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Blink-182 World Tour 2023 Discussion


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I feel like I did during the first reunion. I’m surprised. And I’m honestly more hopeful this time around. I dunno. This one feels more authentic already. Maybe the fact we’re not waiting 2 years for music is there biggest indicator.

When I saw AVA last year Tom dedicated Rite of Spring to Mark. I wonder if they were already discussing shit back then. I’m just so fucking happy. I get to take my son to blink before he graduates and he’s now old enough to enjoy it.

Where is this newsletter? The official site?

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What good news to wake up too.  Song kinda sounds like it could be straight of a Tom side project album but I reserve judgement till we hear the whole thing. 


How long until we start hearing about Monsters of California in every interview. 


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45 minutes ago, madgaz182 said:

Cant help but feel sorry for matt

Why? he came in, was basically a session musician and earned more money than he's ever earned in his entire life. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig tbh, he would have known that it was highly likely this had a shelf life on it and was probably surprised that he managed to stick around for so long. 

This day was probably always going to come. 

I'm just glad real blink-182 is back, even if it's shit - it'll still be blink being shit in it's truest formal, not the zombie bastard version we've had for the last few years (which has also been pretty shit on the whole anyway)

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8 minutes ago, Chewy030 said:

I love that they came back this time with actual new music and not just a reunion tour, 

A new album is coming. Well, that's what it says on your their tweet. 

I'm just hoping that they're actually in a studio together making the music. We also don't need a million producers on this album.

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