotected then woke up scared as hell you said its both our faults but your eyes said something else for something so damn common it came as quite the shock i love you so much baby but words dont mean a lot right now while you were in the bathroom i was pacing back and forth now ive sold most of my shit just so we could afford to make a hard decision thats not so hard no more but its kill or be killed inside this endless war called life we would have loved you dearly and will soon as we can but were both just not ready i hope you understand how sorry i am 8. Bedroom Jam we made love long before we ever fucked and thats the most fucked up shit ever you fell first but just when i caught up wed learn wed never stay together endless summers we both cried on the phone you come back baby god i miss you just to break up and go off on our own you bored of me or me sick of you i miss the lake view from our bedroom and the fact we shared a bedroom i miss knowing how to smile and the fact i used to smile we dont talk the way we did before shit we dont talk at all god dammit i dont think we ever will anymore you broke my heart as if you planned it well you could die i wouldnt panic you fucking cunt you left me damaged 9. Let Go each time you come back something happens and it all implodes shes the one in my heart i met and needed most each time i think youre here to stay thats when you dont it gets harder and harder to let go i try but tryings always pointless in the end i dont want to picture your smile ever again i know its wrong to think of thoughts like this but i hope you die you fucking bitch i hate how meaningless this is i hate that god let you exist 10. Without The H i dont want to go but im scared to show the side of me you long to save leavings what i chose even still i hope i am led back to you someday i drink too much sometimes when i cant face the truth my weakness is my strength is you youre the last to know but the first to show every time i want to cut life loose i dont want to go but i have to when i get scared thats what i do you dont want to know all the things i chose to always keep away from you i smoke too much sometimes when i cant face the truth my conscious hates me more than you do youre the last to know but the first to show every time i want to lock and load i need you to know though i picked this road i pray im back with you one day
  25. They did not play Adams song.
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  27. I love the vintage cycling jacket Matt sported at that show. The guy is weird as fuck, gotta love him. I expect him one day coming out on stage wearing some lycra cycling pants too.
  28. I'm actually looking forward to hearing some new AVA. Enjoyed Dream Walker & Chasing Shadows. Hope there's gonna be more songs like Mercenaries. That's one of my favourite songs tbh despite the lyrics. Love the way it's structured, the rawness of it. Sounds like what I was expecting modern blink to sound like if Tom was still in the band. That said, the album is probably gonna be released 2-3 years from now. So gonna be a long wait.
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