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  2. The Official, Comprehensive Blink-182 Timeline

    Here are more thoughts on the Adam Mejia Benefit Show... @daveyjones I believe this show is actually from late 1996. I'm not entirely sure, but I'll show you my reasoning: - Both Mark and Tom have the same hair colour/style on both shows. - Mark's wearing the exact same Vans shoes on both shows. - Tom's wearing the same blue Dickies trousers. (I know Tom's used the blue Dickies in '97 but this is just another clue) - Tom's guitar has the same stickers. (From what I can see from the low resolution picture) - Tom's wearing the same guitar strap (it looks slightly darker on the 1996-10-06 show, so might not be the same guitar strap but pretty similar) - Scott's Drums! For all the reasons above, I will say this is Sept/Oct/Nov 1996.
  3. Up All Night a look back

    I still think Even if She Falls was the best contender for a single. That's the closest to TOYPAJ that Blink has sounded since TOYPAJ.
  4. What TV show are you watching?

    Go on Jack and Danni, bring it home to Essex. They're def real, just not fucking slags who need to put it on each other every few seconds. I also think because they look like being runaway winners they get edited a bit to make it more of a contest. Despise Georgia, horrible little rat faced cunt.
  5. that was november 1, 1996. and it was the very first time blink headlined SOMA; they sold it out.
  6. The blink 182 general discussion topic

    I'd love Blink to do something like Eating Me Alive. That synth sound would be wonderful with blink
  7. Today
  8. Star Wars Kathleen Kennedy News

    Haha. Seriously though picturing Rey with a double-bladed lightsaber reminds me of this badass woman from the Old Republic cinematic trailer.
  9. 2018 "New Album News" Thread

    California wasn’t a bad album at all, still listen to it. Next one will be just as good or even better.
  10. owl city - dementia (feat. mark hoppus)

    I remember hearing this and thinking it sounded like an AVA song featuring Mark. The Owl City guy almost sounds like Tom. Not a big fan of the song but it's decent.
  11. Video Games Thread

    I've been playing it on my iphone lately. Still a great story and experience, but the combat, especially on a phone, really takes you out of it.
  12. 13 Reasons Why - series 2

    Just finished season 2 - looks like there will be a season 3 based on that cliff hanger. I found season 2 to be just as good as season 1, it just didn't have the shock value of the suicide.
  13. Alkaline Trio

    Does this mean anything? Matt’s been posting this image counting down to what I assume is Friday. It’s from the same photographer that did ALK3’s new tour poster.
  14. What's The Last Movie You Watched?

    Hell or High Water was on tv the other night, I really enjoyed it when watched in the cinema and enjoyed it again the other night. Reminds me of the days we had unlimited cards for Cineworld. We would literally be at the cinema twice a week... Watched game night on the weekend, it was OK, think we just enjoyed it as we haven’t sat and watched a film since the little one arrived in Feb !
  15. Blink-182 Signature Study

    Cool example of Tom adding a "BCR" inscription on a Boxcar Racer album, hadn't seen this before as signed BCR CDs are very rare. Both of these were signed at a 2008 AVA Meet & Greet. As you can see, Tom is usually very aware of what is being signed and will cater his autograph to the particular item:
  16. have a cell phone?

    Jesus. a 13 year bump. that's impressive.
  17. I do worry for Thomas.
  18. The (+44) General Discussion Topic

    In a weird way, as gutted as I was when Blink broke up the first time, I'm glad it happened. Without that break up, some pretty amazing songs would not exist. I love this album and wish Mark would put some more music like this out, you can feel his heart all over it.
  19. Travis having blood clots in arms

  20. The Official Football Topic

    I heard he started to rediscover his old form last season, Pellegrini wanted him and the board got him which I am happy about. Good that we are at least showing ambition - I can't see the Bernard deal happening, supposedly he wants a massive signing on fee and £200k a week. If we keep Hernandez then I'm not too fussed about a striker, I personally would keep Arnie and play him up front on his own like we did last season - last six months of the season when he played there was the most consistent he has been his whole career.
  21. #JanWasRight currently trending on blink182 message boards

  22. I'd be interested in seeing the results for a poll like this only having be California vs. Goldfinger's The Knife. Only because I'm honestly surprised that I personally enjoy the Goldfinger album more than the blink album.
  23. Yesterday
  24. The tennis thread

    I haven’t watched a single game this year because of the football and lack of Murray. Delighted Serena lost though. Fucking hate her
  25. FIFA World Cup 2018

    France deserved winners by far. Knocking out Argentina, Uruguay and Belgium all before the final took some doing. That being said I couldn’t give 2 shits who actually won it after England went out. But fair play to the French.
  26. Blink-182Online Official Music Club

    Either or, depends what people want to do or suggest.
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