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I wish blink would drop an album a month after it was announced! Us trio fans had speculated that they were working on new music but it wasn’t ever officially confirmed. Then bam new song an a new album in a month! If you ask me....that’s an awesome way of pleasing your fans. Sucks when a band announces they are working on album but you have to wait 4-12 months to get the damn thing. Good job trio!  

Also I totally thought we would be getting the blink album before a new trio album, either way it’s pretty exciting!

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6 hours ago, Viva La Vera said:

Pre blink maybe.  Dude looks like a fat toddler now.  Mark's eyes have longevity.  Receding mohawk makes him a 4 though.

He really doesn't, though. Mark looks like a dorky dad refusing to admit his age and Travis looks ganged up, Skeebs has still got it.

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2 minutes ago, Ghost said:

Face tattoos..



He’s running out of unused skin, tattoos are an addiction for him, he really wants people to see the word “blessed” when they look at him, he really wants to see the word “blessed” when he looks in the mirror- there’s a few possible reasons why.

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