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  2. Crawl is so good. I don't even like Dan's voice at all but that song is damn near perfect.
  3. eh I wasnt following it that closely, oh well
  4. I would say they wanted a better evolution of the late 90s action platformer, not an exact replica?
  5. Could also be. Difference between UK and netherlands is an hour right? European time....does that go by UK time than?
  6. Today
  7. Since Tom apparently never heard this song before release, I guess he's still undefeated.
  8. Yes, you have taken the first step toward enlightenment, but much work remains to be done.
  9. jesus christ seriously? I knew it was frequently but I didnt realise it was multiple times a month, mental!
  10. NBA

    The free throw disparity in this playoffs in interesting, even within positions. Take 3 SF's for example: Kawhi, Hayward, Roberson. You've got Kawhi who hit 40+ in a row in just this series, Gordon Hayward who's a career 98% FT shooter in the playoffs (43-44 overall, 27-28 this series), and then Roberson who couldn't buy one. It's not just guards hitting FT's at a crazy rate anymore, Roberson's really got to figure it out in the offseason. How a 41% 3PT shooter goes 14% from the gimme line is astounding to me. This is why Westbrook could use some reliable shooters around him!
  11. So we are all Tombots and the direction they are going now with Feldy is so good and we just have no clue what we are talking about...
  12. If you decided to kill yourself, it should be because of your attraction to children. Mainly, I think you should just get help though.
  13. Msandt is right, but I think it was kind of a sarcastic remark. Mark, well aware that some fans think Feldman controls him and pointed out to him that ever song has "nananans", sarcastically wrote that Feldman made him do it.
  14. Seems like a dumb reason, especially since he kept playing music afterwards. They were just starting to really breakout when he left the band, doesn't seem like it was by choice that he left.
  15. Hold your horses, pal! Hahaha
  16. Yesterday
  17. My goodness this video is impressive! I wish I still smoked weed...
  18. Yeah next round! These threads are pretty much the only reason I'm checking the blink section until a new Tom pre-announcement announcement happens or a new song drops.
  19. Guardian 2. Very good. 8.5 story slightly weaker, humour better.
  20. He did: "We cannot give the club the Premier League, we have a 25 per cent chance to win the Europa League and we have to put everything on it." With the injuries and fatigue - i would say its alot smarter to put all our eggs in one basket. We are still capable of beating City with a weaker side imo so we could still make top 4, but he'll rest a bunch of players for the game. You only have to watch the game at the weekend to see how tired players like Bailly/Pogba/Lingard were. 55 games played so far.
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  22. @Olidamus can replace you.
  23. Guy Fieri makes me feel physically ill. every time an ad of his comes on the food network I instantly lose my appetite, don't really understand how anyone can watch that dude eat.
  24. "lost and alone" is What Went Wrong. fucking noob.
  25. Turns out i only have "part 2" so it starts at like track 15.
  26. It does, especially since Lucas probably did to spite his ex wife.
  27. he has a point.
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