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Russel Coight

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5 minutes ago, jlx9 said:

I love how Matt and Mark’s voice blend together in the chorus. It’s just a fun and honest song and I think that’s the charm of it.

This was one of my least favourites on my first listen because of the weird effects but I do think think the chorus is fun and something I'd sing along to obnoxiously while home alone and I like the outro. It's growing on me.

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43 minutes ago, Elisa said:

Since almost no one seems to like this song, I feel like I have to fight for it because it won my heart yesterday, so here's my thoughts today:

The first 30 seconds honestly sounds straight out of +44 but the guitars later on the song also remind me of both Alkaline Trio and Every Time I Look For You.
I know it doesn't tell a particularly striking story (even though it hits close to home on Mark's last verse) and I think that Mark doesn't speak personally in this song, but it just makes me feel good.
I've always thought that one of things blink could do better than anyone, was how they thought of songwriting as more of a craft than writing an autobiography.
This is just my opinion, but they were the best at writing lyrics that just sounded good over any kind of music they were making before the hiatus, from the skate punk days to Untitled. And this song is a great example of this to me, it just sounds good, it doesn't matter if Mark didn't live a romance in New York or whatever else he's talking about. This song is also more nostalgic than their old stuffs, so it works well for blink in 2019, and it takes me back to how I felt when I was listening to them in high school.

It’s my favorite song

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5 minutes ago, NotNow said:

I don’t think it’s school shooting, just mass shooting in general right? Because it’s based on the one by Travis’s house

I think its both? The bus stop line referencing the school and the bar line referencing the Thousand Oaks one that happened at a bar & grill.

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Posted my personal track-by-track review in that thread but here's my general thoughts on the album after a day's worth of listening a bunch of times haha:

Any board regular knows my thoughts on California after the last few years, and as a result of that album my expectations are just changed for Blink 182. I will always be interested in what they do and hoping for the best and excited to talk about it, but I also know that it’s impossible for them to be the band they were. I was fully expecting this album to be either a disaster, or really boring/stale. Instead, it was a total surprise! They sound re-energized and focused, they sound like they have a style they’re chasing, and they sound like they’re all on the same page about what that is. That makes me happy and there are certain songs on this album where they knock it out of the park. There are some that I’ll seldom listen to again but that ratio is much better than Cali/Deluxe and even the ones I didn’t like didn’t annoy the shit out of me the way some Cali/Deluxe songs did (sorry Kansas Krew).

To be totally honest, stylistically, it doesn’t really line up with what I generally listen to. The trap-style electronic drums, affected vocals, Chainsmokers style keys, those are things that I can only really associate with stuff I’ve overheard on the radio, and that’s ok. But I can appreciate that instead of just smearing that stuff on top of their songs they actually incorporated them into the songwriting process and used them as tools. You can feel that it was a purposeful approach in most places, rather than some desperation to stay relevant. Same with some of the Linkin Park style industrial sounds and screamy choruses. Not my thing, but also not offensively phony or anything so I can still see the big picture clearly I think.

Overall when Tom left the band I expected Mark to veer back toward “catchier” mass-appeal type music again. It just seems more natural to him. I certainly wish it was more of an authentic organic process, and was based more on their old foundation rather than electronic beats and pop production stuff, but in the grand scheme of things this is way closer to what I hoped for out of the current version of the band. If it was by anybody else I probably wouldn't give it nearly this much thought or attention, and I have some gripes about the album that might get more prominent as time goes on, but as somebody who is forever connected to Blink and always hoping for the best I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

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I’m still thinking about matt’s verse in Heaven and it can be just what it is, he is affected by these mass shootings and the loss of all these lives and goes back to reconsider his own life and his actions, in a larger sense. It may sound selfish because the immediate survivors and the families of the victims are most affected, but the rest of society suffers too. I am not too sure if this is what he wanted to convey though. ?

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Finally managed to listen to NINE and wow... I'm totally blown away and just speechless. The singles seriously do not justify just how good this album is. 

I kind of think we needed to get California over and done with to get the band where they are now. Seriously excited to see what's on this EP later this year.

Can hear influences of The Cure in the guitar tone for a few of the songs. Travis just continues to grow and grow

After three listens, my standouts are Heaven, Black Rain, Pin The Grenade, No Heart to Speak Off, On Some Emo and Hungover You.



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