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Spotify NineEncores Thread


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16 hours ago, Ari said:

Going back in my head to some of the way I handled myself here when I was younger, I never wanna get wrapped up in that again. I wanna have fun, and I wanna entertain people and maintaining  the friendships I have that are part of this community, while hopefully making new ones all while maintaining as much respectful vocal difference with whomever regarding whatever. There's just no payoff in the jab pursuit in my opinion. Lots of regret. I mean, I look back at the way I'd sometimes treat and disrespect a lot of members here, when I was younger, who have, and had nothing but the best intentions in mind and all it does is make me look like an idiot, and a tool. Perfect example: I recently flipped through the Sasha fake interview thread and the way I was running down @Thomas D. in it was so unwarranted and obnoxious, I felt sick. I don't know or need the context to know it wasn't justified, and I can't wrap my head around why I'd allow myself to have that message board mentality towards anyone. I'm pretty sure I'd make constant digs at him regarding his friendship with Chloe if I remember right, and why? Was it because someone else would quote the jab with a 'hahaha'?  I'm not about that validation anymore, and I wish I wasn't when I was younger.  I'd like to look back on my time here and feel, if at all possible, somewhat proud of the way I carried myself and what I was able to contribute- I don't think, for now, I'm able to. I feel like I could equate myself to a comedy movie that when rewatched a decade later makes you cringe a little and wonder how it might be perceived were it to come out today. 

this is in no way a dig at you, I enjoy your sense of humor, you're a top friend from here and whether people like you or not, you stand out because you have a unique voice and personality. I think you're more confident, and sure of your place and self, enough to separate the parts you show and don't on here. I'm unable, because I am, on a good day, a complete mystery to myself. I just disagree with subtle burns such as that, and feel as though when we do things like that it brings justification to why someone might feel inclined to not sign in anymore, versus taking issue with people disagreeing with how you think something might play out. One is a case you can win, the other you cannot, and like I said, from experience, in the long run one could very easily lead to a lot of regret and frustration towards one's self. I remember when he posted about those headbands for the first time, and his cd spinner thing that he made,  there was this glow to him and the way he broke down what he had come up with that I'd hate to see go away. I'd be really sad. 

In the same way I find you to be a unique personality here, someone who makes this place all the more better by your active, original contributions I think the same could easily be said for @M!ke, he is somebody who I look at, and think "we have a M!KE, this person is part of our community, and we are lucky for that".  I reached out in a PM to him a few weeks ago because I wanted to discuss something with him (I'm not sure if he didn't see it, or saw it and thought nah" but I can't sit here and pretend to think this place would be better without him, because in a lot of ways it would be a lot worse. @M!ke, honestly you  are somebody who's theories I'm pretty positive I disagree with entirely ninety-percent of the time. And they crack me up. and I'll be the first to voluntarily call you crazy. But I'm not literally calling you crazy. Sometimes it's banter, sometimes its debate, sometimes it's friendly, sometimes it gets passionately heated. I feel like that should be fine. I wish the mutual respect was more clear. I can call you crazy, but I'll also be the first one to voluntarily have your back if anyone were to tell you to fuck off and never come back here again. I think that's why your comment bothered me so much.

I equate it to, when somebody comes in here and says Blink-182 sucks now, @Ghent will be the first one to roll his eyes and tell that person exactly why they're out of their mind for having that opinion. I highly doubt,  as heated as those exchanges sometimes get either party is wrestling with the hope the other never returns. This community was built on that bonding dynamic. We'll get along here, clash there, and meet somewhere in the middle. It's the beauty of this place in my opinion, that's why I think it was so painful to come back and see so many bridges between members actually burned.  It makes me wonder when it got to that point, and how such a thing could've been avoided. 

Whoa, sorry. I'm done. 

Don’t feel bad man, I think we’re all guilty of taking jabs and troll people over the years, especially me. I’ve probably pissed off every single member at one point of my history in here, but I never tried to be mean spirited because I love everyone of this little community. Hell, I even like Msandt even though he’s probably a bit fucked in the head. But in the end this is a unique place and I’m glad I was part of it for so long. 

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48 minutes ago, daveyjones said:

what? no, the "dammit" on greatest hits is the remix / edit for radio (i.e. the single version, also used for the music video).

it's scott raynor on the recording.

Ah okay. I was a bit unsure when I posted that but I definitely remember reading that it was Travis. Probably Wikipedia or a Facebook comment or something.

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Greatest hits every night of your life has to be soul crushing.  Play the new shit already.  I don't want to hear blink light covering Tom songs, no one does, they should be tributes during the show at best.  

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1 minute ago, Dylan_ said:

Cool idea but I think people were expecting something a little more exciting haha

Yeah, but I was skeptical from the start because of Spotify's involvement. Kind of a hint that it would be meant for mainstream casuals, not fan boys.

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