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I read about this on Chorus, and it's a nifty idea - so I'm stealing it. 

It's like a book club - the idea is the introduce each other to new music. Essentially, if you wanna listen to new stuff and share music you love, tell me in this thread and I'll make a list of members.

Each week, I will put two members together and they'll PM each other about records, (to work out which ones the other hasn't heard before) and they'll share said record (youtube or Spotify link or something).

Each person has one week to listen to the record, and during that week/at the end of it, they post in this thread their review of the record given to them. doesn't have to be huge, just a post explaining what you liked or didn't like, if it'll become regular listening for you, if it's made you look into that artists discography, etc. 

I think this could be really fun and as someone who super struggles to get into new music I think it could be cool. 

I think 10 people is a good place to start but if we get more than that, awesome. 

So post here if you're interested, I'll start a list going and when we have a sizeable amount of interest I'll get this rolling. 


Let me know what ya'll think ;) 


Here's a running list of the weeks so far! 

Week 1 - Charly Bliss "Guppy" @boxelder

Week 2 - Culture Abuse "Bay Dream" @Elisa

Week 3 - Luisa Sobral "The Cherry On My Cake" @Ghost

Week 4 - Arkells - "Michigan Left" @Patient #48273

Week 5 - Ty Segall - "Manipulator" @Nasa

Week 6 - Frank Turner - "Love Ire & Song" @Kay


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Good idea, but I'm not sure about my time to do it, hahaha.

My usual path to find other music, instead of folowing recommendations, was (still is) to devour booklets of the albums I was getting, in order to read influences mentioned by the artists themselves, or in interviews. Then I'd follow the rope.

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9 hours ago, darkarrow said:

Maybe have a random member pick an album for the thread in general each week as well for people who don't want to commit 100% but can pop in occasionally?

That's an interesting idea, could be good for those not so capable of listening to a record a week. 

Would everyone prefer that overall to the original idea? because if so I could make a fresh topic each week for each record, with who chooses next being decided in that weeks topic. They'd PM me their choice, I'd set it up each week.

I'm up for either but if the dedication aspect is difficult I can see how this would be better. 

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26 minutes ago, Nosferatu said:

I probably have way too many albums to list haha.

that's why when it's your turn you just pick one ;) haha, the idea would be to aim for a record that most of us wouldn't have heard - not something obvious like Gaslight Anthem or New Found Glory or something. Smaller bands, older bands, local bands - as long as it's a record you personally love and think others should hear, then it's up for it you know?

also needs to be a record you can link to on Spotify / youtube / Apple Music etc 

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Count me in! I like this idea.

I think if we picked a record and everyone is allowed to give their feedback, it would be easier for more people to partecipate, without the rush/panic about a writing deadline. But I have no problem with the original idea either. 

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