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  2. Teenage Satellites isn't a song I'd ever go out of my way to listen to.. But it's an above average Cali era song, simply because it's not horrible. The instrumentation and mood of it isnt bad at all. Matt's voice however..
  3. What time has Blink been starting so far during the European tour?
  4. Those aren't vintage style tuners. They're regular Fender American Strat tuners. I would know because vintage style tuners are held together by two screws and the Fender tuners are held together by tiny pins.
  5. I think that's just for the NY shows or just the Blinkin Park shows. A bit ridiculous but it is NY and will be huge shows. The stage tour with a crew member sounds pretty sweet tho. People can bitch about VIP prices all they want, people will still pay it. TOOL charges $500 and they take away your phone, no pictures, no autographs, and the lead singer doesn't even And 150 people do it every show. I wouldn't pay $750 since I've already splurged on the ETGBF package recently, but my experience recently was well worth $400 IMHO.
  6. This is exactly what i want and the most realistic but I will be praying for 4 and 5.
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  8. I have a sneaking suspicion you're not being entirely genuine, sir.
  9. I'm away over the weekend but I'll come back to that when I'm back home next week.
  10. Erlich is leaving the show this season he's got movies and other shit he wants to do now
  11. Feldmann: "There's this rad track on the new album I'm so jacked up about. I can't get enough of it, and it's gotta be the best song the band's written in fifteen years. It's called 'donuts and coffee.' I wrote it myself."
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  13. good and he'll make more (+44) stuff and we can all be happy.
  14. Dan Evans has failed a drugs test. Cocaine. What an absolute dickhead.
  15. Saw Yellowcard and NFG at Warped Tour 2012. Someone must've messed up the scheduling because they had Yellowcard open up the festival at like 11am, which is usually when the lesser-known bands go on. Still, they killed it from the get-go and woke everyone the fuck up. The crowd was huge simply because there was no one else worth seeing at that time. No one came close to matching their set. One of the best shows I've been to even to this day.
  16. NBA

    Ew Ball's jumpshot is so gross. Not sure how he'll pan out he seems to have solid bball iq though
  17. great job!
  19. One-year anniversary of this piece of shit
  20. I voted Feeling this and explained why, you people dont read. I listened to Feeling this too much and got overplayed for me, but i still think its a great song, its just the song i like the least from this record. Cant believe All of this lost, its a perfect song.
  21. Tends to happen to me as well. The less catchy songs or the mellow ones tend to grow over time for me. I liked Kaleidoscope on first listen, but it was more like "this is decent". Now it's one of my favourite ever songs.
  22. I don't understand how Fighing the Gravity doesn't have 100% of all votes!
  23. I think I'd have to put Screaming Bloody Murder by Sum 41 as one of my favourite albums too. It's a pretty underrated album. Should've been the follow up to Chuck IMO.
  24. I heard about the guy they kicked out of Turnover for being an abusive dickwad to girls. good for them
  25. yea, the ampeg VL-502 was tom's head during the CC era. it's the one he customized with that light up blink sign: some fun info if you're looking for more options for the tone of the 90s:
  26. That was really good! The drums sound pretty cool. These people must be rich as hell though.
  27. So Limp Bizkit was in that same era.
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